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How to prepare to go back to work in the office


    The past couple of years, we have all been pushed into a very different lifestyle from what we knew before. Shops were forced to shut down, and the entire world went into lockdown. We were right in the middle of a pandemic. However, as time grew, we started to get adjusted to our new life. We found different ways to cope and adjust to this life. An important thing that changed was working. For students, classes became online, and for employees, their work was transferred online. We slowly began to grow accustomed to this lifestyle. However, now the world is slowly beginning to open up again. Since we are used to our new life, it has become quite difficult to return back to life as we knew it. Especially in the case of employees who have to go back to work in the office. You have been trained to work from home for the past couple of years, that it seems completely different to work from an actual office. With a few preparations, you will be back to how you were.

    Checking your anxiety:

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    Over the past two years, you have been secluded from other people. Our interactions with others have decreased by a great deal. Offices reopening means that you will begin to interact with people since you will be working alongside other people. This might have been normal for you before the pandemic, but after being secluded from other people for a great amount of time, it could make you anxious. Rather than ignoring your struggles, make sure that you acknowledge them. Do stress-relieving activities. Work on bringing your anxiety under control. You might find the situation new, which is why you might start feeling anxious. Make sure to talk to the company therapist or counselor to help you deal with these emotions. If you do not deal with this, it could affect your work and your relationships. It could also cause stress and affect your sleep schedules.

    Start your developing a routine:

    Before you start working at your office, you need to adjust to the routine you will have to follow. What does this mean? This means that you will be used to living another lifestyle with lesser rules before you go to the office. For example, your daily morning routine could be waking up at 11 am and falling asleep at midnight, but if you are going to the office, you might have stricter rules like waking up at 8 am and going to bed at 11 pm. It entirely depends on the job you are working for. This might be a difficult shift for you to do the first day back to the office. This is why it would be more helpful for you if you were to start a similar routine beforehand. This means that you could try to follow waking up at 8 am and sleeping at 11 pm around 2 to 3 days before your office starts. This could help you get a groove on things and would help you get adjusted to your new routine in your own time.

    Make sure to give yourself work and home boundaries:

    While it is true that you spend the majority of your day in an office, it does not have to consist of your entire life. You must learn to separate your work from your free time. You cannot expect yourself to work constantly. You might be motivated to do so at the beginning of your days at the office, but it could lead to stressful situations if you continue this. The situation could worsen and make you hate the work you do. You must be able to allocate some time for you. You could spend this time with your friends or just by yourself. Do something that makes you happy and try not to bring work. Bringing work home could make you more frustrated at your work. Establish that your office is for work and home is for relaxing.

    Try to be more social:

    Since one of the most stress-inducing factors, before you are rushed into the busy world, is being social, that is the first problem you must try to overcome.  Before you begin going to the office, meet some people beforehand. Try to remember how you liked to socialise and how to keep up conversations. Go to places near you where you can meet new people or just meet old friends over dinner. Either way, try to talk to people more. When you go back to your office, push yourself to talk to more people. This will help you get to the pattern and routine. You will be more likely to adjust to the current situation. You will begin to remember how you used to be in similar situations, which will make you enjoy your environment more.

    Try to keep a positive mindset:

    This is more difficult than it sounds. It is not always easy to keep a positive attitude. Every time you have doubts about going back to your office, try to remember how you felt at the office before. If you are new to the office, try to think forward. Think of it as your next step forward. You are entering a new area of your life. You get to make the decisions that affect you the way you want to. However, it is also important to remember that asking for help is a sign of strength. If you cannot deal with your feelings yourself, remember that you can always seek help from a therapist or a psychologist who will be willing to help you and support you. You need to understand that dealing with your mindset is helpful, but if you cannot do so by yourself, it is always good to ask for help.


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    Going back to the office can be a stressful period. We are used to living our lives in a completely different and new way that it might take us time to adjust to the new way of life. However, it is important to understand that it is okay to deal with this the way you are comfortable. Take your time and at the same time, remember that it is okay to ask for help. Fitting into a new place might be stressful, but you will begin to get used to everything there over time. You will familiarise yourself with the environment and make the best of your time.