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Save Time by Speed Cleaning Your Home

    Expecting guests? Too tired to clean after last night’s party? Overwhelmed by daily chores? There’s one answer to all these issues – speed cleaning! With important lessons learned from the pandemic, we all know how vital maintaining a hygienic and safe home environment is. Regular cleaning may be difficult in the midst of a busy schedule. If you have kids, cleaning is a never-ending task. Once again, the solution is speed cleaning. It’s one of the best-kept domestic secrets. Every home-maker has his or her own strategy, and with a few years of experience, you will find that you have developed your own quick cleaning hacks. Take a look at our handy guide: Save Time by Speed Cleaning Your Home. You could find something here that could make your life just a bit easier or save you a precious few minutes. Learn how to work smarter, not harder.

    What Is Speed Cleaning?

    Cleaning isn’t everyone’s favorite way to spend a couple of hours. You probably have a schedule that covers every room in your home, and at the end of it, you’re not just exhausted but also irritable and hungry. If you’ve put off going the whole hog and left a lot of work for next time, you can be sure that it won’t improve your mood by any means!

    The trick is to speed clean. Use the right tools, products, and strategy and discover valuable shortcuts and tricks that will give you a huge advantage when you’re pressed for time.

    Remember that speed cleaning:

    • is not intended to replace regular, thorough cleaning
    • won’t get your home completely, spotlessly clean
    • is more about orderliness and tidiness
    • is about removing clutter, surface dust, and dirt
    • helps to keep the public areas of your home fresh and inviting
    • gives you the biggest possible result in the least possible time
    • saves you hours of heavy cleaning at the end of the week

    Benefits of Speed Cleaning

    Saves Time: You spend less time looking for things if you put them away in their places. As you work in the kitchen, spot cleaning and multi-tasking are great ways to save time.

    Peace and Harmony: If the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning is a dirty kitchen, there’s no way you’ll get through the day in a good mood. Clutter, toys, and messy living rooms can be avoided if you spend a few minutes before bedtime tidying up. It will certainly lift your spirits in the morning.

    Saves Money: You tend to buy more replacements when you lose or misplace things in a messy home. Finally, you end up with innumerable phone chargers, spectacles, or sunglasses. Tidying up regularly and assigning a place for each item helps you save money.

    Comfort: A neat and tidy environment is more comfortable and improves efficiency. Your home will always stay clean and organized when you adopt speed cleaning techniques.

    Less Tiring: Speed cleaning is much less tiring than the regular routine. Because you work faster, you get more done in less time.

    Seven Super Speed Cleaning Tricks

    Create a Schedule: Analyze exactly how much time you have to spare. Prioritize accordingly. For instance, if you’re expecting guests, focus on the areas that they’re most likely to view and spend more time on them. Break down the routine into separate parts and divide up your time evenly. Keep the schedule flexible so that you can change it according to the situation.

    Clean As You Go: This is one of the most essential tasks in your speed cleaning routine. Wipe spills immediately, tidy the bathroom before you leave, stack the dishwasher as soon as the meal is over, wipe the kitchen counter with a sponge dipped in vinegar, and pour the rest down the drain. Toss leftovers away if they’ve been sitting too long in your fridge. Keep a solution of warm water and dishwashing soap ready to soak cooking pots and implements before you stow them in the dishwasher.

    Cut the Clutter:

    1. Set aside a few minutes each day before bedtime to check every room for clutter.
    2. Place a few large wickerwork caddies in every room. You can toss the stuff that’s lying around into the caddy to be attended to later.
    3. Teach your kids to put their toys away before bedtime.
    4. Remove empty popcorn bowls or snack trays before you turn the lights off in the living room.

    This helps to keep away pests and fungi.

    Out of the Box Thinking:

    1. Use denture-cleaning tablets to get your toilet spotlessly clean in minutes.
    2. Drop one in and let it dissolve before you flush.
    3. Keep the right cleaning tools and supplies handy in the bathrooms and kitchen so you don’t have to go back and forth.

    Invest in modern gadgets: Buy a robot cleaner and let it do its work when you’re away from home. You’ll find robo-mops, too, that are quite a thing these days. A fur-remover attachment on your vacuum cleaner takes care of pet hair. Talking about pets, a self-cleaning litter box for your precious kitty is a great idea. Get longer extension cords for your vacuum cleaner to extend your reach. Get lots of microfiber cloths – they are perfect for every sort of cleaning task. Electric scrubbers for the bathroom, toilet cleaning systems that dispense cleaner, microwave cleaners that you can fill with lemon juice or vinegar, and more are available. They certainly make cleaning a breeze.

    Focus: While you’re speed cleaning, switch off your phone, music, and the doorbell. Keep all distractions firmly away, and you’ll get the job done well and faster.

    Delegate: Speed cleaning is more fun when there are more hands on deck. Assign jobs to your family members based on their age, interests, and capability. Have a rota system and a reward at the end of the week to keep them motivated. Even a three-year-old can be taught to put toys away. Your kids will thank you when they’re grown up and out on their own.

    Final Thoughts

    Make speed cleaning a part of your daily schedule, and you’ll quickly find that you have more time on your hands, you’re in a more relaxed frame of mind, and you save some money too. But, of course, you can always hire a professional deep cleaner when you need to do a more thorough job.