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Ten Monthly Home Cleaning Tasks to Complete In 2021

    Cleanliness is a very important part of everyone’s life. Whether it’s personal hygiene or the hygiene of the home, you should keep both of them in check. Home cleaning is equally as important as personal cleaning. Home cleaning is not just limited to sweeping and mopping floors; it also includes various other steps like cleaning ceiling fans, dusting, and more. People often do home cleaning before festivals, but it should be done monthly to remain healthy and free from ailments. In this article, I list ten home cleaning tasks which should be undertaken monthly to keep the home clean and tidy.

    1. Clean Ceiling Fans:

    Ceiling fans are found in every household, and they demand cleaning from time to time. A lot of dust can easily be seen on ceiling fans if they have not been dusted for a month or two. The dust on the fans can hinder their functioning. Ceiling fans should be brushed at least once a month to keep them looking good and prevent the dust from spreading into the air. It also helps them to function properly. So grab a cloth and clean it up now!

    2. Clean Air Vents:

    People often ignore air vents, but you will find dust in them and around their wall area if you look at them. You can easily dust it and prevent the dust from dispersing into the rooms. You should also wipe the nearby walls to get rid of the accumulated dust completely. Clean air vents help in better air circulation.

    3. Clean Walls:

    Walls occasionally get marks on them, and even if you are not a family with small children, you can also discover some spots on the walls of your home. During monthly cleaning, you should pay heed to these spots created by furniture, dust, or other things. Just wipe with a cloth, and your walls are cleaned. Walls near food preparation and eating areas are more prone to marks, so give them a monthly wall wipe.

    4. Clean Windows:

    black and white image of woman cleaning window

    Windows should be cleaned every month. The window cleaning should consist of cleaning glass and windowsills. You can use a glass cleaner to clean and remove spots. The monthly window cleaning helps to get rid of dust stuck in them and provides clean glass. If you have wooden windows, then also you should clean them monthly with cleaner and a cloth.

    5. Carpet Spot Cleaning:

    person spot cleaning a rug

    If you have not checked for any spots on your carpet, then it’s time. Find all the spots and clean the stains using a stain remover. If you have not cleaned your carpet for a long time, you need to have it shampooed. Carpets should always be cleaned since they can hold a huge amount of dust, which is not good. Timely cleaning of carpets should be done to keep them long-lasting.

    6. Clean Appliances:

    Various electrical appliances are used in a household, and they require proper cleaning at least once a month to keep them working smoothly and efficiently. To clean an oven, a good cleaner, specifically designed for it, should be used. Clean the baking tray and other amenities for your oven. While cleaning your refrigerator, remove everything from it and wipe the walls of your refrigerator properly. Get rid of any outdated food from it. Put new boxes of baking soda to prevent odors. The microwave oven should be cleaned inside and out by scrubbing as well.

    7. Clean Furniture:

    Cleaning furniture once a month is a good idea. Dusting wooden furniture like cupboards, tables, chairs, etc., should be done using a liquid cleaner and a cloth. To clean the depths of sofa cushions, vacuuming is helpful, and you are likely to get some of your lost items and dust from it. Dusting tables and chairs helps get rid of accumulated dirt and gives a new shine to the furniture.

    8. Kitchen Cleaning:

    woman cleaning kitchen Although you likely clean your kitchen daily, monthly proper cleaning of it is also very necessary as it helps to keep the accumulated dirt at bay. Clean the countertops using liquid cleaner and wipes. Dust and dirt tend to accumulate near the edges, so clean them properly. Clean the sink properly and also check if its pipe is free of blockage. Clean the chimney of your kitchen because a lot of dirt gets stored there. You can also hire a professional in chimney cleaning. Organize the kitchen pantry properly and clean the jars and other containers there.

    9. Bathroom Cleaning:

    Various people think that water is continuously used in bathrooms, so there is no need to clean them, but it is not true. Actually, bathrooms should be cleaned every week, but if you cannot do that, you must clean it at least monthly. Clean the toilet seat with cleaner and a brush. Wash the tub if you have one. The washbasin should also be cleaned along with the mirror and floor. You can use any detergent or liquid bathroom cleaner to clean your bathroom. Use bathroom freshener to keep your bathroom free from odors.

    10. Lawn Cleaning:

    Maintain the lawn of your house, and get rid of additional and unwanted plants in your garden. Cut the extra grass and remove weeds. Remove the debris and repair the lawn. You can also make compost on your lawn. Clean your lawn furniture and change the cushion covers. Replace the old, unwanted plants with new ones.


    After doing these monthly cleaning tasks, you will get a new look and feel from your home. These simple cleaning tasks can give your home a fresh look. Everyone should follow these tasks to make their home even better than before. Cleanliness is very important for a person’s well-being, and living in a clean place is very important as it helps prevent several diseases. Always use disinfectants while cleaning your home because they will help to curb infections. Everyone should promote cleanliness for a better life. It should not be limited to just our body. It should be followed at our homes too, because if your home is clean, you are healthy.