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Best essential oils for green cleaning

    Benefits of Cleaning with Essential Oils

    blue spray bottle, blue flower and small bottle of essential oil

    Essential oils come with so many beneficial properties. You can use essential oils for aromatherapy, replace the cleaners’ harsh chemicals used in your house, use a few drops in your bath, and relax.

    Essential oils are also used to improve the air quality indoors, disinfect the surfaces full of germs, benefit the surroundings, and your house will always smell great.

    Commercial cleaning can leave fumes inside the house. These fumes may contain chemicals that add a foul smell in the air. It can also be harmful at times if not removed at the proper time. Essential oils help disinfect the home, eliminate the chemical from the air, and give the house a good smell. Essential oils have anti-fungal, antiseptic, antiviral, and antibacterial properties that make them a very popular household item.

    What makes essential oil “essential”? They are extracted using mechanical methods, cold pressing, or distillation. They get the name “essential” because it contains the plant’s essence and its flavor and scent. These oils are usually mixed with other natural oil to make it suitable for commercial use. But essential oils don’t go through any chemical processes, which makes a genuine essential oil. Other oils like commercial lemon-oil are not essential oils.

    Here are the essential oils that are great for green cleaning:

    Lemon Essential Oil

    The lemon essential oil has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. They are also great at cleaning and cutting through dirt and grease. This is how you can use lemon essential oil:

    • Remove sticky residue by applying a few drops of lemon oil to the residue. Rub the area with the oil and clean wipe using a paper towel or sponge.
    • Clean leather and wood: mix 1 part of vinegar, 1 part of olive oil, and 15 drops of lemon essential oil. You can make your leather and wood shine by spraying this mixture on them.
    • Lemon essential oil can be used to deodorize the refrigerator. Take a glass jar and add a cup of baking soda in it, then add around 4 to 6 drops of lemon essential oil. Instead of using the metal lid or any other lid, cover the jar with a piece of cloth and secure it with a rubber jar ring. Place this in the refrigerator for a fresh smell.

    Tea Tree Essential Oil

    Tea tree essential oil is an all-purpose oil and can be used for almost everything. It is anti-fungal, insecticidal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and bactericidal. Here’s how it works perfectly as a green cleaner:

    • Clean your hands with tea tree essential oil. Take a reusable soap pump and add Castile soap. Mix about 12 to 14 drops of tea tree oil, and your Hand wash is ready.
    • Mix two cups of white vinegar with two teaspoons of non-Castile liquid dish soap. Add 15-20 drops of the essential oil to the mixture. Spritz the mixture in the shower daily.
    • To make an all-purpose cleaner, combine three cups of water, half a cup of white vinegar, and ten oil drops. Use this mixture as an all-purpose cleaner.

    Don’t store any mixture containing tea tree essential oil in high heat areas, clear bottles, or direct sunlight.

    four small bottles of essential oils

    Lavender essential oil

    Lavender essential oils are known for their lovely smell and their properties of fighting against bacteria, fungus, and viruses. By combining lavender oil and water in a spray bottle make an excellent spray for linens. They are also good at disinfecting surfaces that catch germs. They are also used to keep the house always fragrant. They are also very effective at helping to get a good sleep.

    Peppermint essential oil

    Peppermint essential oils are stimulating and revitalizing. If you want to do some strong cleaning, then this essential oil is the best for it. Peppermint essential oil also has antiseptic properties and acts as a repellent to cockroaches, ants, and spiders.

    To keep these insects away, combine about 10 to 15 drops of peppermint oil with a cup of water. Spritz this into crevices, crannies, cracks, or in the places where you’ve spotted these insects before. This mixture can also be used as an air freshener so that you can spray it into the air.

    Sweet Orange Essential Oil

    Also known as orange essential oil, this has a refreshing and uplifting scent. The orange essential oil has antiseptic properties and sometimes also demonstrates antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This essential oil is very effective at cutting grease. Combine the required amount of essential oil with Castile soap (1/4 cups) and water. Spray this mixture on countertops or greasy surfaces to cut through the oil.

    To make a completely natural floor cleaner, combine white vinegar, dish soap, tea tree oil, and orange essential oil.

    three brown glass bottles surrounded by flowers

    Make a disinfectant spray, using Tea tree and Lavender Essential Oil.

    Both tea tree and lavender essential oils have disinfecting properties. Tea Tree is also known for its anti-fungal and antiviral properties. Tea tree essential oil is also used to treat fungal infections or skin scrapes. Tea Tree alone is a bit pungent in smell, so the lavender oil complements by adding a pleasant fragrance.

    To make a disinfectant using these two oils, you will require vinegar. But, if you don’t have vinegar or don’t want to use it, you can substitute the vinegar with vodka or rub alcohol. But the alcohol may not be suitable for the surface. To test that, test out a small area on the surface. The vinegar isn’t very noticeable when mixed with oil, and it dissipates quickly too. But in any case, both alcohol and vinegar are germ killers and will dry the surface quickly without any traces or streaks.

    Make sure to use only distilled water for all the cleaning supplies. Distilled water does not contain any contaminants or natural minerals. This will ensure that there is no residue left on the surfaces you’ll clean. You can gallons of distilled water at any grocery store near you for just a dollar or less.

    This is how you can create your disinfectant: 

    1. Take an empty bottle and pour using a funnel ¼ cup white vinegar or rubbing alcohol into it.
    2. Add the right amount of both the essential oils to the bottle. Don’t add too much because essential oils are very strong in nature and a little amount is enough.
    3. Now, take ¾ cups of distilled water and pour it into the bottle.
    4. Before every use, shake the bottle and clean away! You can disinfect door handles, tabletops, cell phones, etc. using this mixture. It is a straightforward DIY disinfectant cleaner. This is far better than the chemical disinfectants and is safe around kids and pets.