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Top Cleaning Tips for Moving Out of a Rental Property to Ensure Deposit Return

    When moving out of a rental property, preparing to leave things cleaner than you found them can be crucial for getting your full deposit back. Hiring professional cleaners, a strategic choice, becomes necessary to ensure a meticulous cleaning for the next tenant. Whether you do it with the help of a cleaning service in Atlanta or by yourself, it needs to be done if you want to boost your moving budget.  Here’s our top cleaning tips to handle the cleaning process effectively to secure your deposit.

    Prepare Your Cleaning Supplies

    Before you start, gather all the essential cleaning supplies. This list should include basics like all-
    purpose cleaners, gloves, scrub brushes, and microfiber cloths. If you’re inclined towards eco-
    friendly practices, consider natural cleaning solutions. These can be both gentle on surfaces and kind to the environment, not to mention easy on your wallet.

    Picture of a natural cleaning solution. Caption: Natural cleaning solutions are gentler to the surfaces, to you, and to the planet.

    Move-Out Top Cleaning Tips for Every Room

    The room-by-room approach is used during many chores, and cleaning might be the most
    notorious one.


    The kitchen often requires the most effort. Start by deep cleaning all appliances. Scrub the inside of your refrigerator, defrost the freezer, and clean the oven using a strong degreaser. Don’t forget
    to wipe down all surfaces, including countertops and backsplashes, and clean out all cabinets and drawers.


    In the bathroom, focus on descaling shower heads and faucets. Mold can be a big issue, so use a targeted cleaner to remove any buildup in the shower or bathtub. For a sparkling finish, polish
    mirrors and fixtures. Regular cleaning agents or special bathroom sprays work well for these tasks.

    Living Room and Bedrooms

    Carpets often hold onto odors and stains, making them a priority during cleaning. Depending on the condition, you might vacuum or opt for steam cleaning to revitalize the fibers. For windows, clean both the glass and any blinds or curtains. This attention to detail will help ensure no area goes unnoticed.

    Utility Areas

    These areas might not seem important, but they can impact your deposit when moving out of a rental property. Make sure to clean any appliances like washers and dryers. If you’ve used the garage or basement as a place to store your belongings, now is the time to ensure these areas are completely cleared out and swept clean.

    And if you’re not sure what to do with the items there, there is always an option for Short-term storage solutions, like those offered by NYC Mini Storage, which are a convenient resource for tenants during transitions. to keep them safe and secure while you clean and transition to a new place.

    Spot Cleaning for Tough Stains

    Identifying and tackling tough stains early can prevent them from becoming permanent and ruining the day you move out of a rental property. Having the right approach is key, whether it’s using a carpet cleaning product for a wine spill on the carpet or crayon marks on the walls. Using a stain remover or a mixture of vinegar and water can lift most spots for carpets. On walls, a gentle cleaning with soapy water or a magic eraser, a useful tool, can work wonders.

    Outdoor Cleaning

    Outdoor areas often get overlooked during the moving-out process, but tidying up here is just as important as the interior. If you have access to outdoor spaces like a balcony, patio, or small yard, here are a few steps to ensure they are neat:

    ● Sweep and wash down all hard surfaces to remove dirt and debris.
    Outdoor spring cleaning can include wiping down outdoor furniture and, if applicable,
    cleaning the grill.
    ● Trim any overgrown plants and remove all personal items, ensuring the space looks
    maintained and tidy.

    Handling these areas shows your landlord you have taken comprehensive care of the property.

    Picture of a lawnmower. Caption: If you want your deposit back after moving out of a rental property, you need to clean the outdoor areas, too.

    Consider Renting a Storage Unit for Excess Belongings

    If you find yourself with extra items that can’t be accommodated in your new space but want to
    leave your rental property tidy, renting a storage unit might be the solution. Companies like NYC Mini Storage specialize in offering a variety of storage options to fit different needs. Securing a storage unit ensures that every part of your rental is clean and clear, which is crucial for a full deposit return. This company provides secure, accessible storage solutions that can help ease the transition between homes. For more details on their services and to find the best option for your situation, visit Renting a storage unit can be a practical step in managing your belongings effectively during the moving process.

    Final Checks and Touch-Ups

    As you wrap up, perform a detailed walkthrough of the property to spot any areas you might have missed. Here’s a quick checklist:

    ● Light fixtures and ceiling fans: Dust and clean these fixtures to avoid any deductions for overlooked dirt.
    ● Baseboards and corners: These are areas where dust and grime accumulate without
    ● Door handles and light switches: Wipe these down, as they are high-touch surfaces and can gather fingerprints and dirt.

    Small efforts in these often-missed places can make a big difference in securing your full

    Documentation and Communication

    Effectively communicating with your landlord or property manager is vital. Here’s how to
    approach this step:

    ● Take detailed before-and-after photos of the property to document its condition.
    ● Prepare a list of any issues you encountered and how you addressed them.

    By being proactive in documenting and communicating, you reinforce your commitment to
    maintaining the property, which can positively impact the return of your deposit.

    Hire Professional Cleaners If Needed

    Sometimes, the best choice is to hire professional cleaners, especially if the task at hand is too great or if you are pressed for time. Consider this option if:

    ● The property is very large, and the level of cleaning required is beyond basic cleaning.
    ● There are significant stains or damage that might require specialized cleaning solutions or equipment.
    ● You want to ensure that nothing is overlooked and secure your full deposit.
    Professionals can guarantee a thorough clean, often with a deposit-back guarantee, which can be a smart investment.

    Picture of a sponge on a wet surface. Caption: If you don’t have time to deep clean, you can always rely on professional help.

    Moving Out of a Rental Property Doesn't Have To Be Stressful

    Cleaning thoroughly before moving out of a rental property is essential for securing your deposit.

    In fact, deep cleaning is more than a tidy home; it shows responsibility and respect for the property, which can influence your landlord’s assessment. Whether you decide to handle it
    yourself or hire professionals, the goal remains the same: leave the property in excellent
    condition to ensure the return of your deposit. Remember, a little effort goes a long way in
    avoiding disputes and extra charges, and it sets a positive tone for your move to a new home.  

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