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How to Make 2021 Your Best Year

    How to Make 2021 Your Best Year

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    Yay! We have finally begun a new year in 2021.  How has your life and business developed in 2020? Was it a successful year for you, or did you get tangled up in the “self and constantly”? If 2021 is to get better and you want to tackle it now, I have 10 ideas and tips for you here that how to make 2021 your best year.

    If you have planned a lot for 2020 and now realize that you have not achieved a lot of it, then you are certainly not alone. The big ambitions at the beginning of the year are unfortunately repeatedly overwhelmed by the everyday hustle and bustle. And then there was a little pandemic.

    In 2020, many people learned how important it is to get their business on a solid footing. That it is important not to let the digital slide and to use the possibilities cleverly. But also to build visibility before you urgently need it.

    Now is the right time to get your life and business out of comparability and focus on gaining your desired goals and customers’ attention and trust.

    Write Down Goals and Wishes

    This year everything should be even better. Phew, Let’s get specific! Beam yourself up to December 31st, 2021. New Year’s Eve, a glass of champagne, fireworks – you look back. What must have happened for you to say 2021 was successful for you? And please don’t just name one number.

    What is your biggest goal for 2021? What do you want to achieve? What should change? What do you want to get rid of? Write those things down right away. Don’t be afraid to think big – almost outrageous. With absolutely no, “Is that even possible?” How do you want to work? Who do you want to work with? What projects do you want to do? Which references do you want to get? What don’t you want to do anymore? Who do you want to stop working with?

    Letting Go of The Past

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    There are things that you do without question that come so naturally that you no longer question them. Some of it has become part of your everyday routine without you really noticing it. Take notice of the things that you do without thought and analyze if it’s beneficial to your success.  If you’re doing something that is not bringing you closer to your goal.  Consider replacing it with a new habit.

    Even if it’s something you have enjoyed for years. If it will not help catapult you to the next level of achievement, Let go of it! This sharpens your focus and frees up important resources for the next steps.

    Be You

    You’re not like everyone else, you are special. You are not a carbon copy.  Don’t try so hard to be exactly like someone else. Be exceptional, be you love an embrace who you were meant to be.  Ask yourself that tough questions and answer them honestly, so that it will bring out the best in you.

    Create a clear positioning, consistently doing your thing, and communicate this clearly and vividly in every fiber. This is how you generate real feedback from suitable people. In this way, you become tangible and noticeable for suitable people. You will stand out in front of  the crowd.  This is your being your unique self. People can feel it and gravitate to you. Dare to be original.

    Bring the Big Goal into Focus

    Have you clearly defined what your big goal is for 2021? If you have, make sure to put it front and center of your life. Measure and track your progress consistently. Are you on the right path? Make sure to surround yourself with the people and things that will bring you closer and closer to your goals.  There will be times where you will be hesitant or tired, don’t let that stop you from moving toward your goal.

    Focus on the Value

    I am sure you can do a lot of things. And so it makes sense to want to make money out of a lot. Now comes the big, but in many of these things, you can only achieve mediocre results. And with it mediocre fees, interchangeable references, and weak recommendations.

    Then there are special things in which you are significantly better than most people. Focus on those things with which you create a particularly high value with the customer of your choice. Invest in these skills and targeted communication. You will become a sought-after specialist and create outstanding value for your desired customers. They leave most of the competition behind and earn higher fees.

    Take off the ill-Fitting Suit

    You do marketing; how do you do it? How do loud marketing coaches recommend it? Or at least try? But are you actually fighting against resistance inside? Your marketing is like a badly fitting suit – it’s pinching, and you just want to get out?

    If this is the case with you, it could be because it is not you. That your marketing doesn’t suit you. Take stock of the situation and listen to yourself. What suits you and your company? What do you like? How do you want to communicate? How do you want to be perceived? Don’t bend over and do marketing my way. Go your way. With attitude – without bending. You will find it easier and you will get better results.

    Consume Less, Produce More

    It always makes me sit up and take notice when online studies show in black and white how much time we spend today on social media, on news sites, or on streaming services. We all know it: Just have a look at Twitter and get an overview of the news. And Zack, another hour has passed. And let’s be honest: What good does it do for us when we know that a sack of rice has fallen over in China or that our former school friend is on vacation? Not much.

    Become aware of the things with which you can really advance yourself and your business. Reading fleeting news and books? With the excitement about the trumps of the world? I think it’s a good idea to invest in the constructive. Every blog post, every guest post, every step towards your own book (or whatever your levers are) works. For you, your business, and the success you want.

    Create Freedom

    In order to break out of the daily grind, you should consciously create space for yourself. You need time and a clear head for strategy, creativity, further training, and concentrated content-related work. If you scurry around at high speed in everyday life, you will never escape mediocrity. Instead of constantly knocking on the tree with the blunt ax, you need time to sharpen the blade. This is the only way to achieve a better effect.

    How do you want to develop your business further? How do you plan to make your marketing more effective? How can you focus even better on your desired customers? How do you want to make your offer even more attractive? Consciously create free space and defend it consistently. Then you can give the important questions the necessary space.

    Curb Annoying Odds and Ends

    So that the concentrated phases really work, you have to get a grip on odds and ends. To do this, you should first evaluate all the messages and tasks that haunt your streams and to-do lists. Which of these is really important? What is really moving you forward? What contributes to your big goals?

    Everything that is not important, that others can do better and faster, or that is a waste of time, should be treated differently. You can hand over some things but delete others entirely. And what has to happen then, you should work through as quickly as possible in special phases. Nothing will collapse if you don’t check the email every 10 minutes, if you don’t answer every phone call immediately or if you do everything yourself.

    Make Decisions

    I have to. I actually wanted to. All the thousand things that are floating around in your head. They draw energy – like a small hole in a tire. You don’t even notice that the energy is quiet, but you are exhausted at some point.

    Now is a good time to list all of the things and make clear decisions. Don’t struggle for long; don’t postpone, and hope. Make decisions now, and create clarity.

    You can also let go of good ideas to make room for better ideas. They won’t be able to implement them all anyway. Decide on the important things and tackle them. Only what goes out can have an effect. And the less hustle and bustle you have on the slip, the more energetically you can devote yourself to the important things and bring them into the world. This is the only way they can work.