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How to survive pet allergies


    Having a pet is one of the most beneficial things you could do. It is similar to having a companion. Whether you are living alone or with other people, having a pet can brighten up your day. When you see their cute little faces, who would ever feel angry? Having a pet is a stress reliever, and they provide you with a company when you have a bad day. However, if you are someone who is allergic to certain pets, you might face problems. Most pet allergies are caused due to shedding of fur from dogs and cats. If you are someone who is allergic to pets, you will be forced to stop getting these pets. What if there was a way through which you could have pets without developing an allergy? This would be great for you since you could get the pet you desire and lead a stress-free life. If you are planning to adopt, you would even be providing a home for the pet. With a few simple steps, even you can live with pets.

    Allocating areas for the pets:

    One of the best ways you could prevent allergic reactions is by allocating a certain area for the pet. For example, you could leave an entire room only for your pet but restrict its presence in other rooms. However, if your room is not big enough for the pet to move around freely, keep an area which is only for you. This should mostly be your bedroom. Make sure that your pet has no access to this room. If you ever want to step away from your pet and go to an area with no pet hair or other such things, this room should be your go-to location. This will give you space away from your pet if you need it. Restricting your pet’s movement to one room is not always recommended. You must make sure that they feel comfortable in the room and does not feel claustrophobic.

    Clean your pet regularly:

    Most pet owners do not give enough importance to cleaning their pet. Regardless of whether you have pet allergies or not, you must always clean your pet. This becomes more important, however, if you have allergies. Since your pet probably spends a great deal of their time outside, they are very dirty and prone to bacteria. Bathe your pet, at least, one a week. When you bathe a pet, you remove their old dead skin. This is what generally causes your allergies. If these skin cells fall out, they could make your allergies worse. When you bathe your pet make sure that you are using the right products. Use the products that are specifically for your pet. For example, if you have a kitten, you will find products are specifically labelled “for kittens”. Using the wrong products could irritate you. If you have any queries regarding the use of the product, consult a vet who would deal with your pet. They will be likely to help you find products for you.

    Make sure your allergy stems from your pet:

    If you fall sick, it could be because of multiple reasons and not just your pet. Make sure that your pet is the reason for your sickness before proceeding. If you are allergic to your pet, it could also mean you are allergic to certain substances that are present in your pet. This means that you need to make sure these substances are not present in your house as they would induce your allergy. If you keep falling ill even if your pet is not nearby, this indicates that there are other substances in your house that you could be allergic to. This can help you determine what you are actually allergic to which could be beneficial for medical records. It will also help you understand what you should stay away from.

    Try different treatments:

    Some treatments are available for those who are allergic to pets. If you keep falling ill, even after following the other steps, you must resort to treatments. These treatments will help you be around your pet without actually falling sick. This will build up your immune system against the allergic substances. However, for this to work you will have to know the exact substance that you are allergic to. This could be an expensive process but will you amazing results. This will prevent you from having to separate your pet from you. However, there are many instances during which the treatment does not work completely. It could only provide partial immunity. Investing in treatment is a great idea since it will help you become immune to the allergy and decrease the restrictions you will have to keep with your pet.

    Get HEPA cleaners:

    HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate absorbing filter. It is an air cleaner that is mainly used by those with dust allergies. The reason behind this is that the HEPA purifier removes all the dust particles present in the air. This will be extremely beneficial for those who have pet allergies as it purifies the air you breathe.  Since most pet allergies occur because you breathe in the hair or dead cells, this could easily be prevented by having a HEPA air filter. When you fix the air filters, make sure that you fix them all-around your house and not just in one place. Make sure that you regularly clean out the air cleaners to prevent dust accumulation on the filters. Another thing you could do is to avoid having furniture which accumulates dust. For example, pillow covers and curtains both are accumulators of dust. This will make it more prone for you to get the allergy. if you cannot avoid having this at your house, try to find alternatives. Research carefully and find other ways through which you could have curtains and pillow covers, without accumulating dust. Make sure the alternative product you buy or the other ways you use this is healthy for you.


    There are a lot of solutions to prevent allergic reactions to your pet. Make sure that you understand how bad your allergy will be before you make your choice. A few people might have a mild reaction while others have severe reactions. Similarly, for a few people, only certain breeds of their pet will cause reactions. Make sure that you are well aware of your allergy before you make your decision. With medical help and an environment that is up to your needs, you could grow a pet in your house too!