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How To Enjoy Atlanta

    How To Enjoy Atlanta

    If you just landed at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, you’ve made this the world’s busiest passenger airport! The airport is located on what was an abandoned race track once owned by the Coca-Cola magnate and erstwhile mayor of Atlanta, Asa Candler.

    Atlanta is steeped in history that harks way back to the Civil War. It has witnessed almost every milestone in the country’s development. Located at the meeting point of the East and the South of the US, it is the region’s major industrial and tourist hub.

    Today as the most populous and bustling city in the state of Georgia, this high-altitude enchanter offers some unforgettable experiences, no matter if it’s a day or a week you spend here.

    Getting There and About

    • The Hartsfield Jackson Airport connects you to more than 150 cities via daily, direct and non-stop flights to Atlanta
    • The city is connected by road through three major interstates: the I-20, I-75 and I-85 all converge downtown
    • You can take a coach or charter bus with arrivals and departures at the 24×7 bus station in downtown Atlanta’s
    • If you love train travel, Amtrak has a convenient waiting room and station in the heart of the city
    • Once you’re here, travel is a cakewalk through MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) the efficient public transport local trains that service the airport too
    • MARTA has its own streetcar system and huge network of buses in the city
    • MARTA is wheelchair friendly and the city’s pavements are mostly accessible to the disabled
    • You can rent a car from Hertz, Avis, Budget, Thrifty or other car rental services in Atlanta. Just be warned that traffic is a huge challenge here if you choose to drive yourself.
    • Ride-hailing via Uber or Lyft is a great option if you’ve planned a night out in town.

    Must-See Places

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    Center of the Civil Rights Movement: History was made in the streets and homes of Atlanta during the Civil Rights Movement. Visit Dr Martin Luther King’s birthplace, home,

    the National Historical Park named after him, a replica of the Memphis hotel where he was assassinated and more. Other historical figures are also memorialized here. They include Coretta Scott King, Ralph David Abernathy, John Lewis, Dean Joseph Lowery and more.

    Children’s Museum: Your kids will love the power of play here and so will you, in the six hands-on interactive learning zones. The museum is 100% cashless. There are plenty of restaurants nearby when you work up an appetite after all the mental stimulation.

    Georgia Aquarium: features thousands of deep-sea marvels. Hours of fun and fascination for the whole family!

    World of Coca-Cola: Atlanta’s iconic company has its own museum in Pemberton. Enjoy the tasting facility that lets you sip flavors from around the world while you drink in the history of this world-famous firm.

    Historical Atlanta: History buffs can tour the city’s historical districts such as Grant Park with its gorgeous Victorian mansions, Queen Anne houses, Craftsman bungalows and more. The Inman Park area is home to beautiful 19th and 20th century mansions. The West End and Tuxedo Park have homes built by famous architects dating back in time. The Oakland Cemetery, The Margaret Mitchell (Gone With The Wind author) House, Jewish Heritage Museum, and the Smith Family farm are must-see places on your list. To top it all, you can visit the Atlanta History Center for a glimpse of this city’s colorful past.

    Fun Things To Do In Atlanta

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    Eat and Drink:

    With a diverse history and culture, you will find a fabulous variety of food and drink options in Atlanta. From luxury roadhouses, fine dining, sophisticated and elegant eating places to funky, quirky, buzzy eateries, ethnic Southern cuisines, coffee bars, chilled patios, bistros, nouvelle cuisine, gas-station plazas and world cuisines including Thai, Mexican, Italian, French, BBQ, Indian-Asian, Vietnamese, and more. You will find a range of kid, pet and family-friendly eateries, breakfast places and buffets.

    Art and Culture:

    Atlanta enjoys a vibrant art and culture scene. You’re sure to find something that catches your fancy in this diverse city with myriad cultures, art and music events, galleries and museums. Don’t forget to drop in at Gallery 72, which offers local artists free exhibitions. The Mammal Gallery, Eyedrum Art and Music Gallery, downtown Castleberry Hill, the Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern, and more. The city is friendly to gay residents and travelers, and of late, a range of immigrants from China, Korea, and Vietnam has added to the Hispanic, East European, and African communities here. Music aficionados will enjoy the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, and the city is known as a mecca for rap, hip-hop, soul and R&B, besides a thriving country music tradition.

    Entertainment and Sports:

    Most of the neighborhoods are walking friendly. There are plenty of parks and recreational spaces in the city. You can take an Atlanta CityPass to visit all the downtown attractions, valid for 30 days. Kids will enjoy a visit to the Georgia Aquarium and the SkyView amusement park. There are some great hiking trails in and around the city, including the Chattahoochee River Trail. A visit to the City Zoo is fun for the whole family. Indoor skydiving at iFly Atlanta, the Walking Dead Tour (horror unlimited!), Digital art museum immersive experience featuring van Gogh, Fun Spot Amusement Park, or a fabulous tour of the North Georgia wine country will certainly make your visit memorable.

    Staying Safe:

    1. If you’re a first time visitor, avoid some of the more dangerous neighborhoods.
    2. Park in safe parking spaces and don’t leave valuables in your car.
    3. Avoid divulging personal information on airport Wi-fi networks.
    4. Be careful while traveling in the MARTA, and stay vigilant while traveling by Uber or Lyft.
    5. Avoid walking alone after dark, or stay with your group.

    What To Wear:

    Check the daily temperature in Atlanta before you start packing. The city experiences typical sizzling Southern summers and cold winters. Comfortable shoes, sunscreen, layered clothing, sunglasses, bug repellent, and a couple of good outfits for nights out would be fine.

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