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How to Clean Light Fixtures

    Light fixtures add to the aesthetic appeal of your real estate. We certainly aren’t referring to fancy chandeliers or majestic Einstein bulbs.  Any kind of light that is bright and clear can make your room luminous and full of life.  Therefore, cleaning your light fixtures is deemed essential because dirty and grimy light fixtures may not provide the same amount of bright light while consuming the same amount of energy.

    Outsourcing a cleaning company for something as simple as cleaning light fixtures is strongly suggested.  Cleaning the light fixtures yourself also isn’t going to cost you a leg or two. It is also recommended to clean your light fixtures every few months to avoid having to deep clean the fixtures months or years later. Let’s dig into the dos and don’ts of cleaning your light fixtures.

    Primarily you’ll need to accumulate the supplies needed for doing this job. Make sure you dedicate an entire day to this piece of work.

    Supplies needed for cleaning light fixtures:

    • Extended duster
    • Warm water
    • Detergent
    • Towels or micro-fiber cloths
    • Ladder
    • Synthetic fiber brush
    • Glass cleaning liquid

    Safety Tips:

    • Don’t rush it. Light fixtures are mostly composed of delicate glass covers and hangings that need to be handled with extra care.
    • Make sure the lights are switched  to the off position before you start cleaning to avoid any accidents. Always double check.
    • Let the bulbs cool down for at least 20 minutes to avoid minor burns upon touching.
    • Understand what kind of light fixture you’re trying to clean and how to dismantle it properly to avoid unintended breakage. Light fixtures are expensive, pamper them.
    • Wear gloves as precaution. They make the bulbs easy to handle and thus the cleaning process gets easier.

    Step by Step Clean-up Process:

    Every light fixture has distinct features compared to others in terms of make and design. Therefore, they each require a different method of cleaning.

    Light bulbs

    Light bulbs are a source of illumination in a light fixture thus making it the most important component. Grubby and filthy light bulbs only diminish the light of a room making it appear dull and lifeless. Therefore, cleaning the light bulbs is very important considering most people would skip this step because of its complexity. Luckily, it’s really not as difficult as it may seem.

    • Use a step ladder to reach and unscrew the bulbs.
    • Use a damp cloth (soaked in detergent) to clean the stubborn dust and grime. The heat from the bulbs makes the dirt hard and rigid.
    • Clean the globe of the bulb with glass cleaning liquid to add extra shine.
    • Replace the bulbs.


    female cleaning crystals on a chandelier

    Cleaning chandeliers are extra time consuming (great emphasis on the word “extra”). It’s a two or more person job unless you want to dedicate the entire day solely to your chandeliers. Unless you wanna be hanging off the ladder for hours, it’s recommended that you take the crystals off for cleaning. The disassembling process is slightly more time consuming but safer; and the results are more evident and nicer this way.

    • Use a step ladder to reach and disassemble the chandelier.
    • With the assistance of a sidekick, delicately carry the components of your chandelier to your cleaning station (a soft folded blanket dedicated to this task).
    • Refer to the method provided above for deep cleaning the light bulbs of the chandelier.
    • Use dry cloth and glass cleaning liquid to clean the crystals, keep them as shiny as possible.
    • Clean everything in order to make the reassembling process easier.
    • Use detergent water to clean the metallic hardware of your chandelier.
    • Make sure you use a dry micro-fiber cloth to ensure that there is no dampness left on the components of your chandelier.
    • Use q-tips to clean the metallic fixture of the light bulbs.
    • Gently replace the light bulbs and other accessories.
    • Turn on the connection to test if everything’s in place.

    Flush mounts and Pendants

    person cleaning flush light

    Flush mounts and pendant lamps are what add to the royal and classic themed appeal of your house. Not only are they beautiful but provide ample amount of lighting in living rooms, dining halls, drawing room and hall ways. The cleaning process of these fixtures is slightly less complex as compared to chandeliers. Let’s get going!

    • If you have those hanging flush mounts or pendants, they may not require deep cleaning. Simply use an extendable duster to wipe off any dirt.
    • For deep cleaning, use a step ladder to access the fixtures and disassemble with care.
    • Dip the saucers/covers/plates in warm water and scrub with detergent.
    • Clean the bulbs using the method provided above.
    • Once clean, replace everything in order.

    Recessed or Canned Lights

    Recessed or canned lighting are the essence of every room to render that extra illumination. Commonly, people would call a cleaning service to get their recessed lighting cleaned but we recommend you to save up some cash and try DIY clean-up methods to get down with this easy job.

    • Get a step ladder to access the canned or recessed lights.
    • Remove the covers as instructed by your electrician. Make sure the electrical supply isn’t connected.
    • Remove the light bulbs when cool and clean it as per the method provided above.
    • Use a synthetic fiber brush to clean the inside portion of the recessed or canned lights.
    • Replace the bulbs carefully and apply the covers.

    The Bottom Line

    person cleaning light fixture

    A clean house depicts what kind of persona you carry. Light fixtures often go neglected during the house cleaning process where as they should be considered on of the most essential and important part of the cleaning process. A luminous house isn’t only charming but it holds a compelling vibe too. Cleaning your light fixtures every few months will also increase the life span of them. Besides that, doing it yourself is going to save more money in your pocket. And with this ultimate guide the entire process just got easier.