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How to Keep a Clean House with Pets

    Pet Cleaning Tips from the Cleaning Experts

    Imagine the scenario where you have had guests walking in unexpectedly or gave short notice of their arrival time. You haven’t cleaned your house thoroughly in a while, your sofa is covered with pet hair, your carpet has paw marks which don’t come off easily. If you are a pet owner, you must have definitely faced this situation at least a couple of times. This becomes embarrassing and your guests will slowly start disappearing if you do not take care of this situation immediately. We at Clean Corp would like to give you a few expert tips that you can follow to avoid this situation in the future.

    Pet Cleaning Tips

    1. Bathe your pets regularly: Give your pet a regular bath to remove dirt and other unwanted impurities that pets carry from the outside environment. Do not overdo the frequencies of bath otherwise you will strip them off the natural body oils. A weekly bath depending on the kind and age of your pet should do the work. Make bath time enjoyable so that it doesn’t stress you out.
    2. Brush their hair: The annoying thing about owning pets is dealing with their hair on everything you own constantly. Not many people know that brushing your pets often can minimize this situation. If your pet has long hair, brush it every day. For pets with shorter hair, alternate days or twice a week would work just fine.
    3. Use pet wipes: There are specially formulated wipes available for pets that help in removing the dirt that is stuck on your pets’ coat or onto his skin. The loose dirt that your pet carries around every day can be easily removed with these wipes. This is good for pets who are not in the condition to bathe every day or every week.
    4. Choose the right cleaning methods: Vacuuming thoroughly and often can help you keep this problem at bay. Using other tools like spot and stain removers are also an added advantage. If you do not have the time to vacuum every day or do not own the right tools, you can call a professional cleaning company to perform a deep cleaning in your house. They have the right equipment, tools, and other solutions to give you a sparkling fresh home that can last longer than the regular cleaning.
    5. Regular cleaning: Make a habit of vacuuming at least once every week so that the dirt and stains do not get deeper into your furniture. Longer gaps in cleaning damages the property which will need you to buy new ones. You can also hire a cleaning service to clean your home every week or two weeks.  This will help maintain the cleanliness of your home
    6. Purchase everything thoughtfully: While you may be tempted to buy anything that you liked from the store, put some thought in it. With pets around, you want fabrics and materials that can be easily wiped and cleaned. It will save you time and the hassle of changing everything often. For example pet hair shows up well on  black furniture.
    7. Wash his bedding: The bed and blanket that your pet uses every day should also be washed regularly. Just like your bedding needs a wash often, they need to spend time in a clean area. Use detergents that are pet-friendly. This will also avoid unpleasant odors around the house.
    8. Do not let dirt inside: Walking the pet or playing with them in the yard or park can lead to dirty paws and legs. Take a little extra effort to clean your pets’ feet every time they come back home. You can keep a clean towel always outside the door for this purpose. Use runners at every entry of your house, they can capture the loose dirt that is left out. Regularly clean the runners, mats, towels and other stuff that your pet sits or walks on.
    9. Control the clutter: Just like your clutter needs a place of its own, your pets’ belongings also need to be kept away properly. If your pet has a lot of toys, store them in baskets. Offer only a few of them at a time. The ones that are not used can be given away to an animal shelter.
    10. Get some help: Dander and pet fur can cause a lot of ruckus in the house. You can always hire a professional cleaning service to help you keep your house neat and clean.

    When cleaning your home, make sure to use products that aren’t harmful to the environment, you or your pets.  Peta has frowned upon companies such as proctor and gamble for testing animals with their products.  Keeping and maintaining a clean living environment with pets is essential for the health of you and your pet.