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Stop the Spread of COVID-19

    The CDC recommends canceling all gatherings of 50 or more people that includes the workplace.  Other jurisdictions have taken it a step further and banned the gathering of 10 or more people. Many people work in environments that include 10 or more people. The coronavirus has forced many to work from such as Amazon.

    As the coronavirus continues to spread it is important that we limit the number of people we come in contact with as well as keep our working and living environments sanitized.  When working in groups or around various people throughout the workday it is imperative to stay on top of the cleaning and disinfecting. Social distancing helps a lot, but what about the surfaces and air that has been exposed to COVID-19  and other germs and viruses?

    If you go into most stores, you will find that cleaning supplies are flying off the shelves. It is best to hire a professional cleaning service to sanitize and disinfect your office. Make sure the cleaning company is able to disinfect and sanitize the air during the cleaning. Social distancing suggests that you stand at least 6 feet from people.  Make sure not to shake hands, hug or come in close contact with people especially those who may have been exposed. These precautions will slow down and even stop the spread of the coronavirus.

    The main defense in any office is to make sure to keep your hands as clean as possible. Touching doorknobs, handrails, coffee pots, light switch plates and other common areas are some of the biggest culprits of spreading germs and bacteria.  If you’re in the Atlanta area and would like to have your office or workplace cleaned and sanitized, contact the cleaning experts at Clean Corp.

    It’s even more important to make sure your home is clean and sanitized. During this season even a normal deep house cleaning isn’t enough to rid the home of airborne germs and bacteria. A thorough cleaning that includes the disinfecting the air will make the house smell fresher due to the bacteria and germs that are killed