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How to get rid of fruit flies?

    No one wants to have bugs in the house. Fruit flies are very irritating, and they are unwanted within the house. While you can try shooing them away, getting rid of them is the best way to deal with them. However, this needs a long-term solution and a smart one as well. Ridding your home of fruit flies is very similar to dealing with pets such as gnats and ants. It is not that easy to trap and catch fruit flies. The tiny flies can be difficult to handle.

    One of the most important things to do is to clean the home. Fruit flies don’t like any clean surfaces. It is important to scrub and clean countertops and surfaces where the fruit flies can be seen. If, after all this, there are still fruit flies in the home, there are some other ways that can be tried out to ensure that hour home is fruit fly-free at the end of the day. There are natural remedies like vinegar, and there are household items that can be used, such as spraying with chemicals that can help deal with the fruit flies once and for all.

    Where they come from

    Indeed, fruit flies don’t just emerge from anywhere. The truth is that the flies like fermenting vegetables and fruits. They tend to thrive in substances that have high fructose levels. The females lay eggs on surfaces of decaying, rotting, or overripe fruits. One single female is capable of laying 500 eggs. This shows how important it is to deal with the fruit flies once they are noticed in the home. When they hatch, the larva eats all around like very ripe bananas for some days before they become adults. The life cycle of fruit flies is a very short one. The flies can mate days after becoming adults. This tells you how important cleaning is.

    Getting rid of the fruit flies

    • Clean surfaces

    This is the easiest and the very first thing that has to be done in fruit fly elimination. The countertops need to be wiped down thoroughly. The sink drains should remain free of any residue or food particles as much as possible. If the spots are not handled, they are the greatest place for the flies actually to breed.

    • Discard rotting produce or stuff that is overripe

    One of the things that should be done is to regularly check vegetables and fruits for over-ripeness. If you find questionable pieces, dispose of them off. This could be a great place for the females to lay their eggs.

    • Apple cider vinegar

    Apple cider vinegar can be used to deal with fruit flies. A glass and bowl should be filled with the substance and then covered with a plastic seal. The edges should be fastened using a rubber band. You should then poke the covering to create holes. This vinegar attracts fruit flies, and when they enter through the holes, it becomes impossible for them to come out again.

    • Apple cider with dish soap

    There is also the option of mixing dish soap with vinegar. You should fill a bowl with vinegar and some dish soap and mix that well. The apple cider has a sweetness that attracts the flies, and the dish soap is a great way of decrease the liquid’s surface tension. This means flies get immersed immediately as they try to investigate the solution. They cannot escape.

    • Wine or beer

    You should consider leaving an old beer or wine bottle close to the infested area with fruit flies. The stale beverage will attract the flies. However, the narrow bottleneck acts as the barrier needed to trap the fruit flies.

    • Chemical sprays

    person spray disinfectant spray

    You can also try getting chemical sprays to deal with the fruit flies. If the household remedies fail to work, there are some products that you could consider buying to handle the fruit fly menace once and for all.

    Fruit flies are pesky, and they can be irritating. They are the last thing anyone wants in their home, especially when making meals or when eating. They are small pets, but they can be a great challenge dealing with them. There are many ways of getting rid of the pests, and most of these things can be done very easily at home. Fruit flies are quite abundant on garbage disposals and trash cans where food is sufficient. Since they reproduce and mature so fast, fruit flies can prove difficult to deal with at the end of the day.

    Some other things that can help include storing vegetables and fruits in a fridge. The cool temperatures don’t allow the fruit flies to thrive, and they are kept at bay. When you buy or bring any produce home, it should be washed thoroughly to remove any larvae or eggs present in the produce. Don’t forget to keep the fridge clean.

    Since fruit flies thrive in the garbage, it helps to take out the garbage regularly. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as they occur, especially when alcohol or fruit juice is concerned.

    There are instances that you may notice fruit flies near the drain. In such a case, you should consider pouring some breach down that drain. This could kill some larvae or eggs. However, this may not eliminate the fruit fly issue. This is because the bleach makes it very fast in the drain and rarely does a good job.

    Many DIY traps can be tried at home. One other idea is to create paper cones and add old fruit and vinegar within a container. This makes it possible for the flies to enter the container through the cone, but they cannot get out. This is very much like using plastic wrap and apple cider vinegar.

    It is important to ascertain that the pests which lurk in the garbage disposal and drains are not drain-flies when dealing with fruit flies. It is important to ensure that the flies are not fungus gnats that love house plants that are overwatered. Every specific critter has a specific way of handling it. Using the fruit fly elimination method to remove gnats may prove impossible. Ensure that critters are identified correctly before trying out the remedies.