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Five money-saving hacks


    One of the main problems we face when we receive our paychecks is splurging the money. You might not see the problem that you will face from this in the beginning. However, as you grow older, this will become more noticeable. You will have more responsibilities and will have your future laid out for you. Saving money will become your priority. But how do you save money efficiently? You would still require money for your day-to-day activities, so where do you draw the line? We have gathered five important ways for you to save money. Saving money, in the beginning, might be proven to be quite a difficult task. You would have been used to spending that it is quite difficult to control the expenditure level. Especially during a pandemic, with people losing jobs and uncertainty, we have realized how important saving money is. You never know what the future holds for you, so it is always best to be prepared for anything.

    1. Start a savings account and invest:

    the first thing you probably heard when you tell someone you want to start saving is investing. However, investing without a plan beforehand does not make sense. Start a savings account that has automatic money transfers from your current account. After a couple of months of saving, use this money to invest in the money market or the capital market. This will provide you with returns guaranteeing you a fixed income. However, when you invest, make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions. This will also prevent you from spending unnecessarily since a fixed amount of money will always be transferred to your savings account. If you are new to money-saving, this is a safe and mature way for you to start. There is no way that you could stop saving money or lose money. However, if you choose the wrong type of investment, you could end up losing money, so choose safe options like debentures and preference shares.

    2. Use debit cards over credit cards:

    hand reaching out of a desktop computer holding a small shopping bag and handing it over to another hand that is sticking out of a computer with a credit card in hand

    the whole world has seen a shift from carrying cash in your bag to having your entire savings online. Some of the most popular e-banking ways are using credit and debit cards. If you buy products spontaneously, then a debit card will be more advantageous for you. When you own a credit card, the bank is loaning you money that you would pay back at the end of the given period. However, a debit card directly takes from your account and only from there. Using a credit card is that sometimes you might not be aware of the debt you create for yourself. A debit card will hold you in check and make sure that you are spending according to your budget.

    3. Prepare a budget:

    female taking money of a wallet

    this is the most important step for you to start saving money. You need to understand where your money goes. Try to cut down on things you do not require and are not a necessity. However, if you want to spend on things that are more luxury than leisure, make sure to fix the amount of money you are willing to spend on that. Understanding where your money goes rather than aimlessly spending will give you a better plan on how much to save. It will help to separate necessary products from luxury products. It will help you understand where you want to spend and where you end up spending. Include your taxes, your expenses in your budget and create a new one every time you pay your current budget.

    4. Automatic payment of expenses:

    most banks offer this solution for you. This means that you can register for the service where the bank pays your expenses on your behalf, which most banks provide. This will help you not spend the money when you receive it, as the only remaining money in your account will be the amount remaining after paying your expenses. This is a great way to track your expenses as well. This will make sure that you develop no debts from the bills that you will have to pay. This will also prevent you from spending unnecessarily. If your bank does not offer these services for you, calculate the expenses for the given duration and keep that money aside. Make sure that you do not touch the money under any circumstances. It will prove to be beneficial for you as you continue making this a habit.

    5. Keep a fund:

    it is often said that the first step to being adult is started a fund. This might be because this is an important step you could have as a first step to being prepared for the future. Open a fixed deposit account in your bank. A fixed deposit means that you can place the money in your account and get a high interest for it. However, you cannot take out the money until the fixed period is over. This is beneficial if you are saving for education or health, where you know the period where you will require the money. If you are not interested in having a fixed deposit account, you could a normal deposit account. This will be helpful if you are planning to have an emergency fund. An emergency fund is exactly what it sounds like. In case of an emergency like an unfortunate accident or health problem, you could rely on your emergency fund to cover the cost if insurance does not cover it. This is one of the best parts of saving since you can overcome uncertainties or unforeseeable events that you might have faced.


    These money-saving hacks and tips provide great results if you put your mind to them. You must be ready to change and be ready to save the money you make. If you are careful, the money you saved can bring you interest. You could make a profit from them. This is commonly the case in investing since most investments bring you profits. Most promote digital banking like debit cards and credit cards because banks offer you interests when you want to save. They promote saving as it would be in their interest as well. If you want to save money and put your mind towards it, you can also start your saving journey!