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How to Clean an Area Rug Like a Pro

    Area rugs add a classic taste to your room. But it’s not attractive if it’s looking grubby. You have to take great care in maintaining your area rug. That is why in this post, we have come up with a guide on how to help you clean your area rug like a pro.

    Basic Guide on How to Clean an Area Rug

    While it is not recommended to frequently wash your rug, it is important for you to regularly maintain it by using surface cleaning methods. Depending on your manufacturer’s instruction, you should deep clean your rug at least once in a year. And if you can’t go through the hassles of getting your rug deep cleaned as we recommended in this guide, you can contact professional rug cleaners in Lexington to help you out.

    Before we go on to how to deep clean an area rug, here are some things you’ll need to surface clean an area rug.A two-speed vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachmentBaking Soda

    Follow the steps below to surface clean your area rug:

    male cleaning area rug If it is a small-sized rug, take it outdoors and shake the dust off it as much as you can. Check your vacuum cleaner setting. Ensure its airflow speed is set to the minimum level. If the airflow speed is too high, dirt could get stuck inside and you don’t want that. Next, you need to deodorize offensive odor from the rug. Do this by sprinkling baking soda on the rug before vacuuming. Then you can start to vacuum the rug. Ensure you vacuum the rug edges. Dirt may be stuck up there. If you have a mat under your rug, take are not to suck it into the vacuum as you clean.

    How to Deep Clean an Area Rug as a Pro

    There are certain things you have to consider before deep cleaning an area rug. They include the type of material, carpet traffic, rug size and the kind of odor or stain. We’ll explain them below:

    Things to Consider before Deep Cleaning an Area RugMaterial

    Area rugs often come in either natural or synthetic fibers. The way you clean your area rugs with either wool, cotton or linen fibers is different from the way you clean your synthetic fibers. Before deep cleaning the rug, test the cleaning solution on a small part of the rug to see if the material color fades away. You have to also be delicate with materials such as wool, linen and cotton to avoid wear and tear. If they are unprofessionally handled, the result may not turn out well.


    Depending on where you place your area rug, your rug may need a deep cleaning once or twice a year. If your area rug is in the living room and you have children and pets, your rug may need to be cleaned at least once in a year. However, there are some rugs that have the capacity to retain their appeal for up to two years if they are not affected by heavy traffic.


    If you own a small-sized area rug, you may be able to clean it yourself and dry on the railings or clothesline. Also, you can use a washing machine to deep clean your rugs with natural fibres. However, if you have a large-sized area rug, you may want to consider outsourcing the cleaning to professional rug cleaners. The larger the size, the more detailed you have to be in your cleaning so as not to miss out any stain.

    Kind of Odor or Stain

    Now, if you have a stubborn pet that regularly pisses or defecates on your rug, you may need to get your rug deep cleaned as soon as possible. If the excreta is wrongly cleaned, it may cause an unpleasant stain and smell. Before we go on to the steps to professionally deep clean an area rug, here are some things you need to get prepared:

    For natural fibers:

    Rug beater A two-speed vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment One-two buckets of cold water Mild laundry detergent Microfiber cloths Lightly colored towels

    For synthetic fibers:

    A two-speed vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment A water hose A bristled brush Dishwashing liquid

    Steps to Professionally Deep Clean an Area Rug

    To deep clean a natural fabric area rug made of wool, linen or cotton:

    beige wool area rug Take

    The rug outside and hang it on a clothesline or railings. Shake the dust off the rug using your hands or a rug beater. Vacuum the rug to remove deep-seated soil. You don’t want to make a muddy mess on your rug. Mix your cleaning solution. Use the mild laundry detergent you’ll use in washing sheets. Soak your microfibre cloth in soapy in the cleaning solution and lightly dab it on the rug’s surface. Start from the edges and work slowly from the left edge to the right side. Continuously moistening the cloth to prevent it from drying. Be careful not to spill too much water on the rug though to avoid saturation which can cause the rug to wear and tear. When you are through, rinse out your bucket and get another freshwater. Now, moisten another microfibre cloth in this fresh water and use it to dab over the rug’s surface. After this, mop the rug using regular bath towels. Finally, hang it on a clothesline or on your railings to dry completely.

    PS: This is for smaller sized rugs. For larger sized area rugs, it’s advisable you outsource it to a professional rug cleaner

    To deep clean a synthetic fabric area rug:

    Vacuum your rug before cleaning to avoid deep-seated soil Take the rug outside and shake off the dust Wet the rug using your water hose Apply your cleaning solution directly on the rug Use a bristle brush to gently wash the fabric of the rug Rinse the rug with your water hose until it’s no longer soapy Allow it dry completely before taking it inside

    Final Thoughts

    Everyone likes to be complimented for a lovely rug. I mean, you’ll feel great and super cool if the first thing your visitor notices in your house is your effort at keeping a radiant-looking area rug. On the other hand, you won’t be happy if a visitor overtly or covertly avoids your area rug because of stain, offensive odor, fear of flu or an infection. Hence, it is crucial for you to always maintain a clean area rug. If you need help with either the surface or deep cleaning services, get in touch with the professional rug cleaners in your area.