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DIY vs. Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

    Most of the time, house cleaning is a DIY task, but there are certain times and occasions when you do need professional help. DIY house cleaning has almost always been seen as a duty, and it’s one of the myriad unpaid and unacknowledged chores that goes into making a house a home. Professional cleaning is another ball game altogether. Today, you’ll find a wide range of options in this sector. They range in price, quality, labor, type of package, and more. You will also find differences between services charged by local firms and those by a company with a national or international presence.

    The debate rages on about the relative merits and demerits of DIY VS Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service. They both have pros and cons, and the best part is you can have both whenever you need.

    When Did Professional Domestic Help Decline?

    Those unseen and unheard presences that kept the house neat, hygienic, and tidy have vanished, barring the most luxurious homes. They were a staple feature in most middle and upper-class homes right up till the 1950s and 60s in America. Called by now politically incorrect terms, “servant” or “maid,” they belonged to a “certain class” and came into the cleaning profession only for economic reasons. Women with sufficient wealth and status allocated these jobs to those less fortunate. First-generation American immigrants formed the majority of domestic workers well into the 1800s. They had no rights, no minimum wages, and very little protection.

    A study shows that American women spent only a marginally higher amount of time on housework in 1965 than women in 2011. An abundant supply of cheap, unskilled workers thronged the domestic help market. Poor African American women dominated this field in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The Great Depression changed this demographic as poorer White women entered the arena.

    With unionization and better labor laws, exploitation was almost eliminated. Domestic workers won more protection and rights. Paradoxically, this signaled the beginning of the end of this job profile. With better opportunities for women and the underprivileged during the World Wars, the advent of tools such as vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washing machines, and coffee machines, more efficient cookers and ovens, synthetic fabrics, and packaged foods, there was little need for professional domestic help. Husbands, brothers, fathers, and sons began to pitch in and take up their share of work in the home.

    Aspirations, better career opportunities, awareness of rights, and modern conveniences have been the major factors in the decline of the domestic worker. They have all but disappeared across the world, except in pockets where the gap between the very rich and the very poor still exists.

    However, the biggest shift has been the rise of the professional cleaning service, which debuted in the late 1960s in the form of janitorial services, and the rest is history.

    DIY vs. Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service


    • You’ve just returned from a fabulous vacation and hate the thought of getting your house back in shape
    • You’re not in the best of health
    • You simply don’t have the time
    • You want to clean up before or after a special event at home

    These are some of the great reasons to think of hiring a professional cleaner.

    Cleaning as a DIY job needs no introduction. It’s what you do day in and day out with no pay, vacations, or career growth. If you have kids and pets, it’s all the more challenging. Persons with disability, infants, and seniors pose special hassles when it comes to home cleaning.

    Advantages of DIY:  When you clean the house yourself, you can:

    • Do it at your own time and convenience
    • Save money by using natural, home-made cleaning products
    • Avoid stressing about safety and privacy
    • Set your own standards
    • Focus on the areas that most need attention
    • Combine it with your other chores
    • Take as long as you want

    Advantages of Professional Cleaning Service: When you hire a service, you can:

    • Have more time for other things
    • Get a more in-depth and detailed cleaning
    • Ensure that the right tools and products are used
    • Get a much higher standard and quality of work
    • Reduce health and safety risks
    • Provide a completely fresh and hygienic environment
    • Avoid having to stock supplies and equipment
    • Eliminate the risk of pests, allergens, and harmful micro-organisms
    • Take advantage of the package by getting extra tasks done

    Is Professional Cleaning Better?


    There’s no getting away from the fact that cleaning is a chore that few of us enjoy. But as a homeowner, you know that it is a duty that’s inevitable. Apart from the real benefits of protecting yourself and your family from disease and allergies, the pleasure and comfort of living in a sparkling clean environment can’t be stressed enough.

    As regular homeowners struggle with a hectic schedule and family responsibilities, cleaning is another task. It’s possible that you can’t be as thorough as you need to be. Sometimes you’re unwell or have meetings to prepare for, or your vacuum cleaner packs up.

    That’s where professional cleaners can bridge the gaps.

    1. Training:Professional cleaners are trained for the job. They have the skills, experience, and knowledge of the profession. They know what equipment and tools work best and use the most effective cleaning products. They understand what areas to focus on because it’s part of their training.
    2. Qualifications:Cleaning service staff have the necessary educational qualifications, certifications, licenses, and permits to enter the profession. Cleaning companies often send their staff for refresher courses to upgrade their skills and get hands-on experience using the latest technologies.
    3. Scheduling:You can schedule your cleaning service according to your convenience. Some clients prefer to get the work done while they’re away at work, while others want the cleaning done on weekends.

    Professional cleaners are background checked, so they’re trustworthy. Your privacy and confidentiality are safe with a good quality firm. You can avail of the package that best suits your needs, budget, and preferences.

    While it could work out a little more expensive than most average households can afford, you can opt for a deep cleaning package once or twice a month. If you’d like special services to clean your carpets, upholstery, kitchen, or bathrooms, a professional cleaning service can certainly come up with attractively priced packages.

    Final Word

    DIY cleaning is something that every homeowner does as a matter of routine. However, lack of time and other reasons could make hiring a professional cleaning service important. The two types of cleaning each have their own advantages. You can get the best of both worlds with a little planning and smart thinking.