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How To Deep Clean Your Bedroom

    Have you been tossing and turning in your bed lately? Do you wake up feeling groggy and stressed? Are you experiencing breathing difficulties in your bedroom? If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, the reason could be simple. Your bedroom is not as clean as it should be. This is the room where we spend anywhere between 8 and 10 hours in a 24 hour day. If you think about it, it means that one-third of your life is allotted to this space. That’s why the environment here matters so much. We all have our own personal routine about keeping this space safe, comfortable, and hygienic. Additionally, take a look at our handy guide on How To Deep Clean Your Bedroom and grab a few tips.

    Why Is It Important To Clean Your Bedroom?

    If you’re one of those people who say, “Oh, how I long for a good night’s sleep!” Perhaps you’ve forked out a tidy sum on the state-of-the-art mattress and pillows and tried a variety of accessories that made tall claims. You’ve read up on the subject, talked to your doctor, and changed your lifestyle. But you haven’t got the results you want.

    An important aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the psychological factor. We focus so much on the physical components that we fail to realize that another dimension could exist.

    Cleaning your bedroom promotes physical and psychological well-being, health, and comfort. It’s hard to beat that feeling of getting between fresh sheets, snuggling under washed blankets, and resting your head on a clean pillow. And gazing around at a neat and orderly room.

    The process of cleaning helps you get your thoughts in order, and de-cluttering does help you to organize yourself, so there’s no stress when you wake up. Opening your eyes to a messy room makes you feel upset and out of sorts.

    Another plus point in favor of clean bedrooms is that you get improved air quality. Regular vacuuming and dusting help to eliminate allergens, dust particles, mites, dead skin and hair, pet hair, and dander. If you live in a climate zone with environmental dampness, mold and mildew are a constant nuisance that you need to remove.

    You may love your four-footed friends and consider them part of your human family, but keeping pets out of the bedroom is one way to ensure hygiene and a good night’s rest.

    How To Deep Clean Your Bedroom

    Once you realize how you can benefit from ensuring your bedroom is tidy, clean, fresh, and hygienic, you’ll never return to a messy one. This is the room you see and experience first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It is your private sanctuary and personal space. The way it looks, feels and is maintained speaks volumes about you as a person. Whether you allow visitors to glance in or not, this room reflects your attitude towards yourself and your living environment.

    You may tidy and clean your bedroom every day, but there is a vast difference between this routine and deep cleaning.

    Thorough deep cleaning of your bedroom could be done once or twice a year if you plan to get it done professionally. If not, you can set your own agenda and create a viable deep cleaning program for yourself.

    1. Analyze The Space:When you think of deep cleaning, take a few things into account:
    • Is this the master bedroom, kids’ room, or guest room?
    • Is this space used only for resting, or does it double up as a dressing room, workspace, or hobby center?
    • Assess the size, shape, and all that it contains
    • Evaluate the different kinds of cleaning materials, equipment, time, and effort needed
    1. Create A Plan:Have a strategy before starting. This means you have to fix the day and time well in advance. Give your family a heads-up on this so that they stay out of your way. If you have multiple rooms to clean, enlist family helps. Plan a task for each member according to their age and capability. Make sure you take breaks for meals and snacks. Order pizzas and drinks so that you don’t waste time cooking.
    1. Gather Your Supplies: The success of any deep cleaning routine is based on time, effort, and materials. Ensure that you have all your supplies. In a large bucket or caddy, collect detergent and water solution (or an all-natural cleaning solution) in a spray bottle, microfiber cloths, vacuum cleaner, long-handled broom or brush, dusters, glass cleaner, large-sized garbage bags, fresh sheets, blankets, and pillow-cases.
    1. De-Clutter:Tidy the room, put books, phones, and laptops away, toss dirty clothes, sheets and towels into one of the garbage bags, and remove things from shelves, nightstands, and dressing table.
    1. Clean The Bed:Strip the bed and vacuum the mattress, mattress protectors, and pillows. Pile everything into the middle of the bed and cover it with a big sheet so that dust doesn’t fall on them while you clean. Wipe the legs and headboard of the bed with a microfiber cloth dipped in a detergent solution. Wipe dry.
    1. Wipe and Dry: Wipe fans, shelves, nightstands, and dressing table with damp microfiber and dry immediately with a fresh dry cloth. Throw old make-up and medicines into another garbage bag to be binned later. Wipe the windows and vacuum the drapes or blinds. Don’t forget to vacuum under the beds and other furniture. Dust the ceiling and walls with a long-handled brush. Wipe mirrors and front of your wardrobes and closets. If you have an HVAC system here, dust the accessible parts and make sure you switch off the power before you do this.
    1. Make the Beds: with fresh sheets and pillowcases, fold vacuumed blankets and comforters neatly. Replace the carpets, rugs, and throws in their familiar places.
    1. Closets and Wardrobes: This is a longer project and may take the better part of a day. You can leave this for another time. You will have to sort out stuff into “Keep,” “Donate,” “Throw Away” piles and arrange your closets again.
    1. Replace and Re-arrange:Get the furniture back in place, straighten the drapes and blinds, and replace make-up and medicines on your dressing table and nightstand.
    1. Your job is done: Wipe and dry your cleaning equipment, empty the trash, and stow away cleaning products and equipment safely and ready for use the next time. Add a vase of fresh flowers, and spray an all-natural room freshener with a citrus or lavender scent in your sparkling clean bedroom. Now, if you feel like you need a long, relaxing shower and a snooze, go right ahead. You deserve it!

    Final Thoughts

    Neat, clean, and well-organized bedrooms greatly affect your comfort and well-being. You may have a daily routine to tidy up the place, but schedule one day in the month to do a thorough job of deep cleaning. If you think you can’t manage everything yourself, enlist the help of family members, or hire a professional cleaning service.