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How to Avoid the Flu

    Stop the Spread of the Flu

    person washing their hands

    Flu is one of the most common respiratory infection that affects many every year. The symptoms can get serious if not taken care of properly. Some common symptoms are runny nose, fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, and body aches. 

    Usually, it takes a week for the symptoms to get better, and it does not cause complications. However, in older adults with weak immune systems, it can cause serious health issues like pneumonia. 85% of the deaths due to seasonal flu are in adults more aged than 62 years. If you fall into this age group, you need to be extra cautious and take all the necessary precautions. 

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this year, everyone needs to be extra cautious as it is hard to determine if the sickness is flu or coronavirus. These precautions might also help protect you from the deadly coronavirus and save your life. Here are a few of the tips to keep yourself healthy and safe this dangerous flu season:

    Social distancing and avoiding large crowds

    During the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing is incredibly crucial. 1 foot – 6 feet distance is always recommended between individuals to avoid the infection if the other individual is sick. During the regular seasonal flu season, it is essential to avoid large crowds where the chance of catching the flu is more. 

    Confined places such as schools, offices, nursing homes, etc. accelerate the spread of flu, so if you have a weak immune system, wearing a face mask is recommended in public places and mandatory these days due to the pandemic. It helps the individual stay safe and also ensures the safety of others. 

    It is advised to stay away from sick people, especially when the infection is uncertain. Maintain your distance and take all the precautions.

    Washing your hands

    Cleaning your hands is one of the best habits to avoid infection throughout the year. Always wash your hands after using the bathroom, coming back from public places, eating, and cooking. The virus and bacteria can live on surfaces; therefore, when you touch those surfaces and then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, the virus gets transferred to your body. 

    Wash hands correctly, avoid germs and viruses, wet your hands, then apply soapy liquid, wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, and then wash them with water. Carry a hand sanitizer with alcohol content in case you don’t have soap and water nearby. 

    Always clean your hands after touching surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and counters and use the disinfectant cleaning method for sanitization. Make the conscious effort to avoid touching your face as the virus not only travels through the air, but also infected hands. Cough in a towel or handkerchief to avoid touching your face and throw the used tissues immediately. 

    Take care of your immune system

    A robust immune system is crucial to protect yourself from the flu. A healthy immune system will help you fight against bacteria and viruses, and in case you fall sick, the immune system will help speed up the recovery, reduce the symptoms, and make you fit again. 

    House cleaning 

    a woman cleans the floor using a cloth-based wipe for a thorough finish.

    A clean and sanitized is necessary as it ensures that you live in a hygienic environment and breathe clean air. Include some physical activity in your daily routine to keep yourself fit. 30mins is the recommended time to energize the body and stay active. This helps boost the immunity system. Eat food that is rich in vitamins, nutrients, and proteins. Cut out all the junk and sugars from your diet and if you cannot cut them out, then at least reduce. Talk to a nutritionist to get a health plan according to your body and include multivitamins that can fulfill the lack of vitamins you may miss out on in your regular diet. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet that provide you fiber, act as antioxidants, and are rich in vitamins. 

    All the small habits of taking care of your body, staying active, having vitamins, and eating a well-balanced diet can make your immune system stronger and healthier. A healthy immune system will always be ready to fight against the infections and keep you fit.

    Flu vaccines

    Get the flu vaccine every year as the flu changes its form every year, and if you are older than 62, it is more required for you because you get more prone to infections. Get yourself vaccinated before October end, i.e., the flu season beginning. The vaccine takes around two weeks to be effective, so if you get infected after that, the symptoms will get reduced. 

    If you are old, ask your doctor about getting high dose vaccines such as FLUAD or Fluzone specifically made for older individuals. A high-dose vaccine contains almost four times of a regular flu shot. Talk to your doctor about other vaccines, too, such as pneumococcal vaccinations. 

    Disinfecting the surfaces

    white male sanitizing bathroom in home with fogger spraying disinfectant chemical

    The only good thing to come out of the covid19 pandemic is the hygiene and sanitizing habits everyone has adapted to. If you live with a sick individual, sanitize all the surfaces regularly, use decent quality disinfectants, and make sure the individual quarantines themselves to one room of the house. 

    If you are looking after them and have to make contact with them, wear gloves and a surgical mask to reduce infection risk. 

    Visit the doctor

    If you experience any flu symptoms such as fever, sore throat, cough, body ache, runny nose, or fatigue, visit a doctor immediately. Consulting a doctor will help you get tested for coronavirus, and you can get treated accordingly. Wear a mask, maintain hygiene, and self-isolate yourself. There is no cure for the flu and no vaccines for the coronavirus yet, but getting detected within 48 hours of infection, can get you early treatment and, therefore, fewer symptoms. 

    If you live with someone who has the flu or Covid19, you should get deep cleaning done after they isolate themselves to avoid getting infected. 

    The flu is more dangerous this year, and therefore it is necessary to take all the precautions. If you are old, get vaccinated early. Everyone should wear a mask while stepping out, stay away from symptomatic individuals, and strengthen your immune system. In case you have recovered from the infection completely, hire maid services to get your house thoroughly cleaned. Talk to a doctor in case you feel the symptoms and do not panic or self-diagnose yourself.