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5 Lifesaving IKEA Storage Hacks

    Clever Storage Tricks You’ll Love

    person wearing yellow shirt placing plate inside kitchen cabinet

    IKEA provides all sorts of storage and furniture that you can use in so many different ways. There are so many hacks out there that will completely change the storage game of your house. With basic IKEA storage, you can change and modify it to make whatever you fancy. IKEA shelves, racks, and storages can be used in multiple ways so that you can utilize the most out of the empty spaces in your house.

    These top 5 IKEA hacks are going to change the face of your living space while being well within your budget.

    Nightstand to bathroom storage for towels and more

    If you want to give your bathroom an update with storage, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this hack is just what you need. You can create a very chic towel storage space out of your nightstand.

    These are what you’ll need:

    • Drawer pulls
    • Paint
    • Legs
    • Epoxy spray

    You can also buy some cute contact papers to give the stand a different look.

    The first step is to drill before you paint to avoid chips. You can either install drawers in all the spaces or a few or maybe not install any.

    After drilling, you can paint them in any color you like; you can even paint them with the leftover paint in your house. The next bit is to attach the legs. One of the options for the legs is the Metrik drawer handles (93/16-inch). They will work perfectly as legs, look good, are low cost, and give the stand the required height. You can attach drawers after you paint them too.

    After painting and attaching the legs, spray the entire stand with epoxy. It coats the stand easily and makes it water-resistant, which is what you need for the bathroom. You can place cute towels and other bathroom essentials just like you want.

    Bed Slat to Chic Wall Hanger Storage

    If you’ve visited the IKEA store or surfed their website, you must’ve come across those slatted bed bases. Many of you might even own them. These bed bases are originally designed to provide support below heavy mattresses. But the item itself looks so pretty that it is not worth hiding it. If you want easy and effective storage that looks good on the wall, this is just perfect. This item is made of pinewood and can be easily transformed into a wall hanger by fixing it on the wall using wall hooks.

    After the hanger is secured to the wall, you can use the s-shaped hooks to hang and place items on the planks. You can use this anywhere. You can use it in your kitchen and place small, cute plant pots, recipes and containers. You can place it in the bathroom for towels and a basket. You can use it to store magazines and files. This can also be used to hold shoes. You can place them outside or use as a storage piece in any living space. You can add accessories like plants, lights, magazines, and it adds a little extra life to the room. It is so multifunction and looks so chic.

    Install a Kitchen Island using Bookshelves

    interior of kitchen drawer with utensils in it

    Kitchen islands are expensive, and it is no hidden fact. This hack is going to change this completely. A very effective kitchen island with storage can be made easily using three Billy bookcases from IKEA. The bookcases’ height is just the right height for the kitchen island and is available in different widths and storage designs, so you mix and match to make the perfect kitchen island for your kitchen.

    If you want your island to be covered and secure, you can get additional doors with the shelves since they are exposed from one side. You will also need an affordable countertop from IKEA.

    The first step is to assemble the shelves in the place you want your kitchen island to be. Connect the shelves using any way you prefer. You can attach doors to a few cabinets or all of them or none. After they are fixed to the place, attach the laminated countertop. You can add accessories like hooks at the sides to hang items.

    Build a wardrobe using a headboard

    headboard and bookshelf combination

    If you want a wardrobe, but don’t have enough space for it, this hack will give you the best idea. This can be installed in the corners of any room and you can hang coats, glasses, keys, shoes, etc. This efficient wardrobe is created using a Mandal headboard. This wardrobe is made to fit along the angles of the room to hang all your stuff.

    The first step is to remove the latch at the center and remove the holes’ metal bars. The headboard is installed vertically. Add rubber feet to get equal space from the wall. Use metal brackets and connect the two shelves and form a 90-degree angle.

    Secure the whole thing by screwing it to the wall. You can add additional felt pads at the bottom to give protection to the floor. You can add additional shelves and add any accessory you want to add to it. Add the required amount of Grundtal hangers, and it’s all set.

    A spice rack for your keys and sunglasses

    spice rack with sunglasses

    You may have experienced that you’re looking for a rack for your sunglasses and keys, there are so many options, but you can’t find just the right one. Some are too big, some small, some are not of the right design, some may be too expensive. But have you ever thought that your sunglass rack doesn’t have to be just that? Now, spice racks are relatively compact, look good, and perfect for sunglasses. To make it perfect, you can add the Svartsjon towel rack to the spice rack, and now you can hang your coats and keep the keys and sunglasses secure. You can even decide on what height you want to fix the rack according to your comfort and requirement.

    All you have to do is simply fix the spice rack onto the wall. Add the hooks for the coat in the front. Mark the spots before where you want to drill the holes. Finally, fix the hooks, and your rack is ready for your coats, keys, and sunglasses.

    All these hacks are very easy to perform. And if your hands are not so steady, you can easily perform these with a little help. These hacks allow you to create anything of your choice with affordable and sturdy IKEA storage pieces.