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Benefits of clean Air Ducts

    The air ducts in your homes serve the vital function of circulating the air from your homes’ cooling and heating system, providing a consistent temperature and comfort in every season. Air circulation through the air ducts occurs multiple times during the day.

    What is Air Duct Cleaning?

    Air duct cleaning is the cleaning of the cleaning off of contaminants within the ductwork, including the supply ducts, the return air ducts, and the diffusers and registers in each room. Powerful vacuums collect the dirt and debris from the duct and prevent them from recirculating again. It would help if you got the air ducts of your house cleaned regularly for it brings with it numerous advantages for both you and your family.

    However, the cost of cleaning your air ducts depends on the climatic conditions of your locality, the level of contamination in your house’s air ducts, the accessibility of the system, and the size of the target system.

    When should you consider air duct cleaning?

    air duct

    If you notice these signs in your air ducts, it means that it requires cleaning as soon as possible:

    • Substantially visible mold on the hard surface of the duct or on other components of your heating or cooling systems. It is better if you get professional help in determining the presence of mold in your air ducts, as the mold growth is less likely to be visible to the naked eye. Moreover, you may have to send a sample of what may look like a mold from your air ducts to the laboratory to confirm whether it is actually a mold. If your house’s air ducts are insulated, and the insulation is moldy, it is better to replace it than attempting to clean it.
    • Air ducts infested by rodents and insects
    • Clogged ducts filled with dust and debris, which are released into your house by the air ducts’ supply registers.

    Early identification of the problem is vital for early cleaning of the air ducts. Having clean air ducts in your house provides benefits of its own.

    Cleaner Living Environment

    Dirty air ducts circulate the dirt and debris around your house, landing on almost anything from the furniture to the bed. Though this does not immediately mean harm to health, it does contribute to harming the health of the occupants in the long run. Getting your duct tubes cleaned reduces the amount of dust in circulation, cutting down on the amount of interior cleaning required otherwise to maintain a clean home.

    Reduced Irritants and Allergens

    Your dirty air ducts contain dust and microorganisms and contaminants like bacteria, pollen, mold spores, mildew, and similar toxins. These contaminants are problematic in general but can pose a greater risk if your family has a history of asthma, allergies, and other respiratory diseases. Therefore, a periodic air duct cleaning removes both the dust and the contaminants that would otherwise keep circulating.

    Removes Unpleasant Odors

    Every house has its distinct smell, and the air ducts of your home play a significant role in conveying that smell to your guests. Your air ducts will be filled with the stale odors from cooking food, the paint job at the house, tobacco use, pets, house cleaning agents, and other sources. When the air conditioner or furnace is turned on, these stale smells get to other rooms too. Even the dust and debris accumulated in the air ducts over the years produces a musky scent. Therefore, you should clean your house’s air ducts to ensure a pleasant-smelling home.

    Improve Efficiency of Air Flow

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    Dust and debris are obstacles to the smooth functioning of an air duct. The dust accumulation in the air duct restricts air movement through the ducts, making it harder for your temperature-regulating appliances to work correctly. This leads to decreased efficiency and a lot of time to do the job: heating for a furnace and cooling for an air conditioner.

    Cost and Energy Saving

    25-40% of the energy used in furnaces and air conditioners is wasted, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Even though air ducts come with filters, they still have to be cleaned. A clean air duct ensures peak performance with cost-effective efficiency, thus cutting down on your electricity bills.

    Long-Lasting Filters

    The filters in the air ducts are responsible for filtering out the dust and debris from the air circulating in the ducts. The air duct filters have to trap more dust if there is more dust and debris in the air. Given the amount of dust it has to filter, it is highly possible that the filters of your house’s air ducts will get blocked and have to be cleaned or replaced if needed.

    Hiring a professional duct cleaner is the most advisable measure you can take to clean your house’s air ducts. These professionals will replace the filters of the air ducts if you ask them to replace them. Most importantly, it would be best if you never tried to clean the ducts yourself. Instead, it would be best to leave it to a professional as they can clean the ducts without damaging them. They also have cleaning products and equipment with them that do not smell after the cleaning.

    Extended Lifespan for Air Conditioner and Furnace

    Your air conditioner and furnace last for a couple of years before it needs a total replacement. Regularly maintaining your air conditioner and furnace is a way to prolong their lifespan. Cleaning the air ducts is a way to allow your air conditioners and furnaces to work at the optimal level and not straining them.

    Spot other problems

    You will be lucky if you called a professional to clean your air ducts and they find that your house’s air ducts have other problems. For example, you call the professional to fix a leak in the air ducts or clean them, and he finds out damages that were not noticed before. As they will hinder his work, the professional will first fix the cracks before cleaning the duct or fixing the leak. You will be in a killing-two-birds-with-one-stone situation where you get your professional to handle the problem you originally called him for, and he also gets the unnoticed problem fixed.

    Tips for effective maintenance of clean air ducts

    Like the saying “Prevention is better than cure,” there are ways through which you can ensure that your house’s air ducts work longer.

    • It would help if you always used the filters recommended by the company for your house’s air ducts. These have to be changed regularly, and if they are clogged, you have to change them regularly.
    • You must make sure that all circulated air moves through the filters and that there are no gaps around the filter holder through which the air enters the circulation system.