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How Often Should You Clean Your Home

    Cleaning habits are so deeply entrenched in our psyche that we rarely stop to ask basic questions about How Often You Should Clean Your Home. The answers depend highly on your tastes, preferences, and role models. Status, wealth, and education play a large part in determining how you maintain your living spaces. Cleaning experts tell us that the reason to clean is not just to ensure that the environment is tidy, free from germs, and organized but also to help us feel joy and comfort. Research shows that untidy, cluttered, and dirty homes can have a negative impact on physical and mental wellness.

    Cleaning Habits Across The Country

    A survey conducted by the American Cleaning Institute (an organization established in 1926 to promote the understanding, safety, and benefits of cleaning and cleaning products) reports that Americans spend an average of 6 hours a week cleaning.

    In most homes, routine tasks such as vacuuming, sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the kitchen and bathroom are done once a week or every day, depending on the time available and personal needs.

    Another survey shows significant differences across different age groups. The 55-64 age group seems to be the most diligent about cleaning, while the 18-24-year-olds fall well below the national average. Female respondents prioritize cleaning more than males. Generation Z, which shows the least interest in cleaning, may not have enough experience or opportunity because of living in dorms. Messy living is practically the done thing at this age! As they grow older, cleaning becomes more important and peaks at the senior citizen age level. Cleaning then begins to decline after age 65 due to mobility issues and other physical and mental conditions.

    The surveyors were pleasantly surprised to find that more than 50% of homes surveyed were always clean, and only 1% showed no evidence of any kind of cleaning. At least 25% of those surveyed made an effort to clean every day, and most of the tasks were done by a single person.

    Interestingly, there are cleaning deal-breakers in relationships. People said that leaving dirty dishes around the home, never offering to help with cleaning tasks, wearing stained/dirty clothes, not making the bed, walking in with dirty shoes, and leaving dirty clothes on the floor are definite No-Nos in a relationship!

    Most people deep clean up before or after hosting guests but astonishingly, 50% of those surveyed confessed that they have cleaned up places where they were a guest. This shows that we are actively concerned about living in a clean space.

    How often should you clean your home?

    The answer to this question is as individual as you are. If you talk to someone whose home is always spotless, 24x7x365, they will tell you that the secret is consistency. There is no magic wand that you can wave, and hey presto, it’s all sparkle and shine. You have to regularly clean, no matter how long or short the session is. When you let the mess pile up, you need more effort, time, and money to make it look pristine again.

    However, don’t imagine that every nook and corner of the home has to be scrubbed, polished, and dusted every day. Some areas must be tackled daily, while others can be left for a week or even a month with just a quick once-over. Staying ahead of the mess is your aim, and that means keeping a close watch on everything but opting for different actions at different times.

    Immediate Cleaning

    If you have kids, pets, and seniors in the home, it’s likely that your home seems to require constant attention. This is a matter of hygiene and keeping occupants healthy and safe. Some tasks have to be done instantly. For instance:

    • De-Cluttering and putting things back in place
    • Keeping mud and dirt out of the house
    • Ensuring that bathrooms are dry and cleaning mold from walls and floors
    • If you live in an area with hard water, wipe the faucets with a microfiber cloth (Avoid installing glass shower stalls, and opt for shower curtains)
    • Cleaning liquid spills and crumbs

    Daily Cleaning

    You will have to schedule an hour to go through your house. If it’s a larger place, you may need more time, and less if it’s a studio apartment. Allocate more time to the kitchen and bathroom. These are the places that remain warm and moist, encouraging the growth of bacteria and fungi. Use an all-natural homemade cleaner such as vinegar+baking soda+water mix in a spray bottle. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe dry as you go along. Stone countertops can get damaged with harsh cleaners. Dishwash liquid+water is a good option.

    • Clean all surfaces in the kitchen
    • Put condiments, spices, and cooking implements back in place
    • Sweep/Vacuum and mop floors
    • Wash the kitchen sink and drain-board
    • Spray toilet cleaner in the WC and detergent in the sink and tub, and wipe dry with a damp cloth

    Go over the high-traffic areas such as hallways and corridors with the vacuum. Plump up cushions, shake out rugs, make the beds, fold blankets/throws, and re-arrange stuff on desks and tables. Throw out old flowers from vases. Collect stuff that’s out of place in a caddy. If you have the time, put them back where they belong. Otherwise, tell the family where to find their stuff. Fold laundry, and run the dishwasher.

    Weekly Cleaning

    This is the time to tackle areas that need to be cleaned thoroughly.

    • Disinfect the toilet, sink, and trash bins
    • Scrub the shower stall and tub
    • Schedule a washing day for bed linen and towels at least twice a week if you have kids, seniors, and pets
    • Give frequently touched areas, glass, and mirrored surfaces a quick wipe with disinfectant: door knobs, stair rails, railings, cabinets, refrigerator handles, switches, and TV remotes.
    • Change towels in baths.
    • Wash make-up brushes
    • Wipe the front of the cabinets
    • Clean the inside of the oven and microwave

    Monthly Cleaning

    This is your “deep cleaning day,” so make sure you have cleaning supplies and equipment in stock. Schedule a few hours for this and inform family and friends so that you’re not interrupted.

    • Clean the refrigerator, throw out old food and ice, wash the trays and wipe dry before putting things back
    • Pull appliances away from the wall and clean them behind
    • Check for cobwebs
    • Hose your trash bins and leave them out to dry
    • Wet-mop kitchen and bathroom floors with a detergent solution and wipe dry
    • Check sinks, toilets, and tubs in the kitchen and bathrooms
    • Wipe broad-leaf indoor plants with a soft, damp cloth
    • Clean light fixtures, fans, blinds, and drapery
    • Wipe windows, window sills, and doors
    • De-scale kettle and coffee-maker
    • Vacuum and turn your mattress
    • Wash or wipe outdoor furniture

    Apart from these three major schedules, you can get a professional cleaning done once a year, get your carpets shampooed, and clean out the HVAC system.

    Final Thoughts

    Cleaning schedules are a matter of personal choice. How often you choose to tackle the chores is left to you. However, the bottom line is that there’s no getting away from cleaning if you want a comfortable, fresh, clean, and great-looking home.