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Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

    Are you looking for a few tips for cleanliness in the household or for some inspiration on how cleaning can be fun for the young and old? From quick wiping to basic cleaning, house cleaning becomes easier and more fun if you follow a few clever tips – and of course, if enough helping hands are involved.

    Keeping the household clean doesn’t have to be difficult or laborious. If you are armed with a few tricks and the whole family can join in to make basic cleaning a breeze, doing chores can actually become a welding experience. It’s also the best way to encourage your children to be more independent. In this post, I would like to share with  you 5 tips that will help you keep your home cleaner for longer.

    These tips are all not very time-consuming because one thing is clear – we all have too little time. It is always a nice feeling to come to a clean home after work. The feeling is even better when it remains clean on the consistent basis.

    Of course, these tips by no means replace the need to deep clean your house, but at least you can save some time. That alone is a big win. Because this saved time can be invested in fun things.

    The Dust Mop

    Of course, it doesn’t replace vacuuming. But it really helps in keeping the floor cleaner for longer. Especially if you have a pet that regularly sheds fur on the floor, you would theoretically have to vacuum several times a day so that the ashes, dust, the animal hair doesn’t accumulate.

    Every time you pull out the vacuum cleaner, unwind the cable, and vacuum room by room, it really eats up a lot of time. I don’t know about you, but I can’t vacuum the house in under half an hour.

    With the dust mop it can cut your cleaning in half if use properly. To run through the house for 5-10 minutes and clean the floor of dust, fur, etc. Then I can brush it off briefly and have a small pile that I can quickly vacuum away with a small hand-held vacuum cleaner.

    Of course, there is such a dust mop in almost every supermarket, but you can also easily make it yourself by cutting up a discarded towel and stretching it on the mop. The towel has a new function, and it is also nice that you can wash it and use it again. However, if you cut a towel, you should sew around the cut edge once or glue a kind of hem with fabric glue; otherwise, it will ripple up very quickly in the washing machine.

    The Work Surface

    person wearing yellow gloves wiping surface with green sponge

    The work surface in the kitchen is used several times a day. Everything then accumulates there. Crumbs from breakfast, stains from the yogurt you spilled, water stains, etc.

    A clean work surface is a basis for a kitchen always to look nice and clean. That’s why I wipe the area with a damp cloth at least once in the morning and the evening. The best part is that you should first clean up the work surface before you can wipe it completely. This means that unused, dirty dishes have to be put in the dishwasher, and everything else that doesn’t actually belong on the work surface has to be put away.

    So you kill two birds with one stone. And I assure you that this task will take max. 2-3 minutes to complete if you do this regularly.

    Sinks and Faucets

    person wiping sink faucet

    Sinks and fittings quickly look dirty, I think. This is due to the water stains. Especially with chrome-plated fittings, which otherwise shine so beautifully, water stains dull the surface. If you also have very hard water, these stains look really bad even faster.

    The solution to this is so simple, and my parents always drummed it into me back. A drying towel that hangs near the sink. Every time I brushed my teeth, my parents told me to wipe the sink. It has now become an absolute routine for me.

    It can be wiped out within seconds, and the washbasin and fittings stay clean and stain-free for longer.

    The Toilet

    person wearing blue gloves cleaning inside of toilet

    The toilet is used more often during the day, and in my opinion, there is hardly anything more unpleasant than an unclean toilet. That’s why I take 5 minutes every night before going to bed and wipe the toilet briefly.

    Before I spray them with the bathroom cleaner, I throw in one of my homemade toilet cleaners. They dissolve in the water, and then you can clean the toilet with the toilet brush. Spraying briefly and wiping it off with a cloth really doesn’t take much time and ensures that you can use a clean toilet every day.


    • 1 cup of baking soda *
    • 1/4 cup of citric acid *
    • 1 teaspoon of dish soap
    • Optional a few drops of essential oil *

    Mix the baking soda and citric acid in a bowl. Then slowly add the detergent little by little, stirring constantly. It has to be stirred in really slowly; otherwise, the mass will react too much and puff up. Finally, the essential oil can be added. But also stir in drop by drop. In the end, the soda-citric acid should have a consistency like slightly damp sand.

    The cleaner can be poured into an ice cube mold and must harden for at least 4-5 hours. If you add the dish soap too quickly, the mass will ooze out of the ice cube container. That’s not bad. Just wait about 15 minutes and then press the cleaner back into the compartments.

    The Timer Method

    The timer method is very popular for me. I set myself a timer of 30 minutes on my cell phone and do something during this time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s tidying up, dusting, making beds, or washing and folding laundry. I try to use these 30 minutes a day to do as much as possible that I don’t have to do the weekly cleaning.

    30 minutes is really not a long time. It goes by in flight, and I am always amazed at how much I can achieve in this short time.

    I hope these tips are helpful to you. Please let me know in the comments below whether you already use some of these tips regularly and how you like them. Or is there a lot of new and helpful information for you that you definitely want to try out? I look forward to hearing from you.