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How Much to Tip DoorDash

    In today’s time, everything is available to us in the comfort of our homes. From our favorite food to groceries, medicines, furniture, and so much more, are all just a click away. A tap on the order button is the level of convenience that many meal-delivery services like Uber Eats, GrubHub and DoorDash provide. These services make it possible to order directly from your choice of restaurants, food trucks, fast-food joints and receive it at your doorstep with easy payment methods.

    This service is possible with the help of independent contractors who pick up your orders from the restaurant and deliver it to the address. While doing this, the contractors use their own personal gas and vehicle. Every service has a unique policy and system to pay these contractors or drivers. Every delivery platform provides an option wherein the customers can tip the drivers any amount they wish.

    DoorDash chooses to pay the drivers rather than making it difficult for the consumers to decide if they should tip the drivers, how much, and what amount the driver will receive on tipping. Now, if you use DoorDash regularly or are planning to use this service, it is always better to be well informed about their payment platform so you can make a better decision on how much to tip your driver.

    The DoorDash Payment Structure


    DoorDash recently revised the dasher payment policies. This led to greater retention and better Dasher satisfaction. However, it also resulted in making the whole payment structure a bit confusing. DoorDash has a unique algorithm where an amount of “guaranteed minimum” is calculated that the driver will receive for every completed delivery. The final payment depends heavily on how much the driver has been tipped. Many factors like traffic, the complexity of the delivery, and more are taken under consideration while calculating this amount of “guaranteed minimum.”

    Besides, DoorDash also confirms to provide an extra dollar or two for every delivery that gets completed successfully. If a driver fails to get a total guaranteed minimum in any situation, DoorDash provides a “pay boost” to fulfill the criteria.

    Should You Tip?

    house cleaner holding spray bottle with blue glass cleaner while wearing a mask

    You may have gathered that their pay model and calculation procedure can be confusing and that a lot of it depends on how much tip was given to the driver, which ultimately decides whether they’ll be paid more or less to fit the “guaranteed minimum” criteria. This can be considered a bit problematic because the drivers also depend and hope on the amount of tip they may or may not receive.

    Regardless of what the payment structure of DoorDash is, as a consumer we all should generally tip the service provider as a gesture of gratitude which they deserve. This goes for all kinds of service providers. Especially the services that bring luxury to home while taking the stress away from you. For instance, cleaning services. They not only provide a quick and easy solution to your cleaning requirements, but they also do that while saving your time and efforts. In these cases, we are not always aware of how they are being paid transparently, so we cannot depend on what the company pays them. As a consumer, we must acknowledge and take that extra step and thank them. A tip is the most we can do since we’re managing to afford the service; it is also on us to be kind towards them.

    At the end of the, it is entirely your decision on how much you want to tip or if you even want to tip the service provider. In the case of DoorDash, as you place your order, they calculate the overall amount and display a 15% amount of tip that you can pay, although you can change the amount to whatever you wish to pay.

    Tipping Etiquette

    house cleaner cleaning the outside of a door

    Ordering or hiring someone for a service is one easy task, but figuring out how to tip them can be daunting. Most of the services have their pay policies, but it is no hidden fact that most of the contractors, drivers, or service providers live off of their tips. So, is there any hard and fast rule to pay tips? No, but it still has become a standard call for every consumer to give tips. Since there is no fixed tip amount, consumers are free to pay tips according to their comfort. In some places, tipping isn’t as necessary as in the case of your waiter or waitress. But in other services like professional house cleaners, most consumers prefer to provide a tip because of the service’s comfort.

    You can go for the general rule of thumb where a minimum of $10-$20 is tipped per service. There is also another way you can calculate the tip amount yourself. Generally, a good total of 10-15 percent of the total amount is considered the standard amount for a tip. If your cleaning services cost you $100, you can pay a tip of $10 to $15 which is highly appreciated. If you have more than one cleaner providing you with the service, it is acceptable to split the tip between them. You are never expected to tip each of them, although you may consider that you have received exceptional service if you are okay with that.

    Ultimately, again it is all up to if you want to tip and how much. The service provider will never let their quality of work be any less if you don’t tip them. But it is always nice to be appreciated and recognized, which you can do by tipping them in any way.

    Bottom Line on Tipping and DoorDash

    By now, it must be clear to you that every company, including DoorDash, has a complicated pay model. As a consumer, you should know that a driver may heavily rely on their payment based on your tip. Not only do they invest their own money into the maintenance of their vehicle and gas, but they also work hard to ensure you receive your delivery on time.

    If you want to tip your Dasher, you are always free to use their app. The tip is added to the total amount during check-out. You can always adjust the tip amount while making the payment. However, most service providers, including the drivers, prefer to receive the tip in cash. This ensures they get the total tip you wish to give them.

    This goes for every industry; tipping is a valuable part on which many service providers depend to make a living. As a consumer, everyone is aware of tipping etiquette and stands by it on this date and time. Tipping also maintains a sense of enthusiasm in every worker, ensuring a good quality service every time. You can also be a part of this kind gesture and follow the general tipping etiquette. Remember, a small act of kindness can make a huge difference!