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Speed Cleaning Tips for People Who Don’t Like Cleaning

    Everyone loves and enjoys a clean home, but unfortunately, not everyone loves cleaning it. Cleaning the house or any other space calls for so much effort because you need to dust, sweep, mop, and dry. Apart from the floors, you also have to think about other surfaces and appliances that need dusting, wiping, and drying. There is so much to do to keep and maintain a clean space, and it is a hassle that most people dislike.

    But even for people who do not really like cleaning, there are still simple ways of ensuring that you have a clean environment around you. There are lots of simple speed cleaning tips you can use to achieve the desired results without really going out of your way and putting too much effort while at it.

    Tip 1 – Automate some cleaning tasks

    Automating cleaning tasks means investing in machines that can do the work on your behalf. They can include robotic vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, and even self-cleaning ovens. Whereas it is impossible to automate all cleaning tasks around your home, having a few of them automated can significantly reduce the effort needed from your side to get the house clean. You can start by considering what task you dislike most and find out whether it is possible to automate it.

    Tip 2 – Clean as you go

    Cleaning after yourself every time saves you building up of things that need cleaning. For instance, consider cleaning as you cook instead of letting dishes pile up in your sink. You should also clean the few items you use every single time to avoid buildups that can be overwhelming to even think about. Wiping down tables after use, dealing with spills and stains as they occur, or vacuuming the carpet after an activity are other simple tasks that can go a long way in saving you from energy consuming cleaning tasks around your home. Clean after yourself as much as possible, and you will have fewer cleaning tasks to deal with every time.

    Tip 3 – Start from up

    When you are not sure where to start cleaning, you could end up going back and forth, repeating tasks you would have avoided. One of the best ways to have a more pleasant time cleaning your home is starting from the top areas and finally dealing with the floor. This is because top areas will always drop all kinds of debris and dust on the floor and other areas at the bottom. It is therefore easier to start from up and clean flowing down before finally sweeping, vacuuming, or mopping the floors.

    Tip 4 – Organize cleaning tasks in batches

    Moving from room to room and repeating cleaning procedures can be boring and time consuming, especially if you don’t like cleaning that much. One of the best ways to make the experience less taxing and quick is to batch the cleaning tasks so that you start with one task in all the rooms before jumping into the next. You can, for instance, decide to start with dusting all rooms and then mopping all the floors. It might not seem as much, but this tip can greatly reduce the time you spend switching between the cleaning tasks and supplies in every room.

    Tip 5 – Keep a laundry basket handy

    If you have items misplaced all around your home, you can feel lazy and unmotivated to start cleaning up. Instead of picking an item at a time and taking it to its rightful place or room, you can tag a laundry basket along so you can drop in all misplaced items and replace them in their right places as you move from place to place or room to room. It is a more pleasant way of clearing all the clutter and organizing the rooms simultaneously.

    Tip 6 – Implicate an emergency clean

    We all know how quick a cleanup can be when you know guests are about to arrive at your place. Nobody wants to welcome guests into a dirty, disorganized home, and that hurry-up moment is enough to get important areas dealt with. You implicate the same scenario when you don’t feel like cleaning just to get your home looking welcoming enough. It may not do much in cleaning everything, but it can motivate you to clean other areas and maintain cleanliness.

    Tip 7 – Use universal and multipurpose cleaning products

    If you are keen on cleaning, you know that the market has different cleaning products designed for different items or surfaces to achieve different results. For instance, whereas a cleaning product may be good in cleaning grease, it may not work that well in removing stains. With this in mind, you might need a bunch of cleaning products to clean your home thoroughly. Whereas all the products can be fun for some, they can be overwhelming for others, especially if you need to switch products every few minutes. To speed-clean your home, consider choosing cleaning products that are safe for all surfaces and can clean up multiple elements.

    Tip 8 – Get yourself in the mood

    If you don’t like cleaning, a dull environment can make it even worse for you when attempting the tasks. Find a way of encouraging yourself to clean as much as you can, and you will be surprised at how much you get done. Listening to upbeat music is a great way of lifting your mood and preparing you for the tasks ahead. Choose music you love and music that makes you feel like jumping and dancing!

    Tip 9 – Handle a room at a time

    The thought of cleaning an entire house in a day can make you dislike cleaning even more. So, how about tackling your home one room at a time? With your mind focused on that one room, you are able to give your best, and you might even find some motivation to do one more room!

    Tip 10 – Hire professional cleaners

    Professional home cleaners will get everything around your home sparkling clean, including those energy consuming bathrooms and toilets. The services will cost you, but they will be worth it because surfaces you normally ignore will be thoroughly cleaned. Even better, you can schedule regular deep cleaning so that you are only left with a few tasks you can effortlessly handle.