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How to Clean Pillows

    When you think about it, there are really few items in the house you use as often and as long as the pillow. But do you also give him the proper care?

    Did you know that pillows should be washed and disinfected every month? Do you do that? In order to prevent your pillows from retaining various harmful bacteria and microorganisms, here are some easy ways to keep them clean.

    We often take great care of our bed linen. We air them daily and wash them every week to prevent dust particles and other elements from becoming lodged.

    This is how we wash the pillowcase but rarely bother about what’s inside. This is a big mistake because just as much, if not more, dirt can accumulate in the pillows than in the sheets and covers.

    The dust that falls on the bed linen when it is aired out is also found in the pillows.  We can contribute to the contents inside the pillow  when we lay our heads on it at night. For this reason, pillows should be cleaned often.

    How to Wash and Disinfect a Pillow Quickly and Easily

    In the following, we will explain some processes that you can use to quickly wash and disinfect pillows. This will allow you to clean them more regularly without complicating your full day.

    1.  In the washing machine

    Most pillows can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.

    • Use liquid laundry detergent instead of powder, so you avoid residues in the pillow.
    • Add some lightweight clothing to the wash so that the washing machine can balance itself out and not damage it.
    • Repeat the rinse process so that the detergent is properly rinsed out.

    After washing, let the pillows dry in the sun for a full day. This is very important. If they stay moist inside, they could break.

    Quick wash

    yellow pillows and tennis ball in washing machine

    The filling which includes the cotton or feathers that make up the pillow, is not made to be washed that often. So try to wash only the wrapping fabric every month. The filling can be removed from some pillows. Sometimes you can do that by opening a few buttons or finding a zipper.

    So you can easily machine wash the pillowcase with the bed linen. This way, you know your pillow is sanitized and free of dust mites. Don’t forget to clean your mattress as well to prevent dust mites from traveling from your mattress to the pillows.

    Baking Soda and Vinegar for a Thorough Cleaning

    If you think that your pillows need a really thorough cleaning, turn to the trusty baking soda and vinegar. You can do this type of cleaning as follows:

    • Mix half a cup of baking soda with half a cup of vinegar.
    • Put your pillows in the washing machine.
    • Add the mixture when the machine fills up with water.
    • Then wash the pillows as we explained in the first method.

    This technique not only washes and disinfects your pillows but also brightens them. These ingredients always promise a lightening effect that you can rely on.

    Hydrogen Peroxide against Stains

    It might sound strange, but hydrogen peroxide can be useful for washing and disinfecting pillows. However, it has its limitations when compared to the previously mentioned methods.

    It only works on white pillows. Due to its bleaching effect, it is not advisable to use it in dark or strong colors.

    You can also treat specific stains with hydrogen peroxide rather than the entire pillow. You put a little of it on the stain you want to remove.

    It is still a very useful way to remove small stains caused by cosmetics, creams, blood, or even sweat.

    So you can easily improve the hygiene in the bedroom. We typically spend at least eight hours in bed every day. A pillow is an object that is very close to our airways. So it only seems natural to wash and disinfect it regularly.

    Synthetic Pillows

    4 white pillows stacked against each other

    We use pillows every day. Hygiene is essential to us, especially in bed. Pillowcases prevents you from coming into direct contact with the pillow, and it causes the pillow to stay fresh longer. The cover can easily be cleaned in the washing machine. Make sure to refer to your bed linen’s washing recommendation. You can usually find this directly on the product or on the packaging of the bed linen.

    But now and then, you should also clean the inside of the pillow. Especially after a cold wave or a sweaty summer, makes sense to wash all of the bedding, including the inner workings.

    This is not a problem for pillows with synthetic fillings such as foam, foam flakes, or microfiber balls/microbeads. The pillow itself should indicate how hot it can be washed. This information can be found on the sewn-on or sewn-in laundry slip and laundry labels.

    These pillows are at least washable at up to 95 ° and therefore perfect for allergy sufferers. In addition, pillows can simply be dried in the dryer after cleaning. This is a quick and easy process. The pillow will become super fluffy again.

    Decorative Pillows with Sewn-in Filling

    charcoal and beige colored decorative pillows and comforter on bed

    Although you cannot remove the cover individually from a sewn-in filling or a filled decorative pillow, even the prettiest decorative pillow requires a good wash every now and then. If there are no precise instructions on the laundry slip, first check carefully whether the cushion cover can separate from the inner cushion. If so, then you can easily wash the pillow cover separately to prevent damage to the color or material. If not, you can wash decorative pillows with synthetic filling simply and easily whole, in the gentle cycle, at low temperatures; this is usually no problem.

    You can use a normal heavy-duty detergent, but you should wash your pillows separately and not together with the rest of your laundry. This will ensure that the fabric doesn’t rub off. And of course, the trick with the tennis balls in the dryer also works with throw pillows!


    Pay attention to the washing instructions and wash with cold water rather than hot. Nothing is impossible, not even cleaning pillows. Give your pillows the chance to look as new as they were at the very beginning, and you will have faithful the companions with you for many more cozy nights to come!