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Home Cleaning – 10 Tips For A Successful Clean!

    Homes are made up of several rooms, each with its own cleaning challenges and needs. It is for this reason most people find it hard to achieve a successful clean when working on their spaces. The thought of the amount of effort needed to clean each room thoroughly also makes it harder for some even to get started. But no matter how challenging or tedious home cleaning is, you need to live in a clean, hygienic, and healthy space; hence cleaning is a must. Below are some simple tips that can help you successfully clean your home.

    1. Gather all your cleaning supplies and put them in one caddy

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    If you don’t have a caddy, use whatever is available, even if it is a bucket or a tote, as long as it can accommodate the cleaning products and tools. When you have all things you need to clean in one place, you will have an easier time moving around and reaching for what you need for that specific area. It is a simple tip that can save you the time and frustration of moving back and forth to get supplies as needed.

    2. Start with any dirty dishes and laundry

    Clearing your sink before you continue with the rest of the house is always a good idea. If it is time to clean bed linens and the curtains, make sure you put those in the wash too, so they can be cleaned as you handle the rest of the house. A simple dish cleaning task can go a long way in motivating you to tackle the rest of the areas. You will also feel great knowing your curtains and linens are already in the wash; it’s a feeling that keeps you going.

    3. Clean from the top going down

    If you want to have a sparkling clean house by the end of cleaning without the need to go back and forth to achieve the results, it is good to have a reliable cleaning plan. In this case, you should start with top-placed items and surfaces around the house, such as fans, chandeliers, and shelves. When cleaning top areas, you will notice grime and dirt falling all over other surfaces at the bottom. This means that if you start with the areas at the bottom and then go to the top, you would need to repeat cleaning the bottom again. Save time and effort by starting up and coming down, and you will love the results.

    4. Dust and clear clutter at the same time

    When you have a family or share your space with other people, it is very easy for things to be misplaced and end up piling up where they are not supposed to be. When dusting, consider also clearing all clutter as you go. For example, you can have a basket nearby to put items that need to be replaced in other rooms in your home. This way, you will leave the current area you are cleaning dust free and organized and still have an easy time taking the rest of the stuff with you to their rightful places.

    5. Spray clean chandeliers

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    Chandeliers are beautiful additions to any home and can add value to it. They are, however, made of tens of crystals that differ in size. When they have gathered dust and dirt, they can be very challenging to clean, and most people would rather bypass them. A successful clean means you can’t leave an item or area visibly dirty, and so you have to clean those as well. The simplest and most effective way to clean chandeliers is to spray them with a cleaning solution that loosens all the dirt and dust. You can then let that drip off and dry, ensuring you have an absorbent rug on the floor to catch any solution that falls.

    6. Wipe down glass and mirrors

    Mirrors and glass with dirty streaks can be very unpleasant to the eye. Luckily, you can use very effective solutions to achieve spotless cleaning on your glass and mirrors. A simple way to achieve good results is using a damp microfiber cloth on them and then following with a dry cloth to wipe them clean.

    7. Disinfect surfaces and countertops

    After dusting your home, consider wiping down hard surfaces, including light switches, doorknobs, cabinets, appliances, TV remotes, telephones, and countertops. These areas are touched more than other areas in your home, and hence apart from wiping them down, you should consider disinfecting them to keep the spread of germs at bay. Apple cider vinegar in water is all you need for nontoxic disinfection

    8. Attack the house as a whole

    Cleaning a room at a time can be a good idea if you want to clean the entire house over a number of days and have time for only one room every day. However, the one room at a time approach can be more demanding if you are targeting cleaning the entire house successfully in one go. It would be a good idea to tackle all rooms at once so that if you are dusting, you do that first in all the rooms, then wipe down in all, vacuum all, and then finally mop them all at once.

    9. Don’t forget your outdoor spaces

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    You cannot forget your deck, patio, doorway, and such areas as you clean your home. A cluttered, dirty entrance or patio is an eyesore when the rest of the house is clean and tidy. So tidy up those areas as well and improvise ways of keeping any stuff on them organized.

    10. Make cleaning a group activity

    This is a good idea if you have a family or have other people living with you. When you tackle the cleaning as a team, you considerably cut the cleaning time and effort and make the experience more pleasant. There is something even the youngest member of the household can do to help clean, even if it means clearing toys and placing them back in the toy box. Assign cleaning duties to people according to what you feel they can handle effectively.

    Alternatively, you can call in professional home cleaning services if you feel you cannot achieve the desired results for your space. Cleaning services are thorough and can be scheduled according to your preferences.