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Have Clean Gleaming Tiles With These Helpful Tile Cleaning Tips

    No matter how new or old your floor and wall tiles are, they’ll soon look dull and dirty without the right care and attention. They are a great boon in wet areas in your bathroom and kitchen, but they easily pick up dirt, mold, and grease. The grouting may collect stains and mildew or crack and leave unsightly gaps. The easiest thing in the world is to buy a new set of tiles to replace the old ones. But that is an expensive proposition that puts a dent in your bank account. The right solution is to clean your tiles regularly. You can get new grouting to give an instant makeover. Letting your tiles remain dirty and neglected could result in large-scale (and more expensive) damage to the entire floor. Here are a few great ways to Have Clean Gleaming Tiles With These Helpful Tile Cleaning Tips. 

    Why Do Tiles Look Dirty?

    You must have often wondered why your tiles continue to look dirty even though you wipe and mop regularly. We’ll let you in on a dirty secret: Your wiping and mopping routine may actually contribute to dirt’s build-up!


    You may not be sweeping or vacuuming floor tiles or dusting wall tiles before you mop or wipe. Tiles tend to collect dust, grease, and dirt very easily. If this stuff isn’t swept or brushed off before you wet mop or wipe with a damp cloth, all you’re doing is giving the dirt a better chance to stick on!

    Some tiles may look smooth and glossy, but a microscopic examination could reveal tiny, irregular grooves and spots that trap dirt. One solution to this could be to apply a deep sealant that penetrates the surface and seals irregularities.

    Another reason why tiles get dirty is your chemical cleaner. Some harsh chemicals may remove stains and dirt, but they could damage the surface of the tiles. This causes a further build-up of stubborn stains and grime. Chemical residue can also accumulate on the tiles, removing their shine.

    When using any cleaning product, it’s wise to check if it’s suitable for your type of tiles. Some chemicals are high in acid content, and these could permanently damage your tiles. When the tile surface is damaged, it becomes a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria.

    You may be using the wrong kind of mop. A regular floor cleaning mop doesn’t work well with tiled floors. It may simply move the dirt around to the corners or edges of the room. You can check with your supermarket or browse for special tile-cleaning mops online. These absorb moisture faster and leave the floor dry within minutes.

    The grouting on your tiles is more difficult to clean. These lines dip below the tile surface, and that’s why they trap dirt very easily. Often, your mop may not reach these areas as you clean the tiles. Soil, bacteria, fungi, lime scale, and grease collect in the grouting, making your tiles look grimy and mucky.

    You can solve all these issues by following our handy tips. Get the gleam back on your tiles!

    Have Clean Gleaming Tiles With These Helpful Tile Cleaning Tips

    1. Consistency: Regular cleaning is essential. All it takes is a few minutes of your time. You can wipe your tiles with a microfiber cloth when you shower. Keep a set of them handy in your washroom. Sweep and mop once or twice a week. Have a family rule that anyone who uses the bathroom has to wipe the tiles if they’re wet.

    2. Immediate: As soon as you spill something, make sure you use the right way to clean it. Don’t allow spills to dry on tiles, or you can be sure that you’ll have an ugly stain. For hard-to-remove stains, use a gentle scrubber and avoid harsh cleaning products.

    3. DIY Cleaning Products: Avoid store-bought cleaning products as much as possible. Vinegar or lime juice and baking soda are great cleaning agents that are available in every kitchen. Vinegar not only cleans but also gives your tiles a great shine. Just make sure your tiles are not marble or other natural stone. These may get damaged with acidic vinegar.

    4. Rinse: It’s a good idea to rinse your tiled floors once or twice a week. Spray with a mild cleaning agent, leave it on for a while, and then rinse with warm water. Dry with a microfiber mop.

    5. Right Equipment: Many innovative and effective tools are available in the market. Steam cleaners are a great way to keep your tiles and the grouting clean and shining. They eliminate most types of bacteria and fungi and can get at hard-to-reach corners, so you can be sure that your room stays completely fresh and hygienic.

    6. Know Your Tiles: It’s important to know what materials your tiles are manufactured from. This helps you select the right way to clean them and use the right tools and products. For marble tiles, use a phosphate-free soap or a neutral pH cleaner that’s non-abrasive. Mild detergents work for most tiles. Vinegar works wonders on porcelain. Ceramic tiles look great with simple warm water mopping.

    7. Residue: You may have spent time and effort cleaning your tiles, but you find that they still look hazy. This could be because of soap residue. It forms a thin film on the surface of your tiles. The solution is to always wipe dry with a microfiber cloth or cotton waste after you clean the tiles. This removes the film and leaves your tiles sparkling.

    8. Drying: Never leave your tiles to air dry or switch on a fan after mopping. This leaves water stains on the tiles. After rinsing or mopping, follow through with a thorough drying. Use a lint-free cotton cloth or soft microfiber glove to dry off the tiles. If you don’t want to bend, get one of those amazing microfiber slippers and slide your feet over the tiles to dry them off.

    Final Thoughts

    Keeping your floor and wall tiles fresh, sparkling, and hygienic gives your home that instant Wow! Factor. Clean tiles reflect light and make the room look larger and more airy. Apart from that, you can be sure that there are no nasty bacteria or fungi breeding on your walls and floors. It’s a great idea to occasionally hire a professional cleaning service to do a thorough job.