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How to Clean Your House Like a Pro in 2023

    If you’ve watched professional cleaners do their job and marveled at their speed and efficiency, you’d certainly love to know how they do it. The key is organization and focus. Pros take a highly systematic approach to cleaning projects, and that’s the secret of their success. When you want to know How to Clean Your House Like a Pro in 2023, check out our take on it, and give yourself a high five when you’re done!

    Do Pros Clean Differently?

    As the saying goes, they don’t do different things. They do things differently! Whether your living space is a tiny studio apartment or a 16-bedroom mansion, there’s no getting away from the fact that it gets dirty. Every homeowner has her or his own cleaning routine and knows what works best for them. But there are cleverer, more efficient, and smarter ways to get the best results. And ensure that you do a thorough job.

    Professional cleaners:

    • Are trained, knowledgeable and qualified experts
    • Have experience in several diverse cleaning environments
    • Work with templates and well-established systems
    • Know how to use different products and equipment correctly
    • Set high-quality standards of work
    • Use efficient time-management techniques
    • Are 100% focused on the task

    What About Motivation?

    This chore is one of the least preferred household tasks, and an important aspect of house cleaning is motivation. Staying upbeat and focused on finishing the job isn’t easy. Very few people take true pleasure in cleaning, and it’s difficult to stay motivated when your heart is not in it.

    One of the reasons for feeling de-motivated is that home cleaning is a seemingly endless and repetitive drudgery.

    Having kids, seniors, and pets in the home makes the work even harder.

    However particular you are about keeping things fresh and tidy, it seems to be a thankless job. Hardly anyone comments on a clean home, but the one time you let your kitchen get messy, you will certainly hear a few negative remarks.

    Staying motivated depends on how you self-reward yourself. Give yourself a treat, get a massage done, order pizza instead of cooking a full meal, watch your favorite show, go for a swim or walk, listen to your favorite music and sing along. You’ll find that the task gets lighter and more enjoyable.

    On the flip side, who says you always have to wait till you “feel like” cleaning? This is a job that needs to be done, whatever your mood. It’s great if you do feel an adrenaline rush or a burst of inspiration when scrubbing the countertop, but most often, you don’t. Surprisingly, you could feel your mood uplifted when you finish the cleaning, and that’s something you can use as a reward.

    How to Clean Your House Like a Pro in 2023

    Pros use a number of tried and tested hacks to speed up the tempo, ensure that every item is covered, and complete the task in time. High-traffic areas such as the hallway and corridors should be left for the last.

    1. Prep is Prime: If you’ve observed how pro cleaners walk into their job site, note how they come fully prepared. They carry their tools, cleaning equipment, products, and protective gear. The trick here is to gather your cleaning supplies together in one place, preferably in a trolley or large bucket, so you don’t waste time shuttling back and forth as you work. Not running short of cleaning agents and materials is important, so stock up a day or two before you start. Add a few large plastic bins or caddies to your list.
    1. De-Cluttering:The first step is to de-clutter every room. Put away fragile things, gather things that don’t belong in a room, such as books, toys, TV remotes, or phones, and place them in caddies to be tackled later. Clear the kitchen counter and stack dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Clothes meant for the laundry can be tossed into a caddy. Laundered clothes should be bundled up and kept to be folded later.
    1. Rooms:Start with the easier ones, such as the living room. Dust and vacuum carpets or hardwood floors (and mop if you have tiled floors). Wipe flat surfaces with a damp microfiber cloth. Arrange artifacts back in their right places. Don’t forget to wipe window sills, vacuum the drapery and let the sun in if it’s a sunny day. It’s the best disinfectant. If you have pets, don’t forget to clean their bowls, beds, and toys. Pay extra attention to kids’ rooms because they tend to get messier than others. In the bedrooms, dust the shelves, give the walls a good swipe with a feather duster, dust bedside tables and head-boards, remove sheets and pillowcases and toss them in a caddy to be laundered. Vacuum curtains, carpets, comforters, and blankets. Wipe light fixtures, door knobs, and switches. Arrange the dressing table neatly, stow away stuff that isn’t used regularly, and spray mirrors with glass cleaner. Leave it on for a while, and then wipe it with a soft microfiber cloth. Make the beds and fluff up the pillows. Put back the stuff that you’ve removed from shelves.
    1. KitchenUse a long-handled brush to reach the ceiling and walls, and remove dust and cobwebs. Wipe cabinet doors, chimneys, and counters with a sponge dipped in soap solution. Dry with a microfiber cloth. If you want to clean your appliances, it’s wiser to do this a day ahead so you don’t get bogged down with laborious scrubbing and washing. Clean the sink with vinegar and baking soda. Take the trash out and, hose down the trash bin, leave it out to dry. Wipe the windows. Vacuum the floor and then wet mop twice with detergent solution.
    1. Finishing Touches: Go through the whole house. Vacuum the high-traffic areas. Stow shoes, coats, and umbrellas in a designated “Landing Zone.” Remove stuff that you’ve put into caddies and arrange them back in the right places. Take all laundry to the washing machine and run the cycle. Arrange fresh flowers and fruit in the living and dining rooms. Light a scented candle in the bedroom if you’re not allergic to odors. Enjoy the sight of sparkling floors, shining countertops, fresh-smelling bathrooms, and a pristine kitchen.

    Final Thoughts

    Cleaning like a pro is a matter of planning, logistics, and adopting an organized, systematic approach. Get your family involved so that you don’t take on the whole burden on your shoulders. Bribe them with treats, dinner out, or whatever works best!