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Difference between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning

    When you clean your home or office every day, there’s no doubt that it stays fresh, clean, and hygienic. But if you talk to a cleaning professional, they can tell you the Difference between Deep Cleaning and Regular Cleaning. Some cleaning companies offer these two different types of cleaning packages to customers. You may wonder whether you need to pay for a deep cleaning program when you know that your cleaning routine is top-grade. For most homeowners and office maintenance managers, there are benefits to be had from both types of cleaning. But it’s important to know the difference between the two so that you get the maximum value out of both.

    What Is Regular Cleaning?

    You can call it general cleaning or regular cleaning because it’s something that’s done as a fixed routine. You may fix a schedule for all, some, or each task based on your individual needs and preferences. Conventionally, professional cleaners don’t provide regular or general cleaning services. But some companies do offer these services as a daily or weekly amenity. For instance, if you live in a serviced apartment or don’t have the time to clean your home, you will need a regular cleaning service.

    The tasks involved in regular cleaning include:

    • Sweeping, cleaning, vacuuming and mopping floors
    • Removing cobwebs
    • Dusting surfaces, furniture, and artifacts
    • Cleaning/Vacuuming carpets, rugs, upholstery, and curtains
    • Cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen
    • Cleaning appliances, cook-tops, and counters in the kitchen
    • Washing dishes (in the dishwasher if you have one)
    • Emptying trash
    • Doing the laundry

    Regular cleaning is usually quicker and less detailed. It also involves tidying up, making the beds, and putting away toys, books or games. You may need to throw away old flowers in vases, water the plants, and clean the balcony or patio. Most people develop their cleaning schedule, and it may take anything from 15 minutes to an hour to complete the routine.

    Cleaning in some homes is a task shared by all the family members. In others, you may have hired help who does the work. Regular cleaning is adequate and affordable in most situations.

    What Is Deep Cleaning?

    Deep cleaning is a service offered by professional cleaning companies. No matter what size and type of home you have, there are different packages available for a deep cleaning service. The company provides a checklist of services available, and you can tick off the ones you want. The charges are based on the number of services you opt for and the time is taken. It could take the whole day to complete the deep cleaning schedule. Though you may clean your home regularly, it’s wise to choose a deep cleaning service at least once in two or three months. This keeps your home ultra clean, fresh, hygienic, and safe.

    The tasks involved in deep cleaning include:

    • Removing soap scum and limescale from bathrooms and kitchen
    • Cleaning appliances inside, out, and all around
    • Vacuuming/Dusting with high-powered appliance
    • Cleaning baseboards, interior and exterior doors, and windows
    • Cleaning door and window frames
    • Cleaning tubs, sinks, and shower stalls
    • Removing mold, fungus, and dirt on grouting

    Deep cleaning offers several great benefits over regular cleaning. Since it takes much more time, the cleaning process is much more thorough. Every nook and cranny of your home is made clean and fresh. Deep cleaning often involves soft furnishings, bed sheets, duvets, comforters, mattresses, and pillows. Blinds and curtains are vacuumed or washed.

    The service may include cleaning and organizing your kitchen cabinets, dusting and cleaning the refrigerator coils, the insides of your oven and microwave, the range hood and filter, and washing the backsplash and tiles in your kitchen.

    The fans, switches, door knobs, handles, and light fixtures are cleaned in the living room and bedrooms. Some services may provide furniture polishing, waxing wooden floors, and cleaning the common outdoor spaces thoroughly. If you want your garage or basement cleaned, you must inform the service provider.

    The Difference Between Regular and Deep Cleaning

    The Difference Between Regular and Deep Cleaning

    There are several important differences between the two types of cleaning.

    Different schedules: Regular cleaning is done daily to keep your home fresh and free of dirt, debris, and some micro-organisms. It prevents contamination, and the extent of cleaning depends on your personal preferences. Deep cleaning can be done once a month or every three/to six months based on the level of cleanliness required.

    Professional: Deep cleaning is done by trained, experienced professionals. They bring the right equipment, cleaning products, and necessities with them. The cleaners have the knowledge and expertise to complete the job perfectly. Since this is their job, they ensure that it is done according to a well-established schedule. Regular cleaning can be easily managed by one person, while deep cleaning requires at least three people to complete the job.

    More Time: Regular cleaning routines typically last for about an hour, while deep cleaning could take almost the whole day. So you need to schedule more time for deep cleaning and may have to make arrangements for food delivery or eat out because you can’t use your kitchen while cleaning goes on. Experts can tell you that deep cleaning could take three times as much time or more.

    More Expensive: Deep cleaning packages are usually more expensive than a regular cleaning schedule. You can choose different packages for deep cleaning where the cleaners pay more attention to some areas that need an extra scrub, such as the bathrooms or kitchen.

    Labor Intensive: Deep cleaning takes much more effort. This is because there’s more attention to detail and more time spent going over the whole home. With regular cleaning, you may skip some of the less-used areas of the house. Some people work on different areas of the home each day so that the whole place gets cleaned by the end of the week. With deep cleaning, all the dark nooks and crannies, less used spaces, attics, basements, and garages get a thorough cleaning.

    When Needed: Deep cleaning is the right choice if you’ve just moved into a new apartment or been away for a while. If there’s been an illness in the family, or the person who cleans regularly is not able to, you can opt for deep cleaning more often. Another reason to opt for deep cleaning is if you plan to sell, rent or lease your home. You can deep clean before staging so that buyers will find the property more appealing. Before and after a party, house guests, special event, or spring cleaning are other times when deep cleaning is a good option. You can continue your regular cleaning schedule after a thorough and intense deep cleaning.

    Final Thoughts

    Cleaning is a home maintenance essential. It keeps your home neat, fresh, hygienic, and comfortable. The kind of cleaning you choose depends on your immediate needs. Regular cleaning is something that every homeowner does, but deep cleaning is best done by a trained, experienced and trustworthy professional company.