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Atlanta Maid Cleaning Tips Part 2

    Clean your Atlanta Home In Half Time With These Easy Steps

    Last week our Atlanta Maids experts covered the bases of having a system, moving from top to bottom and avoiding streaks when cleaning to avoid streaks. This week, we’ll look at how to be prepared and how to dust effectively. So let’s start with this week’s tips:

    Keep The Necessary Tools Ready For Use

    Making sure you have all the tools and cleaning products you need nearby so that you won’t waste time walking from place to place trying to find them. Wearing aprons, filling your pockets and or even wearing a carpenter’s tool belt would help. This may be a difficult feat with many large bottles around but it may help pouring the cleaning liquid into smaller spray bottles which are more convenient to carry.

    Also try to put your supplies in a bucket or caddy to save time and keep organized.

    Stay On Top Of Your House Cleaning

    Trying to stop problems before they begin is often the best way to clean your home. A good example is possibly whenever you take a shower, you can spray it with cleaning solution to prevent dirt clumping up. No need to even wipe, simply spray on, rinse it off and walk away.

    Dusting Without Unnecessary Spraying

    Cleaning blinds, pictures, nooks are easy when using feather dusters.  Our Atlanta Maid experts recommend using ostrich feathers since they hit all the dust and the large quills don’t often fall from the handle. You could also do with a good quality feather duster that should fit well in your back pocket. That feather duster works well when dusting in routine but when it comes to a heavy buildup of dust you’d have to use a cloth or vacuum and then using the duster for maintenance every two weeks.

    If you have any questions or concerns about Atlanta Maid Service, feel free to contact us at (404) 939-8572.  You can also book your cleaning in 60 seconds.