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End of Lease Cleaning Services – Not an Expense, But an investment to Get Your Deposit Back

    If your tenancy or lease agreement is coming to an end, there are a hundred different things to do. Stress levels in the home would certainly be on the rise, and you need to plan well ahead so that the whole operation goes smoothly. Some of you may have created lengthy to-do lists, while the more computer savvy among you would certainly have put everything down on a spreadsheet! Whatever strategy you adopt, one of the main things on your schedule is the end-of-lease cleaning. It is one of the big ticket spends that you’ll have to make while you move, so don’t forget to budget for it. End-of-lease cleaning is best done by a well-established, experienced professional cleaning service. We offer some great tips in our new guide: End of Lease Cleaning Services – Not an Expense, But an Investment to Get Your Deposit Back. Your property owner has to be fully satisfied that her/his property has been returned in top condition. This allows them to let it out again immediately, and get good rent from the next tenant/lessee.

    What Are Leases?

    Every lease agreement is based on a contract. This is a written agreement between the owner of the property and the person who plans to take up the lease. This contract specifies the conditions under which the lease takes place. It specifies the identity of the lessee, the amount to be paid, when and how such payments are to be made, and the duration of the lease.

    The structure of the leasing contract depends on the preferences of the property owner. There are many types of standard leases. They include absolute net leases where the tenant takes care of maintenance, taxes, and insurance. Because of this, the property owner usually accepts lower rates. Another type of leasing contract is the modified gross lease where the maintenance, taxes, and insurance are taken care of by the property owner, while the tenant takes on janitorial, utility, and interior maintenance costs. There are other types of leases that are available based on specific circumstances.

    When you take on a lease, it’s important to know exactly what your contract specifies. Don’t forget to read the fine print, and immediately clarify points that you don’t understand. This can save you much stress and hassle later.

    What Is End of Lease Cleaning?

    Most lease contracts specify when your lease comes to an end. They may also specify in what condition the property must be returned to the owner.

    When you lease a property, you expect to find it spotlessly clean, hygienic, and well-maintained. This is because the person who had leased it before you had got it cleaned at the end of their lease.

    If it was badly kept, dirty and things were not functioning properly, you would never have leased it. Check your contract and speak to your landlord or agent before you decide on what services you need in your end-of-lease cleaning package.

    Some property owners set down that the cleaning should be done by a professional cleaning service, and they may even specify a particular one. In some contracts, you may need to get only the oven, kitchen, and/or carpets cleaned professionally. You can do the rest of the cleaning yourself.

    End-of-lease cleaning typically includes complete dusting, vacuuming, washing deep cleaning, and sanitizing of:

    • All rooms and exteriors
    • Inside bathrooms and kitchens
    • Toilets, tubs, and sinks
    • Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counters
    • All appliances inside and outside
    • Interior walls, doors, and windows
    • Floors and ceilings
    • Fixtures and fittings
    • Soft furnishings
    • Outdoor areas such as patios and driveways
    • Utensils, crockery, and cutlery (if provided)

    Property owners may also look for holes or damage, rust, mold, stains, and scratches. These may have to be done by a different service. If you have a garden, you may need to have it cleaned by a grounds maintenance service.

    Benefits of Professional End-of-Lease Cleaning

    Hiring a professional cleaning service that specializes in end-of-lease cleaning has several important benefits:

    • Easier to get your deposit back
    • Professionals have the right tools, cleaning products, experience, and equipment to do a thorough job
    • Professionals know how to clean hard-to-reach areas and they know what property owners look for
    • Cleaning services can remove dirt, grease, and grime without damaging the walls, flooring, carpets, furniture, or appliances
    • It helps to maintain current sanitation standards
    • Saves your time and energy
    • Helps to relieve moving stress
    • More affordable and effective than DIY
    • DIY means you waste time, effort, and money on finding the right cleaning products and equipment
    • Doesn’t leave out anything that you might miss
    • Professionals can work according to your schedule
    • You get a fully insured cleaning service with a bona fide receipt
    • The property will pass the inspection test smoothly

    End of Lease Cleaning Services: Not an Expense, But an investment to Get Your Deposit Back

    The most important aspect of end-of-lease cleaning is that it has to meet the approval of the property owner. If it doesn’t match the standards they have, they have the right to hold back the security deposit that you paid when you entered into the lease agreement.

    When you hire professional cleaners, take photos of the completed work for your reference and send a copy to the property owners. Some issues may be the result of normal wear and tear. If appliances, flooring, and furnishings are old, cleaning will not make them sparkle like new.

    Ask your property owner for a checklist and have an inventory list on hand so that you can check whether all the things you received when you moved in are there when you leave.

    Always get a receipt from the cleaning service and preserve it. You can WhatsApp a snapshot of it to your property owner to show that you have got professional cleaning done.

    Preparing For Cleaning

    Cleaning could take anything between two hours and two days, based on the size and nature of the property. Prepare for the cleaning in a methodical way.

    Get rid of stuff you don’t need. Donate or dump is the mantra. Make a list of all your own belongings and store them in a separate room in the house. Before the cleaners arrive ensure that all your own belongings are fully packed and removed from the property. This helps them to move around freely.

    If you’ve already fixed up a new place to move into, you can shift your stuff there. Otherwise, you may have to arrange for storage till you get a new home. Relocate your pets or entrust them to a boarding service temporarily.

    Book the end-of-lease cleaning service well ahead. These services are in high demand, and you may not get them at the time and date of your choice if you leave them too late.

    If you’ve damaged or broken something, replace or repair it yourself, rather than getting the property owner to do it. You can have it done cheaper this way. Do this before the cleaners arrive.

    Final Thoughts

    Moving is one of the most stressful events in life. Take the stress out of it by hiring a professional cleaning service for end-of-lease cleaning. Consider this expense as an investment that will ensure that you get your full security deposit back in the shortest time.