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Pressure Washing Benefits

    Don’t Feel Pressured, But Pressure Washing You Home Comes With Big Benefits

    close up view of pressure washer nozzle pressure washing concrete

    Pressure washing sometimes referred to as power washing, involves the use of high-pressure water spray to remove just about anything from most surfaces.  The use of pressure washing services will remove dust, gum, mold,  peeling paint and more.

    If you believe that pressure washing is only ideal for office and commercial buildings, better think again. There are many benefits that you as well as your loved ones can enjoy for pressure washing your home’s exterior regularly. Keep on reading to come across some of the biggest perks that it can bring.

    Before we check out those benefits, let us first take a quick look at some of your pressure washing options.

    One of the options that you may consider is to rent a large and powerful pressure washer if you’re facing a massive cleanup job, which usually happens once or twice a year. You may consider buying a less-expensive pressure washer model, either powered by gas or electricity, for maintenance.

    Many homeowners simply get in touch with professional residential cleaners that offer pressure washing to help spare themselves from renting or buying a pressure washer, and using some elbow grease, too.

    Regardless of the option that you prefer, one thing remains true: you will enjoy the amazing perks below!

    Increased Curb Appeal

    man wearing rubber boots and pressure washing driveway

    One of the most obvious perks of pressure washing your home’s exterior is an increase in its curb appeal. Nothing can make your home look more unattractive than the accumulation of dirt, grime and other unsightly things.

    What’s really nice about a pressure washer is that it can be used for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces outside the home. It can be employed anywhere, from the roof, walls, patio to fences. Just about anything that can get dirty and grimy after some time can be pressure washed.

    Pressure washing not only cleans the home’s exterior very well but it also does so very quickly. There is no need for you to spend an entire day trying to eliminate anything that can spoil your home’s curb appeal.

    Decreased Cost and Effort

    Are you planning on doing the exterior cleaning yourself? If you are a busy person, it’s a wonderful idea to opt for pressure washing than the usual,  use of a garden hose, scrub and soapy water.

    Pressure washing does not require you to squat, bend over and tiptoe just to make sure that you get to clean every nook and cranny — all you have to do is point the wand in the right direction.

    It may seem like pressure washing is a costly cleaning solution because it involves the use of a machine. On the contrary, pressure washing is, in fact, a cost-saver because it helps conserve water and, in many instances, no longer requires the use of expensive household cleaning products (we will talk more on this matter later).

    Healthier Air

    Many types of allergens can collect on various surfaces outside your home. Some very common examples include mold, mildew, algae, pollen, bird droppings and pet dander, too, if you have outdoor pets.

    Especially if there are members of the family who are suffering from allergies, it is important to effectively remove the accumulation of allergens on the home’s exterior. The same is true if someone you love has asthma or any other chronic problem concerning the respiratory system, such as bronchitis or emphysema.

    Many allergens can be challenging to remove on surfaces, especially if regular exterior cleaning isn’t being carried out. This is when the importance of pressure washing comes in, as the use of high-pressure water spray can help in getting rid of even the most stubborn of allergens.

    Lowered Accident Risks

    man pressure washing outdoor sidewalk with pressure washing machine

    Other than all kinds of respiratory issues, pressure washing can also help fend off all sorts of traumas and injuries that can stem from slip and fall accidents around the home. They can range from cuts, fractures, spinal cord damage to brain hematoma. So in other words, pressure washing your home’s exterior can help save lives!

    Decks and patios are prone to harboring moss, algae or mold, which can make them slippery. If not removed carefully, it’s not unlikely for you or someone in your family to end up being rushed to the ER due to an accident.

    Your guests and neighbors may also slip and fall if you fail to deal with the issue, and this can easily lead to messy and costly lawsuits! At the first sign of a slippery surface around your home, spring into action by renting or purchasing a pressure washer, or booking with a professional residential cleaning company.

    Better Paint Job

    Are you thinking about giving your home’s exterior new paint? Before you reach for a paintbrush and a bucket of paint, it’s a good idea to pressure wash the surfaces that you are about to give a paint job beforehand.

    Doing this will help get rid of dirt, cobwebs, grime, mildew and others that can keep the paint from drying properly and beautifully. Pressure washing also helps remove loose or peeling paint that can easily mar the outcome. Once the pressure washed surfaces are completely dry, you can start giving your home’s exterior a new color.

    However, refrain from thinking that pressure washing is for stripping old paint. While it’s true that some pressure washers are powerful enough to remove paint, paint stripping is best done separately.

    Happier Environment

    A couple of reasons exist why pressure washing your home is great for keeping the environment out of harm’s way.

    First, it eliminates the need to use household cleaning products that contain toxic ingredients. As a matter of fact, the use of a pressure washer oftentimes no longer requires the use of any cleaning product because the pressure generated is usually more than strong enough to get rid of anything that you wouldn’t want to remain on surfaces.

    Second, pressure washing helps conserve water. It may seem like it is using more water than necessary, but the fact is that the use of a pressure washer can save as much as 75% of water than the use of a garden hose.

    Before You Pressure Wash

    If you are planning on renting or buying a pressure washer, make sure that the machine is the right one for the job.

    These days, pressure washers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. There are models that are more suited for commercial purposes, and there are models that are more ideal for residential applications.

    Don’t have the time to figure out which pressure washer you should rent or buy? Contact the most reputable professional residential cleaner in your area like First Coast Softwash — leaving your pressure washing needs to the pros can save you from all the guesswork and backbreaking work, and you can rest assured that your home will be good as new afterwards.