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    I know that many of you want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a carpet at home. For some, carpet feels more inviting and great for thermal comfort; for others, it is the perfect place for dirt to accumulate.

    Carpets used to be very popular in apartments, dormitories, houses and every other kind of living situations. Today, wood and porcelain tile has been preferred more and carpets have been completely left aside. The two main reasons why carpets are cast aside are the dirt accumulated in the carpet and the ever changing fashion which influences people a lot.

    Carpet Cleaning

    Carpet is made out of various materials such as wool, nylon and polyester which make it very thermal and great acoustic comfort. No other kind of flooring will leave you so warm in the winter even if your feet are bare. Carpets are also non slip especially if you have small kids at home. Carpet cleaning is a must for those who have pets inside of their homes.  Hire a company that specializes in house cleaning with pets.

    Carpets have several bristles that cause you to not slip and turn any accident into a much less dangerous fall thanks to the floor padding.  We specialize in maintaining clean carpets for Maid Atlanta Service.

    Also, it is noise-proof, something a wooden floor is not. The impact of the shoes on a carpet floor is completely absorbed, as are other house noises that do not echo through it; a great acoustic comfort for the whole house.

    On the other hand, it is much harder to clean than a porcelain tile or a wooden floor where a damp cloth is enough to make everything ok.

    Another negative point is that it is marked with the weight of the furniture. That means if one day you change your mind and decide to move furniture from here to there, you’ll have to deal with a few wrinkles on the carpet. A big disadvantage for many who loves to change the decor, right?

    It is true that some of its disadvantages can be circumvented by choosing carpets with smaller bristles for not scoring so much and lighter colors so as not to leave the dirt so visible. But in the end, it’s our personal taste, is not it? If you are against carpets, maybe rugs on a wooden floor can offer the same thermal comfort as a carpet.

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