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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Things Before Moving

    If you have a big moving day looming in the near future, you’re probably feeling a little stressed out. It’s normal to have some anxiety as this event comes closer. Moving to a new place includes multiple steps, each of which is important in this process. It’s easy for all of these tasks to overwhelm you, especially if you’re moving between states. Relocating and leaving behind everything familiar to you can be physically, emotionally, and financially taxing.

    One of the most obvious steps of moving is packing and loading. As you start to organize your belongings, you may discover that you have more than you had thought. This can make packing and loading a longer, more strenuous process. It can also increase the size of your load, which may require the local or cross country moving company you’ve hired to charge you more. A wise way to eliminate these challenges is to leave some of your possessions behind.

    There are a few options for getting rid of unneeded items. Some of these can put extra money in your pocket. After parting ways with these things, you can have an easier time organizing and setting up in your new home.

    Decide What to Get Rid Of

    Before figuring out how to do away with certain belongings, you need to decide which items you should let go of. To start, you need to take inventory of everything you have. Go through every room of the house and take note of all of your possessions, putting them into categories. This will help you see which things you absolutely need and which you no longer use or want.

    Clothes that don’t fit anymore or that don’t match your current style preferences are good items to get rid of. You can also do the same with toys your kids have outgrown or books you have not read in years. Dishes, furniture, and electronics can also stay behind if they are worn out or no longer working well. This is the perfect opportunity to hire a cleaning service to help you clean up and get rid of items you no longer need.

    Hold a Yard Sale

    woman looking through items at yard sale

    A yard sale can be an effective way to get rid of a large number of items quickly. Aside from downsizing and having less to load onto the truck and put into your new home, a yard sale can help you earn some extra spending cash. You can use this money to put toward your new house or any other needs you have.

    To hold a successful yard sale, you need to advertise. Post flyers and posters around the neighborhood in the days leading up to the event. Spread the word on Facebook. Ask local businesses and organizations if you can post ads on lobby bulletin boards. Make sure you price the items fairly so that you won’t scare people away. Also, make sure the yard sale is well organized and that everything is set out neatly.

    Use an Online Classifieds Site

    If holding a yard sale isn’t logistically possible, you can take advantage of the internet. There are free sites where you can post your belongings for sale. If you do this, make sure you include several good photos and a description of what you are selling. Interested buyers can call or text you, seeking more information or making an offer. Be cautious of scammers. Always require that you meet in person in a public place.

    Donate to Charity

    Getting rid of your possessions doesn’t have to be about making money. You can help out someone in need by donating your items to a local family or organization. Churches, community centers, schools, and homeless shelters are good options. Make sure the items you offer are in good condition. It is helpful to look at lists on the organizations’ websites to see what items are accepted.

    Offer Freebies

    Somewhere in between holding a yard sale and giving items to charity is another option. You can leave unneeded belongings on the curb in front of your home. Simply put a “Free” or “Please take” sign on the front of the item.

    Another idea is to offer free items on social media. You can do this on your personal page or do so if you have a neighborhood or family page. Take a few photos of the item and briefly mention a few of its features. Word-of-mouth advertising can also help and may get back to the ears of a neighbor or coworker who is looking for an item you are trying to part ways with.

    If you are stressed about your upcoming move, you want to look for every chance you can to find relief. Purging your home of junk and unnecessary belongings is a good way to reduce your anxiety and overwhelming feelings. These ideas are effective ways of lightening your load or even making extra money for your move. Implement these tactics as early on in the process as you can so you can stay on time with every task.