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Why deep clean your office now

    Office spaces see a lot of employees moving around. Unfortunately, this also makes it one of the dirtiest and dustiest places and the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs and grime. Maintaining a clean working environment for employees by cleaning office flooring and office furniture is vital for maintaining a healthy and productive office environment.

    What is deep cleaning?

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    You should not confuse deep cleaning with regular cleaning. In regular cleaning, you or a cleaning professional you hire will do a normal cleaning routine of hoovering, light cleaning and dusting. On the other hand, deep cleaning cleans out the dirt from the inaccessible nooks of your house or office space.

    Deep cleaning of your office involves cleaning everything in your office, from the light switches and computer cables to the security keypad in the hallway. It would be best to try not to add more responsibility on your shoulders by trying to get your office space cleaned by yourself. Instead, you should hire a professional cleaning service to do the job.

    However, you can also do your bit in the deep cleaning process with a new method called Fogging. It involves keeping a machine in the middle of the office space. The machine then sprays a mist of sanitizing substance all over the office space. The sanitizing material lands on the objects and will clean the lurking bacteria and viruses on them. It is a quick and effective way to sanitize your office.

    It is not just the offices, even your employees can be involved in deep cleaning. Since computers, laptops and smartphones are the most used electronic devices in their office, they will contain bacteria and germs. Therefore, you can ask your employees to clean their devices regularly.

    How are deep cleaning in offices approached?

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    How often the office flooring has to be cleaned depends on the type of flooring used and the traffic level. It is ideal that you get your commercial floors deep cleaned at least twice a year to remove the bacteria, allergens and set-in dust. You can divide your office spaces into high-traffic, moderately high-traffic and carpeted areas while going out to get a deep clean.

    High-traffic areas are office spaces highly vulnerable to dust and dirt accumulation, like the entranceways, office bathrooms and kitchens. Therefore, you should get these spaces deep cleaned at least once a month. Moderately high-traffic areas refer to the hallway, lobbies and meeting rooms of your office that must be cleaned once in a few months. Finally, carpet areas are those that you should get deep cleaned at least once or twice a month apart from regular maintenance.

    Targets of Deep Cleaning

    There are a few items in the checklist of a professional deep clean. These are dirt and germs, a thorough carpet clean, mold and mildew, sanitizing and making everything look new.

    The dirt and germs hide in some of the most inaccessible spots in your office bathroom and kitchen. A deep clean gets to these spots in these areas and prevents the spreading of germs. In addition, molds and mildew can be a problem for your office with the change in season and weather conditions. Like dirt and germs, they grow in inaccessible spots, and a deep clean will ensure that they do not become an issue later.

    It would be best to sanitize both the most frequently and least frequently used electronics in your office as a part of the deep cleaning procedure. The finish and polish that a deep clean brings to your office will make it look brand new.

    Office cleanliness is one of the critical indicators of an office’s productivity and image. Clean offices also provide other benefits.

    Improved Working Environment

    Research shows that bacteria grow 400 times more than what they do in your toilet seat. Your employees spend an entire day in your office. This means that there will be an accumulation of dirt and dust over time. Moreover, office spaces are the perfect area of activity for bacteria because they are not subject to external interventions as the office spaces are closed spaces. This means that illness-causing germs can easily affect your employees. Providing your employees with a clean workspace has a direct impact on their overall productivity. Therefore, getting a deep clean for your office should be the top priority on your office checklist.

    Reduced number of sick employees

    Office spaces have areas of shared interaction like the meeting room, lobby, hallway and entranceway, which are perfect breeding grounds for bacteria. If they are not handled at the earliest, they will spread to your employees and you will see a lot of your employees availing for sick leave. A reduced number of employees at work also reduces the overall productivity of your office. Therefore, you should deep clean your offices to see a dip in the number of sick leave applications and a rise in productivity.

    Professional Look

    It will not be a pleasant sight for your clients to walk into your office, only to find dusty desks and sofas. It will also create an awful impression about your company to your clients. Word-of-mouth may significantly affect your reputation and job prospects. On the other hand, professionalism oozes from a clean office, and clients will take their business with you more seriously. Ensuring a deep-cleaned office environment sends a positive vibe to your customers and provides them with a clean environment.


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    Dirt and dust accumulation over the years without deep cleaning will render your upholstery and furniture useless, and you will have to burn a hole in your pocket to replace them. Therefore, it is better to prolong their life with a deep clean than to get them replaced.

    Improved Air Quality

    If your office space is dirty and dusty, it also impacts the air quality of your office, causing allergies, eye and nose irritation, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, you should get your office—especially the carpentry and the upholstery—deep-cleaned regularly for poor air quality, significantly bringing down your employees’ overall productivity.

    A Safer Workplace

    A dirty office space need not always cause diseases, it can even cause slips and falls. As a result, you will want your employees to be productive while making them work in an unsafe environment. You can ensure the safety of your employees and customers with a deep clean of your office, especially the high-traffic areas like the lobbies, hallways and meeting rooms.

    Happier Stakeholders

    Your office’s working environment determines its productivity. A clean working environment has a stake in well-being and overall happiness. When you clean your office spaces, the employees will be happy and motivated to give their best in the office. Customers will enjoy their visit to your offices, and suppliers can easily navigate your offices.