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    As a former tenant of an apartment, house, or any accommodation, it is your responsibility to adhere to the Tenant Agreement, which usually specifies that when you leave your rented accommodation, it appears spic  and span.

    The job of cleaning every nook and corner of your rented premises seems quite tedious and tiresome, but you must keep in mind that winning back your tenancy deposit requires you to leave your rented place in pristine condition. Owing to this fact, it is to your benefit if you thoroughly clean everything and pay for any loss or damage before your landlord finds it out. Here are some useful suggestions that can help you clean your rented house without giving a chance to your landlord for complaint:


    female in in messy home with moving boxes

    Usually you might consider this as an insignificant factor, but it is not so. You have two choices, either clean yourself or hire an ‘end of tenancy’ cleaning company. Cleaning an entire apartment or house all by yourself may seem reprehensible to you, but it is a lot better than hiring a company or a maid to do the same task. It is because you are the one who knows that place better, and no one else can clean and tidy up every corner of that apartment in the way you can.

    It is your personal touch that can help you ensure cleanliness at your rented place while leaving. A service provider or maid can only help with dusting, sweeping, and scrubbing. They will never go after perfection. However, you can scrub off every little stain on the wall, on the floor, and every corner because you were the former resident of that place. In addition to that, you will have to pay through the nose for hiring an external source for help. It is not recommended, especially during moving out, because that is a time when you are already burdened up with the expenses of shifting and moving all your belongings. Squandering your money over such services will cause you a financial burden. Moving to a new place or house with less amount of money will only create more problems. So, it is advised to clean your former residence yourself rather than hiring any maid or company.


    A kitchen is a place where you are most likely to get many spots and stains. There are windows, chimneys, cupboards, shelves, and several electronic devices.

    Starting from non-electronic commodities, clean the cupboards thoroughly. The first thing you should do is remove all the dishes and cutlery. Use a dry cloth for dusting and then using a cleaner or damp cloth and clean all shelves, drawers, etc. Ensure that there are no wrappers, plastic, or garbage left anywhere in your kitchen. Also, do not forget to clean the dishes and cutlery. After that, wash them with a dry cloth to prevent any watermarks from appearing on their surfaces. Check out your dustbin too. Clean it thoroughly using detergent or any cleaning substance, and also clean its surroundings.

    Moving on to electronic appliances, keep in mind that you use proper techniques while cleaning them to prevent damage. The first thing you should do is clean the refrigerator. Take out all the trays, thoroughly cleanse the door both inside and outside. Clean the deep freezer too, and scrub any stain which might be there for a long time. After all the cleaning, leave the door open to prevent the mold from growing while the mains are off. Secondly, clean your oven and stove. Your oven can have stains and burnt food particles, which make it stink and look dirty. Ensure that you clean it properly both outside and inside. Also, clean your gas stove with a damp or dry cloth to remove all the stains and fingerprints. To remove fingerprints from your stainless steel items, professionals prefer to use olive oil and a paper towel.


    two cleaners making a bed together

    A bedroom is a place that is more likely to be checked first by the landlord. You must keep in mind that you clean every corner and piece of furniture in your bedroom. Let’s start with your bed.

    Remove the dirty bed sheets and wash them to remove any smell or stain. Also, clean the mattress and the bottom of your bed.

    The next thing that is to be cleaned is your ceiling fan. Thick layers of dust accumulate on your ceiling fans because it’s difficult to clean them daily. Do proper dusting of your fan to ensure there is no dust. Also, the windows must be kept free of any marks, dust, or stains. Clean them from both outsides and inside using either vinegar or alcohol. Also, replace any cracked windowpane with a new one. Do not forget to wash the curtains. Wash them if they are washable, by following proper instructions or send them for dry cleaning.

    Walls are the one that matters the most. Check for any scuff marks on the walls and wash them off if any of them are present. If the marks are too many and ineffaceable, you are left with only one option: re-paint the walls with the same color. If you leave the walls unclean, your landlord will charge you extra money for painting the walls himself. Also, take a wet cloth and gently rub it against your bedroom doors, and last but not least, sweep the floor after all the cleaning is done.


    cleaner cleaning the outside of a tub

    Everyone finds cleaning a bathroom or toilet quite abhorrent. However, having a clean bathroom makes your apartment or house appear more hygienic.

    Use a clean brush to rub the toilet bowl with proper cleaning liquids or other substances. Do not forget to rub the handle, and after that, clean the upper tank from both outside and inside.

    Secondly, clean the washbasin, tiles, taps, and showers. Remove all watermarks and fingerprints. Use good quality tile cleaners to remove any stain or spot. Last but not least, check the plug holes and drains for any blockages. Also, check whether your shower has all its holes clean and is running smoothly. If the holes are plugged, clean them thoroughly.


    maid cleaning wood chair in dining room

    The drawing area is that part of your house where you spent half of your day. So, this area might be the dirtiest place in your rented home or apartment.

    Your dining area consists of couches, cushions, chairs, tables, etc. Each and everything has to be dusted and cleaned from top to bottom. Starting from your couch, dry clean all its cushions and use proper cleaning detergents or solutions as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    To clean any carpets or rugs:

    1. Use steam cleaning. You can also vacuum it to remove dust particles and hair stuck on it.
    2. Clean all the tables and chairs with a damp cloth to remove every little stain.
    3. Do not forget to clean the ceiling, including fans and lights.