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    The Lazy Susan is a round platform that is used mainly for two purposes: 1) It is used to store food items since it contains a rounded stand where you can put jars, bottles, spices, oils, vinegar, etc., and 2) It is also used at the center of the table where you eat where you can use it to distribute food.

    Although a Lazy Susan is a western invention, it is mostly used in Chinese households and restaurants. It can help make your kitchen or the table where you eat more clean and organized. Many materials can be used to make them; however, in most cases, it is made from plastic, glass, or wood. Lazy Susan’s can help with gathering various products at the same time without too much trouble. It can make things easily accessible that you need daily. This can speed up your work and also save you some time and energy. You can store bottles and jars on them in size order for more ease. By putting the taller jars in the back and the smaller bottles in front, you can see most of the items on the Lazy Susan, which can speed up your work. You can also label jars and bottles for your benefit.

    After a certain amount of time, the Lazy Susan becomes dirty and disorganized, which can ruin the look of your eating table or your kitchen. It could get stained from one of the jars or by mistakenly spilling something on it. Not only that, if you have been using it for quite some time, it may contain some rotten or expired food products which not only look and smell dirty but also can lead to health problems like food poisoning, etc. You should try to clean it at least four times a year.

    It can take you around 20-40 minutes to clean your Lazy Susan based on the number of articles on top of it. The first thing to do is wear disposable gloves that can protect your hands from unwanted, expired food products. Second, open the windows in the room and place a fan in front of the table, making the smell flow outside the window. Now, start cleaning the dust off the Lazy Susan using an old washing cloth. Clean it with a dry microfiber cloth to remove all the dust and clean it from every corner and the opposite area. Then clean it with a wet cloth by applying water and cleaning chemicals/solutions to it. You can either make your own cleaning solution by adding dishwashing soap to water, or you can buy a cleaning solution from the market or online. By using a wet cloth, you can clean out the sticky stains which have been on it. If the stains are too sticky and cannot be removed, try to buy a cleaning chemical from the market, which can help. If there are stains that still can’t be removed, you can also apply baking soda over them and let them dry overnight, helping remove them easily the next day. Next, clean it again with a dry cloth to remove all the chemical particles which may have been left out during the cleaning. Then, use a paper towel to clean it from the edges and below and completely dry the Lazy Susan. Now it is clean and dry, and ready for use. Before rearranging the items on the platform, try to clean them also so that your table won’t get dirty again soon.

    You can also take pictures before, and after cleaning the turntable to see how much better, it looks. Although it’s an easy job and most people do it themselves, many people don’t have enough time or are busy with some other chores and need their Lazy Susan clean because of guests coming soon or for the holiday season, so many companies provide services for people to clean Lazy Susan’s. They may be a little overpriced; however, if you add other items for cleaning with it or if you want to get your entire kitchen cleaned, you can get reasonable prices with some negotiation.


    tall pantry lazy susan

    Be careful when you are buying a Lazy Susan because there are some shops that sell poor quality tables which may break easily because they are not properly built. Not having complete knowledge of the table can also lead you to buy a bad product. When buying a Lazy Susan, don’t forget to apply pressure on the table to see that it doesn’t break and also remains stable. Another thing to remember before buying a turntable is to decide which size you need and for what purpose. Buying a small or very large turntable may land you in trouble because by having a very small-sized table, you may not be able to store all the products you wanted to store, and by having a very large platform, you may have difficulty with finding the perfect spot for it because of its large structure. If you are using the table for dining purposes, a small to medium size is more than enough. If you want to store bottles, jars, oils, etc., on the table, you can buy a medium to large size.


    inside of cabinet displaying a lazy Susan

    There are many benefits this turntable can provide:

    There are many authentic Lazy Susan’s that are handcrafted to look attractive and can help make your dining room more beautiful and well-organized. You can buy a small to medium separate Lazy Susan for your beauty products. By doing so, it may save you time and energy finding the product you need. You can also use the table to make your dining table more prosperous by serving drinks on it. This can make your room more glamorous and can also impress your guests.

    In general, buying a Lazy Susan may help make your kitchen or dining room more attractive and can also help you to complete your work more efficiently.