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The How To Guide To Speed Cleaning

    You’re a cleanliness freak, but you simply don’t have the time to do a thorough job. Overwhelmed when you contemplate the process? Does it stress you out, make you feel jittery every time a guest drops in? The trick is to ramp up the tempo. Take a look at this handy How To Guide To Speed Cleaning. Speeding it up doesn’t mean that you do a sloppy job. It just means a more efficient way of tackling routine jobs.

    There are hundreds of reasons to keep a clean house or office. Hygiene, cleanliness, wellness, and more. But did you know that clutter and mess can create psychological stress?

    • An untidy workspace can prevent you from thinking clearly
    • You spend hours hunting for the things you need
    • Visitors and guests feel uncomfortable in dirty, chaotic, filthy environments
    • It gives the impression that you are lazy and have a disorderly mind as well

    While it’s possible to get a professional agency to keep your premises spic and span, this can be expensive if you don’t plan to do your own bit towards maintenance and cleaning. The best solution is to work out a schedule and flow of simple, easy, and effective tasks to complete every day.

    What Is Speed Cleaning?

    With the current pandemic on the wane, perhaps your kids are back at school, and you’ve resumed your daily work commute. The list of household chores may seem endless when you wake up in the morning. But you can attack them with our multi-pronged approach. If you’ve watched a professional cleaning crew work on a deep cleaning project, you can figure out what speed cleaning entails. They follow a well-planned system.

    The secret to making it easier is time management, staying focused, and splitting the task into bite-sized chunks. Having a strategy in place is most important. You need a quick, smart solution to handle the daily chores. Even if you consider yourself seriously impaired at the job of cleaning, using some of these tricks can help you pull it off. You can create your schedule based on the time and resources available.

    Take your weekends back. Traditional, thorough, detailed cleaning is time-consuming and saps your energy. With speed cleaning, you can work smarter, not longer. Speed cleaning concepts are based on time-and-motion studies. They help you to evaluate the task, judge what products you need and complete the job without wasting time or energy.

    Some of these tips need you to tackle certain tasks immediately as they come up. Other tasks can be scheduled for later times.

    The How To Guide To Speed Cleaning

    1. Cut The Clutter: Schedule a few minutes before you go to bed to go through the house and check for clutter. Toys, papers, books, magazines, phones, TV remotes, empty soda cans, and the like may be strewn around the home. Invest in a few medium-sized wicker baskets and keep them in the corner of each room. Train your family to toss their stuff into these baskets, so the floor remains litter free. Once you have this system in place, finding the right places for things becomes easier. For example, all toys in the house go in one basket only, while the TV remote, your specs, and books can go in another, and so on.
    1. Spot The Messiest Areas: It’s a given that the messiest areas are your kitchen and bathroom. This is where you have to find the right time-and-motion keys. You will have to multi-task to save time. Don’t get into serious scrubbing or washing the windows. Save that for another time. Instead, switch on your dishwasher and washing machine, wipe down the countertops and give the floor a quick wipe with a damp mop. In the bathroom, scrub the taps, wipe the counters and mirrors, pour cleanser into the toilet, and while you wait, wipe the tub dry (don’t aim for anything more than this), flush, and you’re done.
    1. Vacuum, Don’t Sweep:When speed is the need, ditch your broom and mop. Your vacuum cleaner is your best friend, and you can run it across the floor in every room, including the kitchen. Invest in a 50-60ft extension cord, so you don’t waste time unplugging/plugging as you move from room to room. If you can afford it, invest in a robot floor cleaner. Let it do its work when you’re not at home. Remember the golden rule: Don’t waste time cleaning it unless it’s dirty. Vertical surfaces pick up less dust than horizontal ones. If you dust a bookshelf, the upper shelves can be done one day and the lower shelves the next day.
    1. Buy The Right Products: If you’re speed cleaning, there’s nothing more annoying than finding out you’ve run out of cleaning products. At the supermarket, buy a little more than you need. It’s smart to stash certain products and cleaning equipment in some of the rooms. Arrange them in a neat plastic container and hide them behind the couch, behind a shelf, or hidden behind a plant. This means you won’t run short and have the right products for each room. For living rooms, a microfiber cloth, glass cleaner spray, a feather duster, and an all-natural room freshener do the job. For other rooms, you would need different products. You can make your own cleaners and fresheners at home. It’s important to use the proper cleaning equipment. Keep them handy as you move from room to room. They can be stowed in your apron pocket or a belt worn around the waist.
    1. Delegate:Cleaning is not just your responsibility. Work with your family to delegate tasks. You need buy-in from the whole family. For example, teens may skip taking out the trash or picking up after themselves. You need to negotiate until you reach a suitable agreement on cleaning and maintenance. Older kids often re-delegate their jobs to younger siblings. Watch out for these and other clever tricks. It’s important to explain your expectations and seek suggestions about how failure to stick to the schedule should be handled.

    Learn to multi-task

    Final Word

    The underlying principle of speed cleaning is the focus. Keep your mind firmly on the job at hand. Get off your phone, and don’t listen to music. Maintain your cleaning equipment, and throw away old ones that don’t work. You will enjoy speed cleaning when you see the visible benefits in your home. It’s a place you’ll love coming back to after a hectic day at work.