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How to Clean a Bathroom Quickly

    What’s the most challenging room to clean in your home? Nine out of ten people would declare loud and clear, “The bathroom, of course!” You could spend hours tidying, scrubbing, washing, and wiping; within minutes, it can look messy again. Apart from family members who use it, guests will too. That dreaded request, “May I use the washroom?” sends shivers down the spine of most homeowners. You know your cleaning habits and hygiene are going to be judged. Some inquisitive guests even take a peek into the medicine cabinet! That’s why you need to know How to Clean a Bathroom Quickly before guests arrive. A clean bathroom protects your family and visitors from disease and allergies.

    Why Are Bathrooms So Hard To Clean?

    When you think of what we really use bathrooms for, it’s easy to understand why they get dirty so quickly. For starters, it’s the most used room in your home. Though it may be for shorter spells of time, unless you live alone, it is the most visited place in a home. Larger homes may have several bathrooms, while smaller homes with large families may share one or two.

    The bathrooms are smelly! The organic waste that goes into your toilet is filled with bacteria and microorganisms. Highly dangerous bacteria such as E.coli, staph, and salmonella live and thrive in a bathroom’s warm, moist environment.

    If not used regularly, your shower head becomes a harbor for pulmonary disease-causing bacteria. Fungi, mold, and mildew are other organisms that find the bathroom a great place to grow in. Dead skin, hair, and other body waste can collect in corners.

    The toilet bowl, seat, flush handle, door knobs, and floor are places that spread bacteria when you touch them. Did you know that every time you flush the toilet, an invisible cloud of bacteria-filled water mists everything in the surroundings, including your toothbrush?

    Bathrooms contain a variety of surfaces made of wood, glass, brass, fiberglass, porcelain, and steel. Each surface needs a different type of cleaning method and product.

    Your bathroom surfaces may rust, collect soap scum and limescale, hard-water deposits, and more.

    Towels, bath mats, sponges, and loofahs are other items in the bathroom that get dirty fast.

    Now you know why bathrooms get dirty so quickly. You can tackle the problem in the right way.

    How to Clean a Bathroom Quickly

    Your bathroom speed clean routine can be easier if you clean up consistently daily. Keep the place looking fresh and neat with a few smart moves when you’re having a shower or tidying up your bedroom.

    1. Keep Supplies Handy:It’s annoying to find that you don’t have the right cleaning products and equipment when you want to speed-clean the bathroom. One solution is having a basic set of cleaning items in the bathroom. Install a small, water-proof UPVC cabinet with sliding doors in the corner of your bathroom or under the sink. It can hold toilet cleaner and brush, sponges, scrubber, microfiber cloths, disinfectant wipes, a spray bottle filled with dishwasher liquid+vinegar+water solution, and a room freshener. This mini-cleaning kit can be placed in all bathrooms. Refill the products as they get used up.
    1. Get The Sequence:The first thing to do is to spray the cleaning solution in the shower, sink, and tub. Pour toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl and give it a good brush. Empty the trash can and collect used tissues in a garbage bag. Hang one or two more large garbage bags on clothes hooks in your bathroom. Let the cleaning products work while you make the beds and tidy up your bedroom.
    1. Scrub, Rinse, and Dry:Rinse the shower and scrub the tiles, especially the corners. Wipe dry with the microfiber cloths. Scrub the sink and tub, rinse and dry. Keep tossing your used microfiber cloths and sponges/scrubbers in the spare garbage bags.
    1. Faucets:Spray some cleaning solution on a sponge and wipe the faucets till they shine. Wipe off with a damp paper towel and dry with a microfiber cloth.
    1. Mirrors and Glass:Spray cleaning solution on mirrors and glass. Start at the top and work downwards. Wipe with a damp sponge and dry immediately with microfiber cloths to get a streak-free shine. Dust windows and light fixtures.
    1. Countertops and Vanity:Grab a couple of disinfectant wipes in both hands. Wipe the countertops and vanity from top to bottom, using both hands to give you more coverage.
    1. Towels and Mats:Replace towels and bath mats once every two days. If they’re damp, put them out in the sun or in your drying room. At this point, gather all your cleaning equipment and products that you’ve tossed into the spare garbage bags, wash out the clothes and brushes and make sure they’re clean before you put them back in their place.
    1. Floor:Old, soft, fraying towels are great for wiping the floor. Make sure the floor is free of soap or cleaner before you wipe.
    1. Shower Curtains:If you have shower curtains, toss them in the washing machine once a month. When you finish your daily shower, open the curtains fully and let them dry naturally. If you notice mildew, soak them in a vinegar+baking soda solution and rinse them in cold water.
    1. Freshen it Up:Gather up the garbage bag with tissues, and reline the trash bin with a fresh liner. Small trailing plants, artificial flowers, and tiny artifacts make your bathroom look attractive. Keep them clean and dust-free, and give them a rinse once in two or three days. Finally, spray some energizing citrus-scented room freshener.

    Keeping It That Way

    It takes just 10-15 minutes of your time every day to clean your bathroom quickly. But that is if you do it every day. Otherwise, the dirt just collects, making it harder to remove easily.

    • Clean the shower after every use
    • Keep the floor dry always
    • Shine the faucets every time you wash your hands
    • Don’t leave bath products around after you use them. Replace them on the shelf immediately
    • Keep a tray that holds wet wipes next to the sink to wipe spills immediately
    • Squeegees are great for wiping down glass showers and walls
    • Scrub the toilet bowl every day. Leave cleaning products on all night to remove stubborn stains
    • Throw away old cosmetics, medicines, and bathing products you don’t use. They only take up your usable space.

    Final Thoughts

    It’s not difficult to clean your bathroom quickly if you spare 10-15 minutes of your time every day. Make sure you have cleaning supplies and equipment handy. You’ll never have to worry about unexpected visitors dropping in and needing to visit the washroom.