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5 Cleaning Mistakes

    Avoid These Cleaning Mistakes

    Finally, the cleaning day has arrived. You are headstrong to clean all the nooks and crannies of your house. You picked up your gloves and brushes and went on with your cleaning tasks. After working for hours, you are exhausted, but your place still looks the same. You have lost all your motivation and have postponed the rest of the tasks for some other day.

    There goes your cleaning plan down the drain.

    But have you thought why your house still looks messy even after devoting so much time and energy? It is because you are making some common cleaning mistakes.

    Here is a list of the top 5 typical yet biggest cleaning mistakes that we all probably made.


    atlanta maid spraying surface with cleaning solution

    While cleaning, many of us directly spray the cleaning solution on the surface and then wipe it off using cloth or paper. Spraying directly on the surface can be harsh and wet. This method might work for some surfaces, but it is not the most productive way to clean. When it comes to cleaning electronic screens like that of TV, laptops or phones, or wooden surfaces of tables, chairs, and boxes, it is best to spray the cleaning solution on a cloth, wipe with it, and then use a clean, dry cloth to remove the excess.

    This method is very useful as it uses less product, gets the job done, and keep the surface safe and clean.

    Another essential thing to keep in mind is that different cleaning surfaces require different cleaning products. Hardwood floors, leathers, jewelry, wooden furniture, musical instruments, etc., should not be cleaned with water. Vinegar should not be used to clean graphite countertops. Research properly about this and use the correct products to make your cleaning effective and less time-consuming.

    #2 Cleaning In The Wrong Direction

    Have you ever thought that the direction of your cleaning matters? Well, it does. If you start your cleaning the bottom of your room first, you are not cleaning but increasing your workload.

    It is best to start from the top of the room and then go down. Start from the ceiling, walls, windows, then move on to the furniture and then at last clean the floors. If you start dusting after vacuuming your floors, then you are doing nothing but sending dust towards your already cleaned floor. Another advantage of cleaning the top first is that it is saving much of your time.

    As now you have decided to clean your ceiling first and go with floors, at last, another tip is to avoid using a feather duster. Rather than cleaning, it only displaces the dust from one surface to another. Also, remember not to use the same cleaning cloth everywhere. Have separate cleaning clothes for different places as they are responsible for transferring germs from one place to another. Go for micro fibered clothes for dusting purposes.


    Experts can’t stress it enough, but ensuring that the cleaning equipment you are going to use for your cleaning spree must be clean. You might not notice, but your unclean cleaning tools might be making things worse for you. If not handled properly, your cleaning tools can be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

    A vacuum cleaner that has not been cleaned regularly might be puffing out dust instead of sucking it. An uncleaned washing machine might smell of laundry detergent and unwashed clothes. There might be soil deposits at the bottom as well.

    Vacuum bags must be emptied as soon as they get filled. Rags, dusting cloths, mop heads, sponges, etc., must be cleaned thoroughly after every use. Disposables must be replaced as soon as you finish cleaning a place.


    person sprays glass cleaner on window on sunny day

    Do you look up the weather before fixing your cleaning day, or are you one of those who do not care about it? Well, if you are one of the latter, it’s time to fix your mistake. You would have noticed that if you clean your windows on a bright sunny day, there are streaks left behind; however, how hard you scrub it. Well, to avoid it, make sure that you clean your windows on a cloudy day.

    When you clean your window in the sunshine, you are just wasting your cleaning product, time, and energy. As soon as you spray your cleaning product on the window, it gets evaporated due to the sun’s heat, which leaves behind streaks.


    Mildew and mold could be the goriest thing to clean. But they can’t be ignored. Mildew and mold are a common problem in many households. They have the potential to make you and your family sick. They generally emerge in kitchens and bathrooms, but can occur anywhere if you have humidity issues and lack proper air ventilation.

    To avoid them:

    1. Ensure that all the items, such as towels, shoes, clothes, etc., are completely dry.
    2. Try to keep your place well ventilated.
    3. Check up on any leaks and spills, seals of windows, showers, sink, basin, etc.
    4. Keep a watch on potential areas for mildew and mold growth.
    5. Call for help if you doubt something is seriously wrong.

    Our list has come to an end, but there is one more thing that we should all do. While cleaning, we should try to engage our next generation in cleaning as well. We should inculcate the habit of cleaning and maintaining sanitization in children from a young age. We can do so by giving them simple tasks like making their bed, folding towels, cleaning their desk, etc. Teaching kids such simple things can make them understand the importance of maintaining cleanliness. Children should be taught so that they think of cleaning as a fun task rather than a boring compulsive chore.

    We all made some common, but big mistakes while cleaning and learned how to rectify them. Taking the top-down approach, choosing the correct cleaning product, cleaning the cleaning tools, choosing the correct time to wash windows, and ventilating the rooms are easy tips we can follow. We can also engage our children while we clean to also develop a habit of maintaining cleanliness.