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Pros and Cons of Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

    Carpets in offices or homes give a fresh, comfortable and beautiful feel to the space. Your feet will also celebrate every time they come in touch with a soft and especially clean carpet. But considering the amount of traffic carpets go through every day, they have a tendency to collect dirt fast. Cleaning your carpet largely determines how stunning, fresh, and comfortable it remains, as well as how neat and beautiful your home remains.

    The carpet may be on the floor, but it remains one of the most noticeable items in your space, and the last thing you want is a filthy-looking carpet. Cleaning your carpet the right way also has a way of adding to its lifespan and maintaining its good looks. There are different methods of cleaning this important item, and it helps to know the pros and cons of each so as to make the right choice every time yours needs a wash.

    1. Steam carpet cleaning

    Steam cleaning involves the application of a superheated liquid through a high-pressure applicator to break down dirt and bacteria or any other debris on the carpet. Usually, the carpet will be pre-conditioned to loosen the dirt and other substances before the hot water is injected and extracted using a vacuum.

     The pros 

    • Steam cleaning deeply cleans the carpet thanks to the chemical concentrates, high temperature, and pressure
    • It expands the fibers leaving your carpet looking and feeling smoother and softer after each clean
    • It eliminates around 90% of bacteria and dirt buildups and neutralizes allergens

    The cons 

    • Since steam cleaning is a wet technique, the carpet requires time to completely dry after the wash
    • It poses mold and mildew issues without proper drying
    • The technique costs high for the equipment needed and cleaning services are therefore relatively high as well

    2. Carpet Shampooing

    This is one of the most common methods of cleaning carpets. It is a cleaning method that involves the application of a special shampoo on the carpet and then scrubbed using a motorized brush. A machine with a shampoo tank is used to apply the solution properly. A roller brush applies the solution, scrubs the fibers, and drains the dirty water.

    The pros 

    • Carpet shampooing thoroughly removes dirt particles from carpet fibers
    • It is efficient in removing pet hairs present on the carpet fibers using the agitators at the bottom
    • It requires a short time to completely dry
    • It is an easy and affordable method of cleaning carpets
    • The cleaning method is quick

    The cons 

    • The method has no rinse cycle meaning there is always shampoo residue on the carpet, which makes it dull over time
    • The method has probabilities of unpleasant smells and mold when moisture is trapped, especially in the foam padding
    • It is not suitable for some carpets
    • Can lead to pile distortion on some carpets

    3. Dry cleaning

    Dry carpet cleaning does not use any water. Instead, special cleaning agents and solvents are mixed with a powder to create an absorbent compound which is then spread onto the carpet and worked through using counter-rotating brushes. The compound is then allowed to set for about 15 minutes to absorb all the dirt before being vacuumed off the carpet in powder foam.

    The pros 

    • The dry cleaning method requires no training making it a very simple carpet cleaning method
    • It offers quick drying
    • It is safe for sisal, hemp, and other delicate carpet materials

    The cons 

    • It does not deep clean carpets 
    • The cleaning powder can be trapped in plush pile carpets building up over time
    • The cleaning method is not suitable for people allergic to dust

    4. Bonnet carpet cleaning

    This method of cleaning carpets is commonly confused with dry cleaning. It, however, uses a chemical solution made from a mixture of cleaning products and carbonated water. The mixture is then sprayed onto the carpet in mist form and left to set and react for some time before a bonnet is run over to remove the dirt. The bonnet is a circular buffer with an absorbent pad that looks like a towel that picks up the soil and dirt and dries the carpet in the process.

    The pros 

    • This method of cleaning carpets is simple and cost-effective
    • It offers excellent results with carpets that are lightly soiled
    • The drying time is faster

    The cons 

    • It cleans only the top fibers and does not clean all the way to the bottom of the carpet
    • The method leaves chemicals and dirt at the bottom
    • It is a temporary cleaning method ideal for routine light maintenance

    5. Carpet encapsulation

    Carpet encapsulation is a cleaning method that does not use any water. A chemical with cleaning and crystallization agents is applied onto the carpet to suspend dirt, debris, and soils which are then removed using rotating vacuum brushes. The chemical generally encapsulates the dirt and dries it before it is vacuumed off. This is a relatively new carpet cleaning method, but it is very effective in keeping your carpet fresh and clean.

    The pros 

    • It does not require any rinsing and drying
    • The method is very effective even with large carpet areas
    • It leaves no dirt residues
    • It offers long-lasting and effective results

     The cons 

    • It is an expensive carpet cleaning method requiring special machines and chemicals
    • It is not effective in getting rid of oily dirt and soils, stains and odors
    • The machines are cumbersome and need trained personnel to handle
    • It does not deep clean the carpet

    Final thoughts

    There are so many methods of cleaning your carpet, whether at the office or at home. Some carpets are removable and easy to clean, whereas some are attached to the floor, making them a little harder to clean. With the right method, tools, and products, however, it is not as challenging to have your carpet looking fresh and clean all the time. Carpet cleaning services are ideal for keeping your space clean, and since the cleaners understand all types of carpets and cleaning products, you can be sure that the best one will be used on your favorite carpet without damaging it.