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Five ways to live stress-free


    Growing up, we have all learned what stress is. Whether it is doing your homework on time or preparing for an exam, we have felt the pressure of working hard. Over time, however, we begin to give in to the stress and almost crave it. The adrenaline it seeks. It becomes a normal part of our day without us even realizing the many flaws in it. Stress causes a hindrance to your life. It causes you emotional distress that takes years of healing. What if you realized that you could be without it? You could avoid causing stress. You could live a happy, healthy, and stress-free lifestyle. However, what we sometimes do not realize is that over time, this could cause mental disorders. Stress and anxiety go hand in hand. This means that your whole lifestyle could take a different path because of stress. This could result in mood swings or displaced anger issues, resulting in more serious issues. However, properly controlling your stress will result in different results. You could lead a healthy, happy, and emotionally balanced lifestyle just by taking simple steps.

    1. Waking up early:

    we have all heard from our elders that waking up early is beneficial, but how is it beneficial? When you wake up early, you have a fresh mind. However, for this to work properly, you need to have slept early as well. Get appropriate sleep time. This is an important aspect of shaping your day. For example, waking up early will give more time in the sunlight. We are conditioned to work better in the morning, and we always feel like the day stretches on, giving us more time to work. You also have a happy mindset from following healthy lifestyle choices as this is healthy for your brain. Waking up early is also known for its calming effect and its ability to reduce anxiety.

    2. Look after yourself:

    woman getting bak massage

    self-love is the most important step to reducing your stress. Keep your body happy and healthy. You could go for runs or walks in the morning when you wake up to start your day positively. Make sure you get enough exercise. However, remember that it is important for you to take breaks and focus on yourself. Listen to what your body wants. Give yourself the rest you deserve if you feel overworked. Your mental health is always as important as your physical health. We often neglect the former since it does have a lot of stigma surrounding it. However, we are in a better place now than before. Therapy is encouraged and even make compulsory in most schools and colleges. Whether you are a staff or a student, most organizations are required to employ a mental health professional to help you deal with the stress you face. Make sure that your mental and physical health is being taken care of.

    3. Try to avoid distractions:

    one of the biggest problems we have is distractions when we try to work. Your brain is always looking for new things that excite you. This is especially the case when the work you are currently working on does not interest you anymore. When this happens to be the case, you will be forced to stop focusing on the project you are working on. This will let your mind wander and stop concentrating on your work. One of the main distractions that we tend to have is electronic gadgets. This could be your mobile phone, Kindle, laptop, or anything else. The constant reminder of the online world is quite difficult and makes it difficult for you to focus. If you communicate with friends online, you will want to reply to each of their messages, or you might be thinking about it in your head. Regardless, it will prove to be a distraction. To prevent this, try to silence your phones and switch off your other gadgets. Most devices will provide you with the do not disturb option. If you use this, then you prevent getting distracted just until your job is completed.

    4. Try to stop procrastination:

    this is a problem that almost everyone faces. We always put off our work to the last possible minute like I would clean the house later. This causes more stress because you will constantly be worried about the work even before starting the work. It can also be quite stressful when you work on it since you will not have time to complete it. You will always feel like you are rushing till the very last minute, which will make you doubt your work. You might not have any time left to review your work, which could cause you problems. It could also prevent you from having your best foot forward and providing the best work. You could be unhappy with how your work is done, which adds more stress to the situation. To prevent this from unfolding, you need to start fixing a timetable. Follow a schedule. Make sure you take breaks in between and reward yourself for the work you have done. For example, for every 1 hour of work, you could reward yourself with 15 minutes on your phone. This will make sure you do not grow tired of your work and, at the same time, do not feel the pressure of procrastinating.

    5. Relaxing and meditation:

    woman meditating on purple yoga mat

    relaxing and meditation is one of the most helpful steps you could take. After you have had a long day, everything could seem to rile you up. Find something that you love to do. It could be something simple like cooking, cleaning or watching the television. It does not have to be productive activity but rather an activity that makes you feel comfortable. Meditation is one of the most preferred strategy to help with stress. If you are trying it out, make sure you choose the right course, and you choose a plan that makes you happy.


    None of these methods are going to help you unless you truly try your best. It may not work at first, and you may not succeed, but you will be able to live a happy and healthy life over time. Not only does this promote a stress-free lifestyle, but it also promotes a healthy lifestyle. Your quality of life will improve greatly because you are working on making yourself happier. Remember to choose to do what you love. Out of every day you have that is stressful, dedicate a small portion of yourself to do something you love.