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How to keep your home free of allergens

    In the modern world, rigorous advancements in technology and infrastructure have provided sustainable livelihoods to thousands of people worldwide. Industrialization and machine revolution has become the most important means of providing employment and establishing a firm fiscal hold. These revolutions and advancements have given birth to various sectors to manufacture and deliver the essentials to mankind. But to meet these ends and sustain a smooth business cycle between corporations, industries, and companies, make use of natural resources and raw materials on a gargantuan scale. Eventually, overconsumption and overdependence of natural resources have endangered and polluted our ecosystem.

    High pollution levels and global warming are two we are facing today. Due to global warming, many species of animals have become extinct while many others are endangered. Industries and factories dump their waste and unrecyclable products in rivers, streams, forests, and open wastelands. Due to these acts, our natural resources’ quality, especially air, is being deteriorated daily. People across the world are suffering from many diseases and health problems due to polluted air and water. Our surroundings are filled with toxic and non-toxic pollutants, which can be hazardous to our health in the future. So, we must ensure that our homes are adequately ventilated and hygienic to keep away from some pollutants and allergens.

    The following are some of the ways to ensure a clean and allergen-free home.

    1] Make use of eco-friendly cleaning products:

    Maintaining the house’s cleanliness and hygiene is very important to ensure a healthy and cheerful livelihood. Various cleaning companies manufacture detergents and other household cleaners with the help of chemical ingredients to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. But, there might be a chance that you or one of your family members might have an allergic reaction to these products. There have been some cases where people have contracted various allergies and even asthma due to some chemical-based household cleaners. It is recommended to use eco-friendly and natural cleaning products that are available in the market as these products do not contain chemical ingredients that might cause allergies and health issues.

    2] Dust in an appropriate manner:

    Dust particles are present in considerable numbers in every household. These dust particles are a major source of allergens in a home. Dust settles on various objects, and cleaning them might be an uphill task. Even after dusting all the objects and floors in the house, it can get scattered in the air and give birth to allergens. It is recommended to use dusters and cleaners that soak-in the dust particles instead of scattering them. Also, make sure to use a face mask to cover your nose and mouth while dusting your house. Conduct a full-house clean-up every weekend to reduce dust settlement and to maintain scheduled hygiene.

    3] Wash your rugs and mattresses timely:

    rug cleaning

    As mentioned earlier, dust and other dirt particles get settled on various objects in a house if they are not dealt with properly. In most of these cases, the scattered dust particles get settled onto mattresses, pillows, and rugs present in the bedrooms and the living room. These dust particles tend to multiply and give birth to different allergens in mattresses and rugs. As we spend much of our time at home in our bedrooms and living room, we need to maintain their hygiene. Washing these mattresses, rugs, and/or cushion covers will get rid of some troublesome allergens once a week. While washing, ensure that you make use of hot water and natural eco-friendly detergents. After washing, make sure to iron the mattresses and rugs to kill all the present dust mites. In case the mattresses and cushion covers are not washable, make sure to buy anti-allergen covers for them.

    4] Maintain pet hygiene:

    person give dog a bath

    Today, pets have become a very important part of the many families’ livelihoods across the world. Studies have proven that families who keep a pet at their house lead a happy and cheerful life. Adopting and looking after a pet is a very humane deed and gives us a sense of relief. But, nurturing a pet is not an easy job at all. The hair and bodily fluids of many pets have been a common cause of allergies for many people. Like dust particles, the tiny hair of pets is scattered in the air and can cause airborne allergies to some very sensitive people. Some people contract asthma due to inhaling animal hair. This issue can be dealt with by maintaining the hygiene and cleanliness of your beloved pet. Bathing and combing your pet at least once a week and keeping your pet away from specific areas ensure that those areas remain clean and healthy.

    5] Make use of natural air fresheners and keep pollen out:

    oil diffuser a pink glass

    Air purifiers and air fresheners are being widely used in many households worldwide. Natural air fresheners enhance the air quality in your house. These natural air fresheners come in different scents and flavors. You can get one of these air fresheners according to your favorite types of fragrances. In today’s world, air conditioners are being manufactured to maintain cool and quality air in a household. Studies have shown that many allergen particles and dander multiply and scatter in spaces where there is a lot of moisture. In humid and dry climates, getting rid of allergens becomes an uphill task. So, you can install one of the latest versions of allergen-free air conditioners that controls the humidity and dryness of a room to provide soothing and quality air. Also, pollen is an allergen that enters your house during the evenings. This allergen can be troublesome to you or some of your family members. Make sure to close all the doors and windows before bedtime to stop the pollen’s entry. These pollen particles can even settle on your clothes and other objects. If you are away from your house in the evening, the pollen released by plants and trees can settle onto your clothes and enter your house without your knowledge. Wash your clothes and take a shower immediately if you return to your home late at night.