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How to Organize Your Home Like a Pro

    Home Organizing Tips

    side by side view of unorganized shelf of clean and an organized shelf

    Professional organizers these days charge up to $80 per hour or almost $400 per room. Clearly, leaving the job of putting your home in order to a pro doesn’t come at a cheap price.

    Fortunately, we know a few organizing tips that are surprisingly simple yet incredibly effective!

    So if you’re ready to organize your home the way the industry experts do it, keep on reading. Below you will come across a bunch of things that you may do to make your home clutter-free and your life stress-free.

    Disorganized to Organized

    Some say that things get worse before they can get better. When it comes to organizing your home without hiring a professional, the same adage applies.

    You will find it so much easier to organize your home by disorganizing it first. Just imagine all the all the things you can buy from Lenox Square or Cumberland Mall (within reason of course).

    Starting from scratch by clearing out an entire space or room, this allows you to have a better idea of just how much decluttering your home needs. Be warned, this could get ugly and you might even feel discouraged. However, keep in mind that disorganizing beforehand is vital for organizing your home like a professional.

    Besides, putting everything out into the open can help you carry out the next tip better.

    Have the Urge to Purge

    To get your home organized, it’s a must to get rid of anything that keeps it from being organized.

    Often, it’s the things you no longer use or need that causes clutter in your home. They tend to take up lots of precious space. Needless to say, getting rid of everything that is of no service to you helps ensure that any space or room in your home will be less cluttered.

    Professional organizers swear by the 80/20 rule. Put simply, the rule suggests that a lot of people use or need only 20 percent of what they own.

    So in other words, the majority of the things you stash in your drawers, closets, under the bed and elsewhere have to go!

    This doesn’t mean, however, that everything that needs to go has to end up in the dumpster — you can always donate to charities or hand out to friends.

    As a general rule of thumb, the more things you can get rid of, the less cluttered your home will be.

    Divide Your Drawers

    organized items inside drawer

    The less you see, the more clutter-free and organized your home looks. This is when the sheer importance of utilizing drawers becomes crystal clear.

    However, refrain from treating your drawers as catchalls. This puts the drawers at risk of overflowing with stuff and unable to keep the drawers shut. Pulling out a drawer whose contents are in disarray is a sign that your home is not in an organized state, so refrain from simply tossing things in them.

    According to professional organizers out there, no drawer should be without containers.

    Installing dividers in your drawers is also a fantastic idea! These days, drawer dividers come in all kinds of materials, such as wood, clear plastic and wire mesh. You can find a variety of dividers at the Container Store in Buckhead.

    Leave Out the Lid

    One of the reasons why a decluttered space or room continues to be cluttered is that the organization plan that was originally established isn’t maintained. 

    This is when the use of lidless containers comes in handy — no lifting, no trouble!

    At almost all costs, you should avoid lids. For instance, an open laundry basket can be more inviting to use, thus keeping you from leaving your dirty clothes on the floor or elsewhere in the room.

    It’s okay to go for garbage cans that have lids. However, consider opting for one whose lid can be popped open by stepping on a lever. This makes the process of tossing things in it an effortless task.

    Change the Way You Arrange

    When arranging items, always ask this question: do I use this item daily?

    If yes, then it should go in front of everything else, within your easy reach, and preferably at eye level. Following this simple rule will make it easier for you to access daily essentials as well as make it trouble-free to return them to their designated storage areas after using them, thus keeping your home free of clutter.

    Things that you do not use daily, on the other hand, should go in the back, or on the bottom or top shelf or cabinet. This will keep them organized until the time comes when you need them.

    It’s a good idea to keep this tip in mind especially when organizing your walk-in closet, pantry, cellar or garage.

    Spot Clutter Hotspots

    room filled with clutter.  black male on the computer

    Some areas are simply more prone to accumulating clutter than others. Some very common examples include flat surfaces such as kitchen counters, dining tables, coffee tables, and bedside tables.

    Before leaving the home or hopping into bed, consider devoting a couple of minutes to clearing these surfaces.

    Professional cleaners also recommend placing something on a flat surface that tends to collect piles of stuff quickly to discourage anyone in the family from putting clutter on it, such as a flower vase, pot of plant, lampshade, or a stack of magazines. If there’s no space for some mess, it’s easier to keep clutter less.

    Make Sure to Maintain

    Clutter is bound to happen, and this is a reality that all of us have to put up with.

    The good news is that it’s possible to delay its arrival or keep it to a bare minimum simply by making organizing a daily habit. Just like what they say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure — doing a bit of organizing here and there whenever you have some free time can help keep clutter at bay.

    In Conclusion

    Organizing your home without hiring a professional may seem like a herculean task. However, it can be done. Following the above-mentioned tips that came straight from the mouths of professional organizers allows your home to be clutter-free without you shelling out a huge sum of cash. Have a blast organizing like a pro! Afterwards schedule deep cleaning of your newly organized house.