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    Maid Service Vinings

    With Maid Service Vinings, there are so many mistakes when it comes to decorating your Vinings, GA home and your space. You suddenly get very excited for that gorgeous sofa that has just gone into liquidation; you bought it, took it home and realized that it does not go well with rest of your decoration. It happens…

    Today, I am going to give you some tips of what NOT to do when decorating your space or your entire house.

    1 – Go for the Classic pieces

    If you do not like to change your furniture often; go for neutral and timeless pieces. Go for the classic look; the kind where it changes with your needs. The trendy white sofa is only great if you are single. Little kids and white furniture do not go well together. Do not forget that the word “trendy” basically translate to “current fad”, and fads do not last long.

    2 – Buying Furniture in Sets

    This is the most common mistakes that people do when buying furniture. A matching sofa set of a couch, love seat, side table and coffee table will not guarantee that it will look great in your space even if it did in the showroom. Try buying a couch first that is timeless and that you can see yourself sitting in after 5 years.

    From there, get a coffee table based on your needs that will also go great with your sofa. Select your side tables; it does not matter if your side tables match as long as it goes great with your sofa and coffee table. Before purchasing furniture make sure your home is professionally cleaned by a house cleaning service.

    3 – Paint first before shopping for decoration

    Consider hiring maid service Vinings before choosing a paint color for the walls of your home or even for a single prominent wall, think of the furniture you already have that you intend to use. I know that it is tempting to look at that paint catalog full of wonderful options but it might not go well with the pieces you already have. Take in consideration also your accent colors. Once you found a color that you are happy with; then you can shop for more furniture and decoration that will work best with your paint.

    4 – Use complementing colors

    Do not use the same color throughout your entire space. Using the same color for the walls, furniture and decoration is a big NO!NO! Think of complementary colors. There are hundreds of shades out there that will complement your main color to punctuate some of your pieces and let it stand out.

    5 – Match and mix colors and textures

    Decorating your home takes time and is not cheap, so you need to research and try to imagine and re imagine how everything will look when finished before deciding on any additional detail. Bring paint and fabric samples with you whenever you are shopping to give vague if it will work with what you have already. Your chosen fabric might not work with your chosen paint color.

    For those who prefer to use the bed only for sleeping; it is a good idea to have a comfortable ottoman or armchair in the room which can be used for readings, short breaks or even as a sitting area for when you have a visitor. An armchair that goes well with a small table or coffee table for studying and working is even better. It is important for this furniture to be moved easily for faster cleaning or if you need to move things around.

    6. Multipurpose table

    If space is not a problem in your room, a place you spend so much of your time; a good investment is a multipurpose table that is large enough to meet your needs and can serve as a study and work area that could also hold your books and other items. Your bedroom is also your refuge in your home especially if you still live with your parents and a table that can hold your things that you can also work on is essential.

    7. Hooks, Hangers and a hamper

    After a full day, entering the room and abandoning the bag, shoes and clothes scattered on the floor is a relief; except things will not organize themselves in the morning. To skip the process of leaving your things everywhere; hooks and hangers that can hold your personal belongings until you can store them in their proper places is very important. A hook at the back of your door to hold your keys, a hanger for your coat and shoal, s small bowl for your jewelries, and a laundry basket or a hamper for clothes is all you need.

    8. Curtains

    In addition to being a good item for decoration, it can complement the more themed bedrooms and break the monochrome of the more sober space. Curtains are essential to block some of the direct light especially in the morning. Curtains are indispensable for a more cozy space. Before decorating your home schedule maid service Vinings today. Get an instant online quote