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How to organize your kitchen pantry?

    People like to design their homes, according to their preferences. While designing your dream house, one of the factors you should consider is that the house should not look cluttered with furniture and other essentials. Everything should have a spot, and there should be enough room to move around. The kitchen is no different; if you like cooking, you would like to have a kitchen with all the right appliances and space to move around freely.

    A kitchen pantry would help with space organizing, storing all the food and beverages, and making it easy to find all food items and ingredients quickly. Some pantries also have the space to hold utensils like bowls and plates and some appliances that are not regularly used. The pantry’s style and type depend on your preferences and also the floor plan of the house.

    Types of kitchen pantries

    Consider the following list when selecting the type of pantry that is suitable for your home.

    • Butler’s pantry

    organized kitchen pantry

    In older days, a butler’s pantry was the area where all the kitchen essentials and the food were stored, and it was a separate area where the butlers prepared the food for the guests. Even now, these benefits can be utilized when hosting an event at home. The butler pantry provides extra space in addition to the kitchen area. This type is perfect for families who host a lot of gatherings.

    • Built-in cabinet pantry

    Built-in cabinets are very easy to customize according to the layout of the kitchen. These are simply cabinets that help in utilizing space effectively and making the kitchen look organized and neat. This type of pantry will add a creative and unique style to the kitchen.

    • Walk-in pantry

    Walk-in pantries are the best option if you need to have a spacious pantry where you can store both appliances and food. The only problem with this type is that it requires a lot of space, so the floor plan needs to be made accordingly. Other than this, the shelf designs and the way kitchen essentials, food, and beverages can be stored make this a very desirable option.

    • Slide-out pantry

    Slide-out pantries are innovative and creative ways of saving kitchen space and are a great option when there is limited space in the kitchen. The pantries are installed in the already- present kitchen cabinets. This pantry blends in easily with the kitchen layout.  

    • Freestanding pantry

    A freestanding pantry is like a big wardrobe, but for storing food and beverages. It is kitchen furniture that helps with saving space and also provides enough space to store kitchen supplies. You can get it designed the way you want with matching kitchen colors. You can customize every door, drawer, and shelf of the cabinet.

    • Wall pantry

    The wall pantry is exactly what it sounds like it is a pantry installed in the kitchen wall. This option is useful when particular wall space is vacant. Building the wall pantry will make the wall useful and save a lot of space in the kitchen. Customize the wall pantry doors and shelves that suit the kitchen’s theme.

    Why have organized pantries?

    These benefits will highlight why having a kitchen pantry is one of the best areas to have in your home.

    • Save money

    With a pantry, every food item is right in front of you, so you will know which item needs to be replenished. There will be no need to buy an item based on a guessing game, thus saving grocery shopping. 

    • Easy to clean

    On cleaning days, since every food item will be properly stored in canisters, jars, and boxes, all you need to do is take them out and wipe the shelves.   

    • No more pantry bugs

    Since you will be using canisters and jars to store everything, there will be fewer pantry bugs. These bugs are usually attracted to the scents of packaging glue, and without these half-open packages, there will be no bugs in the pantry. 

    • Effective use of space

    First of all, kitchen pantries save space in the kitchen, and with proper organizing, all the shelves in the pantry will be used to their fullest extent. The properly-organized pantry will make finding items easy and also keep the counter clean.

    Tips for organizing a kitchen pantry

    • First-in, first-out

    Organize the pantry based on the items’ ‘best to be used before’ dates. Older ones should be kept in front to be used first with fewer chances of wastage. Older fruits and vegetables should be pushed to the front and newer ones stocked at the back.      

    • Grouping items

    Group the food items according to their categories, such as oils, sauces, spices, etc.

    Also, place them by their usage, with more frequently used ones more accessible than the others. 

    • Decanting

    Decanting is when you shift your dry food items into jars and canisters. Storing them this way keeps the pantry organized, but there is another reason behind doing this. Decanting helps in keeping the food items away from bug infestation.   

    • Separate storing space

    When storing the food items, keep in mind not to mix some food items as they can spoil each other or disturb the flavors. For example, flour should not be kept near strong-smelling spices as it may absorb the flavors. Similarly, potatoes and onions should not be mixed as onions may spoil the potatoes. 

    • Correct labeling

    Usually, people label the jars with the name of the contents inside, which is suitable for similar-looking food items. But, other information that should be labeled is the expiration dates. This way, food can be used without any wastage. 

    • Equipment storing

    Currently, pantries also have separate shelves for storing kitchen appliances, which is a very good way to keep the counter clutter-free. Appliances like blenders, rice cookers, and mixers can be stored away in the pantry. 

    • Organize as you like

    kitchen pantry

    There is no particular way of organizing a pantry; you can organize based on your suitability and usage. You can also keep changing it based on your current needs. The only work that goes behind maintaining a pantry is to clean it once every year to discard any expired items and clean any dust.


    Every kitchen pantry type and organizing style will only save time, effort, and space. It will increase the utility of the kitchen with everything in a particular spot and increase the kitchen’s aesthetics. With such a user-friendly kitchen, you will feel more inclined and motivated towards preparing delicious meals. So, don’t forget about a kitchen pantry when creating the floor plan of your dream home!