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Warning signs of a dirty air filter

    An air conditioner filter is very important. It is not only meant to keep the air clean. It has a critical role in ensuring the system operates as it should. When you clean or change the air filter, you can maintain the air conditioner and ward off some potential issues. It also ensures that energy is used efficiently, and you can avoid the costs related to repairs.

    Signs of dirt

    Dirty air filter

    If the air filter is dirty, some telltale signs can tell you that there is an issue. If you cannot handle the cleaning or replacement on your own, you can engage the services of a professional cleaning company to do it for you.

    • Short-cycling

    An average air conditioner should cycle on and off all through the day occasionally. A dirty filter makes the cycles get more frequent than normal. This means you have to deal with noise pollution and a lot of wasted energy. The temperature changes also become quite uncomfortable.

    • Freezing up

    A good air filter should allow the flow of air freely from the unit. When it is dirty, airflow is restricted, which causes a buildup within and lowers the internal temperature. If the cold air builds up for a considerable period, ice can form on the air conditioning coils.

    • Uneven cooling

    Sometimes, the buildup may not necessarily because freezing up. However, airflow restriction is never a good thing for the cooling power of your air conditioner. You may notice uneven cooling. There may be cold and hot spots all through the day. This means fewer comfort levels at a very high cost.

    • Allergen buildup

    We have many ailments and issues that affect the human body. Respiratory allergies and asthma are some of the most common things that many people have to deal with. If you have someone in your household suffers from such, you must keep the air cleaners as clean as possible, or they will be circulating dust all over your household.

    When the air filter is dirty, allergens can quickly build up within the duct system, and they may stay in there for months. When the air system is forced to run, the allergens can be released into the air, and people will breathe it in. Apart from the health issues that could arise, you may have to deal with mold issues within your ducts.

    • General wear and tear

    person wiping glass with blue microfiber cloth

    Proper maintenance means your air conditioner lasts a long time. This is one of the most important reasons why you need to keep things clean. When you have a good air filter, it means that dirt does not build up within your unit’s internal components. When the air filter is bad, it leads to some general wear and tear. This can cause severe maintenance issues eventually. You may need to do an air conditioner replacement sooner than necessary because of these issues. You may have to part some hefty priced air conditioning repairs, which would have been unnecessary with some proper and thorough cleaning.

    • Reduced efficiency of the system

    If you are thinking of getting a filter replacement due to the cost involved, you should consider further into the future. You may be avoiding the costs now, but your finances will still be greatly affected eventually. When your air conditioning unit runs with a dirty filter, it uses more power to cool the household. This, in turn, translates to higher utility bills.

    Maintaining your air conditioner.

    orange, yellow and white air filter

    Keeping an AC maintained is very important. It should be kept clean if you want it to function the way it is supposed to. The solution to the above problems can be very easy to handle. How you handle a dirty air filter depends on the kind of filter that you are using. Sometimes, it may be necessary to replace the filter monthly, or cleaning may be enough for some time.

    Understanding your system is the best way to learn how you can maintain your air conditioning.

    There are air conditioning systems that have a reusable filter. This needs to be handled carefully to make sure that it performs at the best efficiency level. You need to take it out of the air-conditioning unit and rinse it off using water. Make sure you allow it to dry up completely before you re-install it into the system.

    When you put a wet filter into the air conditioner, you end up with more issues like ice formation and so on. An air filter has delicate surfaces. This means you should not try to wipe off the water to dry if faster. Doing so may end up destroying the filter altogether.

    If your AC uses the disposable filters, you should always replace them with the specific design recommended for your particular system. You may have to look for an authorized dealer or get it from the air conditioner manufacture. It is important to note that no single type of air filter matches all air conditioning units. You need to find one that is specifically designed for your system. Getting the ideal air filter for your system may be a bit higher-priced, but it is the best thing when performance and efficiency are concerned.

    While monthly replacement of an air filter is recommended, it is frequently replaced depending on the filter and the system you have in place. Some filters are a bit advanced, and they can last a bit longer between the replacements and cleanings. It would help if you talked to your manufacturer to find out more about the recommended schedule. Even when you are not sure of how often you need to replace it, look out for the issues mentioned above, and remedy them as soon as they arise to avoid the destruction of your system.


    Regardless of what you do, it would be best if you never ran an air conditioner that does not have a filter. If you do not use a filter, it means that debris and dust end up piling up on the system’s components. When this happens, you only destroy the system and have to deal with multiple maintenance issues that would have been averted. So clean filters regularly as part of your house cleaning.