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How to clean hairbrushes and combs?

    Hairbrushes and combs are one of the few things that are used by us frequently. But most of you do not think about cleaning it or pushing it away for more important things. Try to remember when was the last time you cleaned your hairbrush and comb. If you cannot remember, it means they need to be cleaned.

    Since they are used daily, the brushes and combs accumulate a high amount of dirt in a very short time and hence require regular and thorough cleaning. Ever since the pandemic started, we have been spending a lot more time in our houses than we used to. So while you are stuck in your home, it is the perfect time to clean your hairbrush and comb to make sure your hair do not get dirty from them.

    Tips on how frequently you need to clean the brushes

    person cleaning hair brush with black rattail comb

    Since everyone, including you, must be busy with your work even when you are at home, the best thing to do is to come up with a cleaning schedule that best suits you. Just make sure the cleaning is regular whenever you do it. However, if you want a general idea, then it is recommended that you clean the comb and brushes once every month.

    The other major factor that impacts how often you will need to clean your comb is what you use in your hair. Some people use oil, while others use petroleum jellies, and some do not use anything.

    If you use petroleum-based products in your hair, your comb will need to be cleaned more often than those that use water-based products.

    Also, after some time, you can see the visible build-up of dirt in the comb’s teeth. When it is very noticeable, it needs to be cleaned immediately. A cleaning process every two weeks can be the best solution for everyone. When you brush your hair, get the habit of cleaning out the hair stuck in the teeth, so it becomes less of a hassle when you are cleaning the comb or the brush.

    Why do the hairbrush and combs need to be cleaned?

    person holding a pink comb under running water

    The question might arise in your mind what would happen if you did not clean the hairbrushes or comb regularly. There can be a few impacts that can affect you adversely if the combs are not cleaned regularly.

    The hairbrushes and combs are meant for spreading the oil on your scalp evenly throughout the surface. When you do not clean your comb, there is a massive build-up of dirt and oil on it. So when you use them, instead of cleaning the hair, you are just adding back more dirt.

    Whether you use a hairbrush or combs, they both have the same purpose of picking up the dirt and oil from your hair. If they are dirty, which means there is already a substantial build-up of dirt and oil on them, then the whole purpose of combing or brushing your hair is wasted.

    Tips for making a brush cleaner liquid

    You can use normal soap for cleaning the brushes, but there is a better way to do it. Hair cleaning shampoos are highly recommended since most of the comb’s dirt is from the scalp, so the shampoo can easily break up the germ build-up. If there is a sticky portion of the gunk on the brushes, then using dish soap is advisable.

    But if you want a liquid particularly made for cleaning your hairbrushes and combs, then given below are the instructions on how to make one.

    The liquid can be made easily using simple ingredients at home like a tablespoon of dish soap and vinegar. The purpose of vinegar is to kill any germs and bacteria present on the brush even after being killed by the dish soap. Now follow the given steps to prepare the solution and clean the brushes:

    1. Put the ingredients in hot water. Make sure that the water is not too hot or boiling.
    2. Place your hairbrushes and combs in the mixture and let it be for an hour or more.
    3. After that, rub the brushes and combs together in the liquid itself.
    4. Now take them out and put them under running water to ensure the dirt and gunk build-up gets washed away.
    5. Once done, shake off the excess water and place the brushes and combs on a towel for drying them off.

    The above-given tips and solutions ensure that your hairbrushes and combs are clean and there is no residual build-up of germs and bacteria on them. But there are different kinds of hairbrushes and combs, so that each one might need a little different cleaning method. The following are some tips to clean some common types of hairbrushes and combs that you may use.

    How to clean round brushes?

    pink hairbrush with strings of hair in it

    People with dense hair tend to use round brushes more than flat ones. If you are one of them, then this tip will come in handy. The first steps are similar to any brush. Prepare the liquid with hot water and the ingredients mentioned already. The hot water makes it easier to get out the dirt and germs.

    Now take a scissor and move them around the base of the brush. This helps in cutting out all the hair tangled and attached to the bristles. An even better way is to get another round brush and rub them against each other. This ensures that all the deep dirt in the brush is taken out.

    What to do with flat brushes?

    black hair brush

    The process is similar when it comes to cleaning flat brushes. The only difference is that instead of using scissors to cut out the hair in the brush, you use a rattail comb for removing the dirt from the bristles. It can also be cleaned by rubbing it with another flat brush. After cleaning, rinse the brush with water and let it dry.

    If you are using combs, then before putting it in anything, remove as much dirt as you can using your hands only. Once the dirt is removed, place the combs in slightly warm soapy water. Then take a toothbrush and scrub the comb. This effectively removes any dirt and gunk which may be on the teeth. Once the process is done, rinse it with normal water and dry it on a clean, dry towel.

    Now you have all the useful information and tips you can use to keep your hairbrush and combs clean. Just try to clean them at least once a week, so the process becomes less of a hassle. When you are drying them, make sure to do it in a cool, dry place and not in the bathroom. Drying them in the bathroom will promote the growth of bacteria. So it’s time for you to get your hairbrushes and combs cleaned.