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Atlanta House Cleaning Tips

    atlanta house cleaning

    Clean your Home In Half Time With These Easy Steps [PART 1] 

    We know that Atlanta house cleaning can be a daunting task but there is no reason it should take you all day when you finally get to it. These steps will help you significantly cut down the time so you can effectively give your home a quality clean.

    Have a System.

    In order to effectively cut down your cleaning time, you need to start with a system. This means that you should clean your house in the same order each time you do so as in; working one room at a time. You should start at the same area in a room so that time is not wasted running back and forth.

    Consistency helps get the time down, that’s the secret. Everything you do in a routine is better, since speed comes from what you know best; so do the same thing every time you clean. Once your complete your initial cleaning your follow up cleanings consist of basic house cleaning tasks.

    Go From Top to Bottom and Left to Right

    Do not start by cleaning the coffee table, then the blinds and then you notice the dust you wiped from the blinds sitting on your coffee table. Always start from the top in any room, dust your ceiling fan and then work your way down to the floor so as to not void the work you would have already done if you’d started from the bottom.

    In the same way cleaning from left to right would ensure that you end up covering your whole room instead of you jumping from place to place.

    Many people see something and then they clean it and the same process over and over. Finally, the dirt would fall down on what you’ve just cleaned which extends the time it would take to clean your home.

    Use a Squeegee on Your Windows To Avoid Streaks

    We recommend you use a professional style window squeegee which costs just over $10 to do your windows. You’d place a drop of dish washing soap in about a gallon of water ­ wipe generously on the window cloth and then use the squeegee after.

    Another helpful tip when wiping with a cloth is to use strokes in a horizontal fashion and vertical. Do not rub in circles, this can end up leaving streaks. We’ll continue with more of these helpful tips in which to clean your home faster in our next article.

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