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Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

    As spring arrives, it’s a great opportunity to come out of our winter hibernation and enjoy the outdoor activities we cherish. Before engaging in our preferred hobbies, you should attempt to organize both the inside and outside of our houses. By tending to outdoor areas and keeping a tidy living space, we can be certain that our homes are prepared for the exciting activities ahead.

    Clean Corp Cleaning Services has been helping customers keep their homes clean and sanitized. Through our knowledge and experience, we have identified important factors to keep in mind when doing outdoor spring cleaning. Spring cleaning goes beyond just gardening and setting up outdoor furniture and grills that have been put away.

    The outdoor spring cleaning checklist for your home:

    1. Inspect the walls, driveways, and pathways
    2. Tidy up the outside of your home
    3. Scour and wash patios
    4. Polish your windows
    5. Revive the paint
    6. Unclog rain gutters and downspouts
    7. Wipe down patio furniture
    8. Revitalize fabric decorations
    9. Dust light fixtures and replace light bulbs
    10. Scrub and maintain the grill

    A lot of homeowners might feel stressed and unsure about where to begin when cleaning the exterior of their houses. We suggest following these outdoor spring cleaning suggestions for this time of year!

    Inspect the Walls, Driveways, and Pathways

    In winter, the cold can harm various areas of our homes. Every spring take time to examine the exterior of your home in the spring for any potential damages. Check for cracks or other signs of harm in the structure to guarantee the durability and safety of concrete surfaces. Even if the damage appears insignificant at the moment, neglecting structural problems could lead to expensive renovations in the future.

    Tidy up the Outside of your Home

    Did you clean the exterior of your home, like the siding or brick, lately? Is it essential to wash the outside? I appreciate you mentioning it!

    Using a pressure washer regularly on the outside of your home, paths, outdoor areas, steps, and sidewalks can effectively remove slippery and potentially hazardous weed and algae patches. This routine can enhance the safety of the walking areas around your property by getting rid of any buildup that could cause damage.

    Inspect and Wash Patios

    As soon as spring comes and the temperature rises, it is a good idea to utilize a pressure washer to cleanse your patio and eliminate any grime, mold, and unwanted plants. This will rejuvenate your patio’s appearance. It is advised to perform a power wash every spring to maintain your patio’s cleanliness and quality throughout the summer season. Before beginning, ensure to remove any litter like leaves and garbage from your patio.

    Polish your Windows

    While cleaning windows is a routine chore for most households, people often neglect to clean the outside of their windows. It is important to pay attention to cleaning the exterior of your windows and doors to get rid of any dirt or stains that may have accumulated during the winter season.

    Presented below is a concise overview of things to do this spring.

    1. Begin by opening the windows and removing the screens. Then, wash them with soapy water. If the screens have been kept in storage during the winter, be sure to clean them before reinstalling them.
    2. Next, move on to wiping down both surfaces of the window pane. You can choose between using a glass cleaner or a solution of white vinegar and water in a spray container. Apply the cleaner with a cloth and then use a microfiber towel or squeegee to dry the glass and remove any streaks or lint.
    3. Make sure to use a small brush or a paper towel tube attachment when vacuuming the window tracks. Clean the sills and frames thoroughly. Remember to also dust the window blinds and curtain hardware.
    4. At last, you can either vacuum the window coverings or launder them in the washing machine, taking care to adhere to the instructions on the label.

    Revive the Paint

    Once we finish cleaning the windows, doors, and outdoor areas of our home, it is necessary to examine them for any indications of paint damage. Paint acts as a shield for wooden surfaces from harmful outside factors. By inspecting and fixing areas where the paint has worn away, we can ensure that our home and outdoor spaces are safeguarded from environmental damage and ready for extended usage.

    Unclog Rain Gutters and Downspouts

    Channelling water away from our residences using gutters and downspouts is crucial to avoid any harm to our foundation. To guarantee their efficiency, make sure to clear out any blockages, leaves, or debris from the gutters. Monitor your foundation for indications of water damage and examine downspouts for any fractures or harm.

    Wipe Down Patio Furniture

    Did you know that cleaning patio furniture with warm water can help prevent wear and tear damage? Warm water is essential for getting rid of grease and dirt effectively. Be careful not to use hot water, as it can damage and stain wood, wicker, and outdoor fabrics.

    Eliminate any remaining rust on your wrought iron furniture by scrubbing vigorously with sandpaper, a wire brush, or steel wool. Begin with a coarser tool and then transition to a finer sandpaper for a polished result. Prevent future rust and keep the joints lubricated by using a rust inhibitor such as WD-40. Be sure to inspect the joints of the furniture closely, as rust commonly forms in those areas.

    Revitalize Fabric Decorations

    In the summer, we all long to spend time outside and enjoy ourselves. Keeping up with your outdoor space every season can be a lot to handle. A simple fix is to switch out your fabric cushions or swap the covers for ones in new colors. Check your battery-operated outdoor decorations for any signs of damage and replace the batteries with new ones.

    Dust Light Fixtures and Replace Light Bulbs

    Outdoor lighting fixtures are often overlooked until they fail to work at a crucial moment. To ensure that your lights are always functional and convenient to use, it is advisable to incorporate this task into your outdoor spring cleaning regimen. Apart from inspecting the bulbs for efficiency, make sure to also clean any decorative outdoor fixtures and glass covers.

    Scrub and Maintain the Grill

    Many families enjoy the activity of cooking outside. It is important to keep your grill clean and well-maintained to ensure it is ready for all the delicious food your family loves. Take some time to clean both the inside and outside of your grill, and inspect for any damage or rust that may have occurred during the colder months.

    Ensure that the grill is completely cleaned and ready for cooking various types of food for your family. It is crucial to inspect for any damage to guarantee the safety of your loved ones. A malfunctioning grill can lead to injuries or property damage. Take out the propane tanks to prepare for the upcoming season and examine the gas lines for any signs of cracks or problems that could result in accidents. Replace any defective parts or repair any damages immediately before using your outdoor grill.

    Clean Corp Cleaning Services is hopeful that this outdoor spring cleaning guide will help you prepare your home for the upcoming spring season.

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