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Should You Hire a Professional to Clean Your House? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself


    Feeling overwhelmed by household chores? Is your work-life balance out of kilter? Ashamed to ask people over to your home? If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, perhaps it’s time to think of getting the house cleaning help you need. Most people feel guilty about hiring a professional to do something they can do themselves very well. You think it’s an unnecessary expense. But when you look at the state of your kitchen or bathrooms, you know that something needs to be done. Our handy guide gives you all the information you need about that all-important decision: Should You Hire a Professional to Clean Your House? – 5 Questions to Ask Yourself. Once you have thought through the pros and cons of outsourcing your cleaning tasks to an experienced, trustworthy, and efficient service, you won’t regret choosing.

    What Professional House Cleaners Do?

    A typical house cleaning service is either a locally managed business or part of a large franchise or chain. It could also be a service provided by an individual professional cleaner. If you live in a remote area, you may find it difficult to access the services of a big business. Instead, you may find hiring a local individual or a small family-run business easier.

    Professional cleaners use the right tools, equipment, and cleaning products. They have wide-ranging experience in cleaning a variety of homes and offices.

    It’s important to analyze your unique requirements, budget, and preferences before making the decision.

    Do you want a one-off deep cleaning service once or twice a month?

    Or do you want a daily cleaning service?

    There are different types of cleaning services that a professional offers:

    Deep Cleaning:  This includes detailed and thorough cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and more. It may involve deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, vacuuming, mopping, wiping other rooms, and dusting shelves, cleaning door knobs, picture frames, cabinets, and closets. Deep cleaning of your oven, fridge, cooker, washing machine, and microwave may be included. Cleaning the mattresses, carpets and curtains, windows and doors, patio, deck, and balcony is part of this routine.

    This program is suited for once-a-month cleaning.

    Moving In or Out Cleaning: Move out/in cleaning is similar to deep cleaning. The difference is that it is done when the house is empty.

    Weekly Routine: This service is ideal for most homeowners who don’t have the time to do a thorough job during the week. The cleaners come in based on your schedule, and the focus is more on maintenance because the cleaning takes place every week.

    It could include tasks such as watering the plants, taking out the trash, removing cobwebs, dusting, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, and sweeping and mopping the rest of the house.

    Maid Service: If you can afford it, a maid service is a great option. It includes tasks that aren’t normally part of the regular program. They can help you with laundry, cooking, or doing the dishes.

    Professional cleaners don’t:

    • Provide caregiving services
    • Walk the dog or care for your pets
    • Work in the garden
    • Shop for groceries
    • Run errands

    Should You Hire a Professional to Clean Your House? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

    Armed with all the information you need, you can look for a service that suits you best. However, you may still wonder whether you really need to hire a professional cleaner.

    You can make the decision once you answer these 5 questions:

    1. Do you find it difficult to manage the cleaning because of the size and plan of your house? If you live in a sprawling house that’s built on different levels, it’s impossible to manage the cleaning without professional help. Older homes may not be built with modern conveniences. The kitchen and bathrooms may not be easy to keep clean. Small apartments or studio accommodation is easy to clean because the work gets done quickly. All it takes is an hour of your time, and you’re done. Larger homes are more demanding. You may find yourself cleaning even after you’ve cleaned! If your answer to this question is “Yes,” then it’s time to switch to professional cleaning instead of taking the entire burden upon yourself.
    2. What Is your Family Composition? Families with children, pets, and seniors need cleaning more than individuals or couples. You may have just had a baby, or someone in the family has had an accident and needs your undivided. You may be recovering from a health condition or injury. These homes get messy and dirty very quickly. Keeping them clean and hygienic is a health and safety requirement. In the current situation, when we’re dealing with problems created by the pandemic, the need for an ultra-clean and sanitized environment is crucial. You may not find the time to cope with a thorough cleaning; this is where a professional cleaner can rescue you.
    3. Do You Crave Some Me-Time? Let’s face it – house cleaning is no one’s idea of fun. It’s boring, back-breaking, and endless. If you’re thinking of taking up a new hobby, or you only want time to catch up with friends, watch Netflix, or travel, pick up the phone and get your house cleaning routine out of the way. Once that is settled, it takes a load off your mind, and you can focus on more important things. When you hire a service, ensure they are well-established, have good reviews and references, and are trustworthy. Make sure they use eco-friendly cleaning products and methods.
    4. Are You Stressed and Fatigued? If you have a job outside the house, you certainly need to relax and unwind when you get home. Coming in to a messy, untidy, and unclean home can increase your tension and stress levels. You may be simply too tired to do the dishes, vacuum, or dust. It’s important for your mental and physical well-being that your home environment is clean and safe. Hiring a cleaning service could be the right answer.
    5. Do You Have a Special Event Coming Up? This is a great opportunity to hire a professional cleaner. They will get your kitchen, bathrooms, and the rest of the home sparkling clean and fresh. All you have to do is dress up and look cool and relaxed when the guests arrive.

    When you’ve thought through the answers to these 5 questions, there’s no room for doubt or guilt in your mind. Professional cleaning is a necessity and not a luxury.

    Final Thoughts

    However house-proud you are, cleaning is not something that you find enjoyable. People hesitate to hire professional cleaners because they think it’s an unnecessary waste of money. But when considering the advantages, you realize it’s worth every dime.